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Fisionatura S.L - Fisioterapia y terapias naturales In some embodiments of the invention, the one or more coils may preferably be arranged in a stationary generator module, e.g. The rings may be formed from a single magnet juxtaposed. In some embodiments of the invention, the second generator module is arranged such that it is repeatedly triggered by the first portion during said oscillation of the first portion to receive energy and momentum from the first portion. In some embodiments of the invention, the connection member is arranged to allow such movement of the second generator module in a direction parallel to the longitudinal axis of the first portion by bending. On the other hand, in this embodiment of the invention, the magnets 460 associated with the first generator module and the magnets 260 associated with the second generator module 200 at the top of the second generator module bias the second generator module downward. Nevertheless, assuming that the indicator stem itself is composed of multiple elements with high electromechanical coupling, it will be appreciated that rocking of the stem deforms the elements, thereby creating a power differential between the surfaces of the affected elements.

Thus, in the presence of higher wind speeds, or in other words, in the presence of an increase in the frequency of the occurrence of vortices, the rod will oscillate at a higher frequency. Thus, a change in the amplitude of the oscillating movement of the first part will correspond to a change in the maximum repulsive force and thus to a change in the natural oscillation frequency of the first part. It is observed that as the wind speed increases, the amplitude of the oscillatory movement of the first part also increases, and the maximum value of the repulsive force also increases. In some embodiments, the inclination is such that the distance between the magnet and the axis of symmetry or longitudinal axis of the first portion increases with height above the bottom end of the first portion. This allows to magnetically restrict the movement of the rod and to increase the oscillation frequency of the rod as the amplitude of the oscillation increases.

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¡Combate el dolor lumbar con estos consejos! Elimina el.. Fig. 1 schematically shows a generator according to a possible embodiment of the invention, comprising a first part in the shape of a rod 1 extending vertically upwards from the ground 1000, the rod 1 being anchored in the soil by an anchor base 13, the anchor base 13 being made of cement, concrete or any other suitable material. US-2005/0230973-a1 discloses another vibration based generator comprising a vortex shedding apparatus. Postura dormir dolor lumbar . As an alternative to multi-blade wind generators with rotary generators, it has also been proposed to use generators based on the use of piezoelectric elements or materials to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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This type of generator based on karman vortices can operate without bearings, gears and lubricants and does not require a start-up system. In some embodiments of the invention, the first portion has a longitudinal axis extending substantially vertically when the first portion is not oscillating, and the second generator module is arranged to oscillate vertically. Thus, a drag force 1004 in the direction of the wind and a lift force 1005 substantially perpendicular to the general direction of the wind and the direction of the drag force are generated on the pole 1. This lifting force 1005 switches sign periodically, with a frequency corresponding to the start of the vortex, and this force causes the rod 1 to oscillate towards one side and towards the other. The fluid may have a substantially static and laminar flow, which is a characteristic commonly found in wind. However, for example, where wind (or other fluid) is blowing (flowing) in only a limited range of directions, it may be sufficient to arrange pairs of first and second magnets within a predictable vertical plane of oscillation of the first portion.