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Sobre a Clínica Intensiva - Especializada Therasuit FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a technique for generating useful energy from a flowing fluid, and more specifically to the use of vortex shedding to increase an oscillation of an oscillating device and converting the oscillation into energy. The data supplied by the sensor(s) to the control unit 160 is processed by a processing utility 176 according to a predetermined algorithm to determine a suitable (or optimal) activation pattern being a pattern of activation/deactivation of the operative flow affecting unit which can be used to affect the flow over the streams flowing over the surface of the main body 152, in order to attain the desired vortex formation frequency. In another variant, the pattern is determined in situ (i.e. In another variant, a plurality of elongated slots 210 may be disposed along a surface region of the main body. In a further variant, the slot 210 may be in the form of a circular orifice, and a plurality of such orifices may be disposed along a surface region of the main body.

As shown in Figure 5, described marine tidal-current energy acquisition equipment 20 is by main shaft 201, five impellers 202 and two flange plates 203 form, described main shaft 201 runs through air guide sleeve 25, the hollow rectangle that described flange plate 203 and impeller 202 are arranged on air guide sleeve 25 is inner, described strut 10 is fixed on main shaft 201, and strut 10 is placed at air guide sleeve 25 both sides, described two flange plates 203 are set on main shaft 201 successively, the outward edge of each flange plate 203 is evenly equipped with five draw-in grooves, and draw-in groove position on two flange plates 203 is corresponding, described each impeller 202 is installed on the corresponding draw-in groove of two flange plates 203.Described five impellers form cirque structure, for catching trend stream.The quantity of certain flange plate 203 and impeller 202 also can be multiple.

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Aloe Vera Juices And Drinks - Forever Living Products USA.. 130/041101-1), the authors discloses a vortex induced vibration aquatic clean energy (VIVACE) which converts ocean/river current hydrokinetic energy to a usable form of energy such as electricity using vortex-induced vibration (VIV) successfully and efficiently. 1a -1 b, which illustrate a mode of operation of vortex-induced vibration as known in the art. The energy extraction 162 unit may be any known unit capable of converting motion to energy or one kind motion to another kind of motion. Having more flaps may be useful to more efficiently affect the vortexes. U.S. Pat. No. 7,493,759 and US Patent Publication 2008/0295509 disclose a fluid motion energy converter having a power device for converting vortex induced motion of a movable element into usable energy. Having a plurality of “short” or circular slots instead of one long slot increases the mechanical rigidity of the main body to 152.Optionally, the main body 152 may have internal support structure (not seen in this figure) to increase its mechanical strength.

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Though in FIG. 2 the main body 152 is shown to have a circular cross section and may be assumed to be a cylinder-like structure, it should be clear than the main body can assume any shape, being elongated or not. Alternatively, rotational motion may be used directly, for example for driving a useful load, such as a pump for pumping water or oil from a well, or a drill.

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5a -5 d, schematic drawings are shown illustrating an example of the present invention, in which flow over the oscillator is affected via one or more retractable flaps. The operative flow affecting unit 158 of FIG. Dolor de espalda y cancer de mama . FIG. 4. Optionally, the activation and deactivation of the flow affecting unit 158 occurs periodically, at a certain activation frequency.

In a variant explained below with reference to FIG.

Acupuntura en el Caballo Optionally, the processing utility 176 uses the data supplied by the sensor(s) to calculate further parameters of interest (e.g., the relative speed of the flow with respect to the main body’s motion) that can be used as an input to the above-mentioned algorithm. In another variant explained below with reference to FIGS. In a variant explained below with reference to FIG. In FIG. 5 d, the surface of the flap is tilted at an acute angle (preferably not exceeding 45 degrees) with respect to the direction/axis of propagation of the incoming fluid 118, such that an angle A between the line A parallel to the relative velocity of the flow with respect to the main body 152 and the hinge 221 a of the flap 220 a is substantially different than 90 degrees (e.g., in the range between 0 and 45 degrees). In FIG. 5 c, when the flap 220 a is deployed, the surface of the flap faces the incoming fluid 118 such that an angle A between the line A parallel to the relative velocity of the flow with respect to the main body 152 and the hinge 221 a of the flap 220 a is about 90 degrees.