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Another aspect of the present invention provides a kind of dual purpose supporting structure, and a plurality of independently wing modules are fixed to this supporting structure, and this supporting structure also carries power and control manifold, is used for wing module is connected to central control unit.Manifold is equipped with a series of multichannel gate valves and holder, and like this, the multichannel connector on each wing module just can easily connect or dismantle. On aeroelastics, there is considerable document generally vibration to be taken as and is high-destruction power, this high-destruction power can take place in Aerofoil, thereby causes it cracked inevitably.The patent of above-cited Arnold shows how available vibration extracts available energy from the fluid that flows on principle.The patent that the present invention is based on Arnold also makes improvements thereon, the present invention is by exempting the various property at those vibrating machine parts, connecting rod, bearing, bar, axle and gears of formerly describing in the patent, makes the anti-phase leaf grating energy transfer machine of vibration can commercial application.

Dolor neuropatico - Dolordered.com Critical aspects of the present invention is that the Design and Features of inflow and flow pass or conduit forms the integral part of the design of the vibration leaf grating and the wing 1, is used for any particular case of the present invention or application.The equidistant wing of two opposition sides of the fluid stream that encloses with the boundary is as infinite cascade.Although the above and winged petiole grid shown in Figure 1 are positioned in the shell that encloses on complete boundary as shown in Figure 8, employing is in the not boundary that stands the Betz limit and encloses this leaf grating in the environment or the wing also within the scope of the invention. In addition, device of the present invention uses the parallel cascade of the cantilever type wing to come to produce a large amount of available kinetic energy effectively from the fluid stream of motion, and need not to use a large amount of attachment mechanism.Our general terms used herein ” wing ” comprises as the notion of ” hydrofoil ” that use in the water that flows, as the notion of the notion of ” Aerofoil ” that use in wind energy transformation or ” slurry ” that use in propelling.Term ” Aerofoil ” is more specifically to the wing fixing or rotation that is used for producing aircraft lift, but is not applied in the content of the present invention.

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5) and hydraulic pressure return manifolds allows to be applied to the wing 1 from initial rotation and translational motion pulse that outside (from the fluid dynamic storage reservoir) will programme in advance, with Vibration on Start-up in flow air or water. Start: the changeable flow control valve 31 that is connected to the multipurpose electric actuation of high-pressure and hydraulic accumulator 32 (Fig.

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Fig. 6 is the schematic representation of power take-off, working fluid from power reservoir 43 can be stored under pressure in the accumulator 32 thus, and driving fluid motor 33, this fluid motor 33 drives traditional generator 34 so that synchronous electric energy is supplied to shared electrical network. Fig. 6 is the schematic representation of power output device of the public interconnection of expression, and it has been described electric energy is delivered to many optional apparatus of external loading one from leaf grating. U. S. Patent 6,273,680 (Arnold) continue to have developed as patent 4,184, the original mechanical embodiments of the 805 vibration leaf grating power systems that at first disclose, its some additional materials relates to the inertial mass adjustment and has becoming a mandarin of flat barrier concentrated. Fig. 4 is the schematic representation that the leaf grating of power/control module is connected with the fluid of leaf grating width power and control manifold.

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8. Becker J, Gomes I, Ghisolfi ES, Schuch A y cols: Clozapine, but not typical antipsychotics, correct P50 suppression deficit in patients with schizophrenia. 18. Freedman R, Adler LE, Waldo MC, Pachtman E y cols: Neurophysical evidence for a defect in inhibitory pathways in schizophrenia: Comparison of medicated and drug-free patients. Sensacion de falta de aire y dolor de espalda . 5. Adler LE, Cawthra E, Nagamoto HT, Olincy A y cols: Confirmation of differing distribution of P50 ratios in schizophrenic patients versus controls.

It is important to develop pharmacological studies focused on the role of specific antipsychotics over cognitive functions in schizophrenic patients. 38. Lindsey DF, Adey WR: Avalibility of peripheral input to the midbrain reticular formation. 53. Venables PH: Input dysfunction in schizophrenia. 10. Braff D, Judd L: Regional erp/attention deficits in schizophrenia. 33. Judd LL, Mcadams LA, Budnick B, Braff DL: Sensory gating deficits in schizophrenia: New results. 14. Clementz BA, Geyer MA, Braff DL: P50 suppression among schizophrenia and normal comparison subjects: a methodological analysis.

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37. Light GA, Geyer MA, Clementz BA, Cadenhead KS, Braff DL: Normal P50 suppression in schizophrenia patients treated with atypical antipsychotic medications. These improved main purposes are to exempt being attached to tip extension practically with all mechanisms that the adjacent wing is attached together. Therefore specifically the present invention and improvement thereof have been described with reference to preferred versions, after having understood the present invention, for the personnel that are familiar with the technical field of the invention, it is evident that, can under the prerequisite that does not break away from the scope of the invention that limits by appended claims, make variations and modifications therein. The remarkable difference of key character of the present invention and it and prior art (three patents that especially comprise Lee doctor Arnold) has roughly been summarized to have come out, describe in detail thereby can understand it better, thereby and can understand contribution better for this technical field.Hereinafter will describe supplementary features of the present invention, this will form the theme of appended claims.Those skilled in the art that will appreciate that the present invention can be used as design, and other implements the basis of other device of some purposes of the present invention.Therefore importantly, claims of the present invention will be considered to comprise these equivalent structures and the method that does not break away from overall range of the present invention.