Tengo dolor lumbar

8 Motivos Frecuentes del Dolor Inferior Izquierdo de tu.. The radius and thereby the torque increase the higher the counterweight is hoisted up and thereby makes the generator 21 rotate faster. For second movements of the body, which are substantially different from the first movements, the energy accumulation device can drive the two parts of the electric generator to rotate in the same first direction in relation to each other and thereby generate electric current having the same polarity as during the first movements of the body. Instead of a bottom foundation bottom fastening devices 61, 63 are provided which are attached to the bottom 8. These bottom fastening devices are designed as frames or pillars which extend upwards from the bottom, and the driveshaft 11 in the power train is journalled in the frames or the pillars. To achieve a more symmetrical load in the case of two counterweight drums 15 the anchor line 7′ can extend along a loop, so that it runs from one side of the anchor drum in helicoidal grooves 41, down to the bottom foundation 5 and via a pulley 40, which is rotationally mounted in the bottom foundation 5, back up again to the other side of the anchor drum via helicoidal grooves 43. The anchor line is then in both its ends more or less wound on the winding surface of the anchor drum within two different segments of helicoidal grooves 41 and 43 having helicoidal grooves in opposite directions.