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Tengo Dolor De Espalda Voy a Buscar en Google Que Tengo 2.. Since the system indirectly drives the fluid used fed to the power take-off apparatus via deformation of the force transducer, such as the conduit and/or electroactive polymer, rather than directly using the bulge wave formed in the tube to intermittently drive the power take-off device, the system is operable to provide a more continuous power take-off. This arrangement may permit usable energy to be continuously extracted from a bulge wave, which is contrary to known systems in which the bulge wave must be permitted to increase in size and energy along the length of a tube and then discharge this energy through a conventional power take-off system. The one or more conduits 50 are connected to a power take-off apparatus (not shown) such as a hydraulic generator, a hydraulic pump or a hydraulic actuator.

At least one actuator and/or at least one force transducer may be arranged to initiate a bulge wave. The deformable body may be configured to enable continuous energy capture from the fluid; and wherein a plurality of force transducers are arranged to continuously deliver energy to the output whilst said body is being deformed. The considerations of panel location and orientation described in relation to the embodiment of FIG. 3( a), one possible method is to realise the panel 26 as a multi-plate parallel capacitor, where the panel is fabricated as alternate layers of dielectric and electrode laid down one atop the other, and where every second electrode is connected in parallel. In this arrangement external forces acting against the deformable body may generate bulge waves within the deformable body, which propagate along the length thereof, continuously deforming the deformable body and electroactive material and/or at least one conduit.

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Distensibility or dynamic response of the tube can be controlled by varying response of an electrical control circuit, thus varying the propagation velocity of the bulge wave so as to match each external wave and thereby maximising energy absorption. Where the force transducer comprises at least one fluid conduit, at least one conduit may be adapted to have its pressure controlled, for example, by a pump, a hydraulic generator operated in reverse, a throttle valve, or the like or any combination thereof, to effect a desired mechanical output of at least one secondary conduit and thus of the deformable body.

Curly haired young afro woman massages tense muscles, has pain in neck and spasm, dark skin, wears sport bra, isolated over white background This arrangement may permit the cross-sectional area of the floatation chamber 36 to be varied therealong, which may have the effect of controlling the buoyancy of the tube 24 along its length. Distension of the tube 24 in this manner will effect deformation of the panels 26 which, by virtue of the properties of the electroactive polymer material, will cause an electrical current to be generated therein. According to a seventh aspect of the present invention is a deformable body made wholly or partly from a flexible, elastic material in which at least one force transducer is embedded or integrally bonded, such that the strain of said elastic material drives the force transducer to effect a useful exchange of energy; and wherein the force transducer is controllable in order to obtain a desired dynamic response of the deformable body. The dynamic response of the deformable body may be altered to permit the location of initiation and direction of travel of bulge waves.

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In the example shown the predominant direction of wave travel is identified by arrow 16. A nose or leading end 18 of the generator 10 is secured to the sea bed (not shown) via a tether 20, and a tail or trailing end 22 is not fixed. The generator 10 comprises a deformable body in the form of a distensible tube 24 with walls comprising a plurality of force transducer panels 26. The force transducer panels are deformable and arranged such that deformation of the force transducer panels drives an energy medium, such as electrical charge and/or a fluid. FIG. 9 shows a conduit 50 for mounting on or in the walls of the tube 24 of the generator 10. Dolor muscular en niños . The conduit 50 is arranged to coil around the inner cavity 28 of the distensible tube 24. In an optional embodiment, the coiled conduit 50 forms the walls of the tube 24 and defines the tube 24. The conduit 50 is coiled such that a wall of a portion of the conduit 50 forming a loop of the coil is affixed to a wall of the conduit 50 belonging to adjacent loops of the coil.

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FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to an apparatus for extracting energy from fluid motion, such as a fluid motion generator, and in particular, but not exclusively, to a fluid motion generator driven by wave or tidal motion within a fluid body. The distension or relaxation of the tube 24 causes respective localised stretching or relaxing of the conduit 50. As the conduit 50 is oriented generally circumferentially around the distensible tube 24, distension and relaxation of the tube 24 causes generally axial stretching and relaxation of the conduit 50. FIGS. 10 b and 11 b, localised stretching of the elastically deformable conduit 50 causes the length of the conduit 50 to increase and the volume of the conduit 50 to decrease. The process is reversed when the stretched conduit 50 is relaxed and returns to the state shown in FIGS.