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Manuel José Ossandón es internado tras volver a ser.. There are two basic types of EAPs and multiple configurations for each type. The pump 10 also includes multiple EAP actuators 22 a, 22 b, 22 c, 22 d, 22 e that are disposed around the outer surface 20 of the elongate member 12. In use, as will be explained in more detail below, the actuators 22 a-22 e can be sequentially activated using electrical energy to cause the actuators 22 a-22 e to radially contract, thereby contracting the elongate member 12 and moving fluid therethrough. The actuators 322 that are disposed within the sheath 348 are preferably configured to axially contract and expand, i.e., decrease and increase in length, to essentially pull the sheath 348 toward the central hub 342, or push the sheath 348 away from the central hub 342. Sequential activation of the actuators 322 will therefore move the inner housing in a generally circular pattern within the outer housing 340, thereby pumping fluid through the outer housing 340. A person skilled in the art will appreciate that the actuators 322 can be configured to axially expand, i.e., increase in length, when energy is delivered thereto, rather than axially contract.

As the rotating mechanism turns, the rollers compress a portion of the tube and force fluid through an inner passageway within the tube. In general, the method and devices utilize one or more actuators that are adapted to change orientations when energy is delivered thereto to pump fluid through a fluid pathway in communication with the actuators.

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For example, FIG. 6 illustrates a cross-sectional view of a pump 10′ having an outer elongate member 24′ and a flexible inner elongate member 12′ that define a fluid flow passageway therebetween. The pump can also include an internal tubular member disposed within the inner lumen of the flexible tubular member such that fluid can flow between the inner tubular member and the flexible tubular member.

FIG. 7 illustrates another exemplary embodiment of a pump 10″ that utilizes fiber-bundle-type actuators to create pumping action. In particular, the pump 10″ can include an elongate member 26″ defining a passageway 28″ therethrough for providing access to a surgical site for the delivery of instruments, fluid, or other materials, and/or for visual inspection. In another embodiment, the pump 10 can include an outer elongate member 24 that encloses the inner elongate member 12 and the actuators 22 a-22 e. The amount of voltage delivered to the EAP can also correspond to the amount of movement or change in dimension that occurs, and thus energy delivery can be controlled to effect a desired amount of change. The conductive outer sheath 102 can also include an ionic fluid or gel 106 disposed therein for transferring energy from the energy delivering electrode 108 b to the EAP fibers 104, which are disposed within the outer sheath 102. In particular, several EAP fibers 104 are arranged in parallel and extend between and into each end cap 102 a, 120 b.

For example, each actuators 22 a-22 e can be coupled to a return electrode and a delivery electrode that is adapted to communicate energy from a power source to the actuator. As shown, the actuator 100 generally includes a flexible conductive outer sheath 102 that is in the form of an elongate cylindrical member having opposed insulative end caps 102 a, 102 b formed thereon. The elongate member 12 can have a variety of configurations, but in one exemplary embodiment it is in the form of a flexible elongate tube or cannula that is configured to receive fluid flow therethrough, and that is configured to flex in response to orientational changes in the actuators 22 a-22 e. An inner flexible sheath 30″ and outer flexible sheath 32″ are disposed around the elongate member 26″ and they are spaced a distance apart from one another such that they are adapted to seat the actuators 22″ therebetween.

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9A, some of the actuators, e.g., actuators 22 d″ and 22 i″, are fully activated to constrict the inner sheath 30″ such that a portion of the inner sheath 30″ adjacent to the 22 d″, 22 i″ is positioned against the elongate member 26″. Adjacent actuators, e.g., actuators 22 b″, 22 c″, 22 e′, 22 g″, 22 h″, 22 j″, are partially activated or partially deactivated, depending on the desired direction of movement of the fluid, and the remaining actuators, e.g., actuators 22 a ″ and 22 f″ are fully deactivated and in a fully expanded configuration. Dolor de rodilla remedios caseros . Other conventional positive displacement pumps, such as gear or lobe pumps, use rotating elements that force fluid through a fluid chamber.

