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175593719 bienvenido dolor sordo pilar by Martin Ceron.. In this structure, there is the chute with vertical shaft, this chute is provided with the blade being hinged to arm, and described arm mooring anchor is affixed to chute, and this chute can adopt the neutral position between maximum and minimal openings, and this depends on the speed entering stream.Maximize and use the progressively opening of the blade of corresponding energy automatically to be obtained by the tension device be such as made up of winding drum and hawser, the end winding support of this tension device is to its blade and cylinder, and described blade and cylinder are fixed to chute.Radial turbine comprises lid, and this lid is resisted against on plate in nozzle wall or binding-beam, and described turbo machine can be employed to catch the kinetic energy being in air in motion or water.Essential difference between the object that the present invention and Spain disclose 2310965 is, this design is not flowed booster and comprised removable frame in the rotor, and described removable frame produces vibration, wearing and tearing, lubrication problem; Described device safeguards overall performance and much complicated relation on safeguarding for system provides bad, because it is movable fixture, this movable fixture is by every transactivation; Its structure determines many energy losses, and when safeguarding closedown, it does not allow to close completely yet.

Electric, mechanical, hydraulic pressure like this or Pneumatic actuator allow to close movable part, and when wind-force exceedes the predetermined speed detected by the windage scale be included in the structure, described device can automatically activated. U. S. Patent 7,105,942 electricity generating devices relating to the rotating member had for producing mobilization force in water body, this electricity generating device comprises hard-wired floating structure and by the multiple removable generator unit of support structure being subject to flow cavitation result.This uses the angle of rake differential action system with variable curve; Generator, below the water surface, has the risk of moisture and filtration; It has be exposed to erosion can feathering screw propeller, its represents the costliness and frangible mechanism that cannot position oneself. US discloses 2008/0007067 and relates to wind turbine, and be closest to object of the present invention prior art, described wind turbine comprises: the support unit with bottom base and outstanding stylolitic part; The rotating cylinder rotatably supported by protuberance; Extend from the center of rotating cylinder with the running shaft along equidirectional; Be arranged in projection to support the upper bearing (metal) of rotating cylinder; Be arranged on lower base portion for supporting the step of rotating cylinder; Along multiple blades that the periphery of rotating cylinder is installed with regular angular interval, according to the position relative to wind direction, described multiple blade outwards opens or closes with the periphery close contact with rotating cylinder relative to rotating cylinder, angle limits device stops each blade to be opened and exceeds predetermined angle, essential difference between the object that the present invention and US disclose 2008/0007067 is, the latter does not have sky air amplifier, and therefore bad air seizure performance is accessible, and system is also exposed to extreme wind.

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It is formed primarily of six groups of removable guide vanes, and each removable guide vane is associated with the fixed guide playing not same-action in the power of fluid (air). Fa Shi water turbine is such turbo machine, and it can be designed to jump and the flowing of wide range, can operate in scope from six meters to the altitude ranges of hundreds of rice.This point has made the turbo machine of the type use the most widely in the world together with its high efficiency, is mainly used in being generated electricity by hydroelectric power plant.Fa Shi turbo machine lacks fluid flow and controls.

The each movable part being parallel to each hinged guide vane of six hinged guide vanes on the axis of rotor axis be arranged in when viewed from above in each fixed point on six summits of Hexagon typing rule structure can rotate around the corresponding axis being parallel to rotor axis at each summit place being positioned at regular hexagon structure, so that when described hinged guide vane is positioned on wind approaching side, be closed in the wind entrance towards rotor between described hinged guide vane and the hinged guide vane of the next one, or so that when described hinged guide vane is positioned on the side contrary with wind approaching side, the wind leaving rotor be closed between described hinged guide vane and the hinged guide vane of the described next one exports. Be the structure with hexagonal base, the width of blade adds that stator blade width equals the width of movable blade, can select these parameters according to optimum air dynamics.

This system can being closed within the very short time, making when there is hurricane or tornado, this system can be hidden in underground. Can within the very short time shutdown system, thus system promptly can be promoted to above liquid level. Lubricating utensil (fuel tank, pump, filter etc.) is at ground level place. Lubricating utensil (groove, pump, filter etc.). U. S. Patent 7, 083, 382 relate to vertical axis wind turbine, described invention provides main motor to use the energy of liquid stream, this main motor comprises the axle with spin axis, this axle is arranged to rotatably be installed to substructure, this axle comprises at least one arm extended from described Axial and radial, described arm or each arm comprise at least one blade, described blade or each blade are located so that the function influence spin axis at blade upper reaches, wherein said blade or each blade are arranged on arm movably, and wherein, each blade can move to the second place from primary importance, this primary importance provides the first resistance, this second place provides the second resistance, wherein the first resistance is higher than the second resistance.

