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As the piston 80 travels out of the cylinder housing 82, in accordance with the oscillatory motion of membrane 14, valve 94 closes, valve 92 opens and fluid is drawn into passageway 86. During the down stroke as the piston 80 travels into the cylinder housing 82, valve 92 closes, valve 94 opens and fluid is forced through outlet 90. In this manner, fluid can be pumped by means of the energy obtained from the oscillation of membrane 14 caused by the airflow across the surfaces thereof. In a preferred embodiment, a device for generating useful energy derived from an airflow comprises housing means for guiding the airflow in a predetermined direction therethrough, means disposed within the housing means for oscillating in response to the movement of the airflow through the housing means, the oscillatory motion being generally transverse to the predetermined direction, and means coupled to the oscillating means for converting the oscillatory motion thereof into useful energy which is dependent upon and derived from the energy of the airflow.

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Fisioterapia de la Ser.a. La cefalea o dolor de cabeza.. In operation, an airflow indicated by the arrow “A” in FIG. In an alternative embodiment of the present invention, the membrane 14 is formed at its sides by suitable means to enclose only battens 41 and 43 as shown in FIG. The housing means may advantageously include means to adjust the tension of the membrane so as to provide for variation in the period of oscillation of the membrane. 2. The bolt 44 is maintained in this position by nut 52 which also provides for an adjustment of the tension of membrane 14. This adjustment permits a variation in the frequency of vibration of the membrane 14. Similarly, batten 42 permits securement of the lower edge 38 of membrane 14 to the central frame piece of crossbar member 20. Preferably, the securement of lower edge 38 is achieved by means of resilient members, e.g., compression springs 45 as shown in FIG.

1. Alternatively, the bolts 44 securing the upper edge 36 to the housing 12 can be replaced with springs 45 or vice versa. 9 and 10, the vortices can be created by means of an elongated tubular, perferably cylindrical, member 142 which is positioned in front of and aligned with the leading forward edge of membrane 14. This permits the creation of a vortex pitch indicated by “d” in FIG. The device can further include, if desired, an elongated, preferably cylindrical, member positioned generally parallel to and adjacent the edge of the membrane so as to create vortices of the airflow passing over the surfaces of the membrane. Remedios caseros para el dolor muscular en la espalda . 1 and 3. The pair of venturi-like panels, 22 and 24, form an aperture 30 into the central region 32 of the housing 12. Similarly, the panels 26 and 28 form an aperture 34. As will be more fully described below, each aperture 30, 34 permits the passage of an airflow through the central region 32 in a predetermined direction and thereby across the surfaces of membrane 14. In the event that the airflow passes through aperture 30, then aperture 34 serves as an outlet and vice versa.

3, by means of a back plate 58 which overlays coupling batten 56. The back plate 58 is maintained in contacting engagment with the coupling batten 56 by means of nuts 60 and 62 threaded on shaft 54 which also passes through the coupling batten 48 and the back plate 58. The shaft 54 at its other end is coupled to various arrangements as shown in FIGS. As a result, the membrane 14 will experience an oscillating or vibratory motion transverse to the predetermined direction which in turn by means of coupling batten 56 will be transmitted to the shaft 54 and coil arrangement 72. As the coil arrangement 72 passes through the magnetic field established by the fixed magnet 64, an electromotive force or induced voltage is created within the coil arrangement 72. Suitable electrical circuit connections (not shown) to the coil arrangement 72 will result in the creation of a current flow which may be directed to a work station either for immediate use or storage thereat.

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Valves 92 and 94 each consisting of a typical ball 96 and spring 98 arrangement within seated portions 100 of passageway 86 regulate the direction of the flow of fluid. The battens 40 and 42 provide for securing the membrane 14 within the central region 32 to the crossbar members 18, 20. Anchoring bolts 44 are secured at their respective one ends to the battens 40, 42 by eyelet 46 and rivet 48 as illustrated in FIG. 2. The other ends of the bolts 44 are threaded and pass through the central frame piece 50 of the respective crossbar member, e.g., 18 in FIG. The energy conversion unit 16 includes a shaft 54 passing through the membrane 14 and connected at one end to a coupling batten 56 secured to a central portion of the membrane 14 as shown in FIG. The housing means preferably includes a first and a second aperture each permitting passage of the airflow generally along the predetermined direction.

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FIG. 6 illustrates one embodiment of a rotary motion drive which includes an endless cable or belt 108 secured at one point to the membrane 14 and positioned about pully 110 and a first drive gear 112. An overrunning clutch 114 secured to output shaft 116 and first drive gear 112 permits the output shaft 116 to continuously rotate only in a predetermined direction regardless of the reciprocating rotary motion of drive gear 112. A second drive gear 118 having an overrunning clutch 120 and output shaft 122 is coupled to the first drive gear 112 by means of a plurality of teeth along its periphery which coact with teeth on the periphery of first drive gear 112. The overrunning clutches are connected by a belt drive 124. Dolor en los dedos de la mano izquierda . In this manner, output shaft 122 provides a rotational output also only in the predetermined direction during those portions of the oscillations of membrane 14 when drive gear 112 is not causing output shaft 116 to rotate.