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Water wheel 164 is mounted for rotation about axle 165 in housing 168 that includes two substantially parallel vertical walls 166A and 166B. Housing 168 has two compartments that are in fluid communication with one another. However, FIG. 13B includes a line denoting the vertical speed of each point along the surface of the corresponding portion of the wave’s profile.

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If we want to calculate the actual throat diameter and available power for a specific venturi device, we need to scale each of the relative values specified in FIG. For the Heck device, the optimized device, and for an open turbine lacking a venturi device, the average extracted power equals k, or, in this example 0.5, times the average available power. An optimized throat diameter identified in this manner, if it differs from the throat diameter of the monitored device, will cause the device to encounter choke speeds at different times, and for different durations, than the monitored device when exposed to identical wave conditions (unless choke speeds are encountered by neither the monitored nor the optimized device).

Síntomas de Fibromialgia - Fibromialgia Noticias The power levels displayed in this figure are displayed relative to waves with heights ranging from 0 to 10 meters (and periods of 8 seconds, and choke speeds of 25 m/s). 10 are based on a wave height of 4 meters and a choke speed of 25 m/s. Note that FIG. 11 reveals an optimal relative diameter for the throat of the venturi device (and a corresponding optimal relative cross-sectional area) when driven by waves of the specified kind, in water characterized by the specified choke speed. FIG. 12 is a graph like the one in FIG. The graph in FIG. In FIG. 13C, the line entitled “choked amplified speed” illustrates what the profile of the speed of the water flowing through the throat of the venturi device would actually look like.

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Va al doctor por dolor de espalda y le quitan riñón por.. FIG. 16 shows two lines created through the summation of weighted contributions from the four individual wave-type lines illustrated in FIG. Like the device illustrated in FIG. Dibujo dolor de espalda . 14 we used a mouth diameter of 1.0, and the corresponding throat diameters are expressed relative to that unity mouth diameter. The corresponding optimal cross-sectional area (i.e. We will further assume a depth of about 22 meters, and a corresponding choke speed of 25 m/s. However, the speed of the water entering the mouth of the venturi tube, when multiplied by the venturi factor, cannot exceed the choke speed of the water. Thus, as the throat of a venturi grows smaller, the speed of the water increases (up to the choke speed), which increases the power available for extraction, but the cross-sectional area of the water flowing with that increased speed decreases, which reduces the amount of power for extraction. Thus, a venturi tube aligns the random motions of the water molecules entering the tube so that more and more of those water molecules move in directions parallel to the axis of the tube.