In this case, the wind energy being actually the kinetic energy of moving air provides mechanical energy to arrive rotor, this rotor makes the rotor of generator (normally threephase alternator) rotate by mechanical drive system, and this generator converts rotating mechanical energy to electric energy. The rotor with the vertical axis wind turbine of current control comprises three blades, these three blades produce three independences and the different region that is mutually related, wherein, described blade comprises the vertical plate of laminar construction, the vertical plate of described laminar construction along the direction orientation identical with the sense of rotation of rotor, to be used in wind incident on any direction. Multiple vertical axis wind turbine with current control can build in modular form, and described module can be mutually stacking or adjacent.

Fig. 9 illustrates the side perspective view seen below the regular hexagon structure of radius R, parallelepiped shape, and in axis, each inserts in the hole of each hinged guide vane, thus allows hinged guide vane to rotate around described axis. Fig. Bulto debajo de la rodilla sin dolor . 7 illustrates the side perspective view of the hinged guide vane with hole, and its axis enters to produce rotation. Figure 11 illustrates to have the side view of empty current-controlled vertical axis wind turbine together with the system for protecting this vertical axis wind turbine in well; in this case; by having the hydraulic system of telescopic piston, promoted by turbo machine or drop in well, well can cover with fence gate. Rotor is with force resisting operation; By with force resisting operation, relative to traditional vertical axis turbine, the vertical axis turbine with current control under fluid power pattern has sizable advantage.

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James B.Francis have developed Fa Shi water turbine.This is reaction mixed flow turbine. Disclose a kind of vertical-shaft wind that there is air stream or flow cavitation result according to operating environment to hold concurrently hydraulic turbo machine. Rotor is with force resisting operation; By with resistance and high speed operation, relative to traditional vertical axis turbine, there is empty current-controlled vertical axis wind turbine there is sizable advantage. The open GB 2 of patent application, 486,697 relate to power generation device, such as producing the turbo machine of electric power from ripple and river-flow, be included in supporting structure on riverbed or main body, float capacity generator and in order to make the bent axle of Tape movement, this power electric generator has the immediate system without booster, and Insulation Problems is difficult to solution, and there is no automatic route and high running cost, there is expensive supply line together with risk that is damaged and accident.

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The open ES 2310965 of above-cited Spain relates to the wind or hydraulic turbo machine that comprise multiple vertical thin wall nozzle, and described multiple vertical thin wall nozzle forms the fixed structure of turbo machine. Hydraulic generator described herein proposes some technical characteristicss, these technical characteristicss can be designed to utilize the advantage from the flow of fluid of any direction, when being installed in river or ocean current, produce power, especially electric power, it is installed and structure is simple, is suitable for using with arbitrary size. U. S. Patent 4; 236,866 relate to the system for obtaining and regulate air or sea or River function, and this system comprises eddy flow transducer; this eddy flow transducer is made up of three concentric rotating main bodies, in three rotating main bodies one any one on blade or column track.Being fixed by roller or other electromagnetic system allows the group around imagination or actual geometrical axis to rotate, it is low performance systems, because it is direct action device, it presents flow turbulence, because it operates in the compact medium of picture, power loses by increasing the volume of the water column of central apparatus.This is if used in water, has insulation and system difficult in maintenance.

Rotor blade has laminar construction and has the crooked outline being similar to shark fins in planimetric map in vertical position, the direction orientation that described crooked outline edge is identical with sense of rotation, to use the fluid along any direction incidence caused by hinged guide vane. The increase caused because of the narrowing of fluid output of the end closest to rotor of the standing part from each in hinged guide vane. The use of stack module. The hydraulic turbo machine of holding concurrently of the vertical-shaft wind with current control herein can operate and have current control under wind-force or fluid power pattern.

Sa Woniusi rotor is the vertical axis wind turbine type for wind-force being converted to the moment of torsion on running shaft.They are invented in nineteen twenty-two by Finland engineer Sigurd J. Sa Woniusi. Large wind speed range, from minimum 3,000 ms/h to 70,000 ms/h. To the maximum use of water energy, because it carrys out vector transfer by increasing the directly liquid velocity impacted on rotor blade. Use conventional material (only using resin and stainless steel).

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