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In yet another embodiment, EAP actuators can be used in a lobe or vane type pump. 3G, to radially contract the fourth actuator 22 d and further pump fluid in the distal direction. 3D, while maintaining energy delivery to the second actuator 22 b, energy delivery to the first actuator 22 a is terminated, thereby causing the first actuator 22 a to radially expand and return to an original, deactivated configuration.

Centrifugal pumps can include a rotating impeller with radially positioned vanes. Fluid enters the pump and is drawn into a space between the vanes. FIG. 3B is a perspective view of the pump of FIG. FIG. 9B is a cross-sectional view of the pump of FIG. In another embodiment, the series of electroactive polymer actuators can be disposed around a flexible elongate shaft defining the passageway therethrough, and the series of electroactive polymer actuators can contract radially when energy is delivered thereto to contract the flexible elongate shaft and pump fluid through the passageway. In one embodiment, the series of electroactive polymer actuators can be disposed within a flexible elongate shaft, and an outer tubular housing can be disposed around the flexible elongate shaft such that the passageway is formed between the outer tubular housing and the flexible elongate shaft. Typically, a voltage potential in the range of about 1V to 4 kV can be applied depending on the particular polymer and ionic fluid or gel used.

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Dolor de piernas: causas y síntomas más comunes One or more examples of these embodiments are illustrated in the accompanying drawings. The result is a “pulse” which travels from the proximal end 14 of the pump 10 to the distal end 16 of the pump 10. Remedio casero para dolor de rodilla . The process illustrated in FIGS. For example, the pumps disclosed herein can be used to pump fluid to and/or from an implanted device, such as a gastric band. 3A-5 create pumping action by radially contracting to constrict the elongate member 12, pumping action can alternatively be created by radially expanding the actuator to increase a diameter of an elongate member. A person skilled in the art will appreciate that actuators 22 a-22 e can alternatively be disposed within the elongate member 12, or they can be integrally formed with the elongate member 12. The actuators 22 a-22 e can also be coupled to one another to form an elongate tubular member, thereby eliminating the need for the flexible member 12. A person skilled in the art will also appreciate that, while five actuators 22 a-22 e are shown, the pump 10 can include any number of actuators.

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A person skilled in the art will appreciate that the materials can be selected to obtain the desired mechanical properties. In use, the mechanical configuration of the EAP determines the EAP actuator and its capabilities for motion. FIGS. 1A and 1B illustrate one exemplary embodiment of an EAP actuator 100 formed from a fiber bundle. FIGS. 3B-3G illustrate one exemplary method for sequentially activating the actuators 22 a-22 e to can create a peristaltic-type pumping action. A motor rotates the rotor, causing the lobes to mesh together and drive fluid through the fluid chamber. As discussed in detail below, EAPs can drive a variety of different types of pumps. Tratamiento para el dolor de rodilla . Specific polymers can be selected to create different kinds of moving structures, including expanding, linear moving, and bending structures. In particular, EAPs are a set of conductive doped polymers that change shape when an electrical voltage is applied. A sheath can be positioned around the actuators, such that axial contraction of the actuators moves the sheath radially.

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A person skilled in the art will appreciate that various techniques can be used to deliver energy to the actuators 22 a-22 e. The actuators 22 a-j″ thus create pressure in the fluid pathways 36″, 38″ to squeeze the fluid therethrough. An outer sheath 348 is disposed around the actuators 322 and the hub 342 to form an inner housing assembly. FIG. 9A is a cross-sectional view of the pump of FIG. FIG. 10D is a perspective view of the pump of FIG.

The kit may contain any number of sizes or alternatively, a facility, like a hospital, may inventory a given number of sizes and shapes of the access port. BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention generally provides methods and devices for pumping substances, such as fluids, gases, and/or solids. When a voltage is applied, the laminate structure expands in one direction and contracts in a transverse or perpendicular direction, thereby causing the flexible plate(s) coupled thereto to shorten or lengthen, or to bend or flex, depending on the configuration of the EAP relative to the flexible plate(s). FIG. 3A illustrates one exemplary embodiment of a pumping mechanism using EAP actuators. 2B, and as shown the layer 210 includes a first flexible conductive plate 212 a, an EAP layer 214, an ionic gel layer 216, and a second flexible conductive plate 212 b, all of which are attached to one another to form a laminate composite.