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565, in the bottom-most layer of the force-distribution assembly, are positioned over, and/or on top of, the solid radial internal walls that separate the bulbous voids adjacent to, and between, them. 9-186 which suspend the parts of the inertial mass beneath them e.g. A buoy 900 has a hemi-spherical hull 902 and as a result tends to rotate easily away from its nominally vertical longitudinal axis so as to keep that longitudinal axis (i.e., an axis normal to its upper deck, and about which the buoy has approximate radial symmetry) passing through the approximate center(s) of gravity of the connected set of inertial masses, e.g.

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Thus, when the buoy is lifted by a wave, and the inertial mass 10 resists that rise, thereby creating a tension in the ribbon cables, e.g. A buoy 770 contains four peripherally positioned pulleys 771-774. The cables over each connect the pulley to a submerged inertial mass, heave plate, or anchor (not shown).

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Thus, through the appropriate control of the relative torques of pulleys 404 and 405, the angular orientation of buoy 400 within the vertical plane passing through those pulleys (e.g. Heatdissipating fins, e.g. 230, are also attached and/or affixed to a thermally-conductive plate 227, and/or wall, that separates the space 218 from the water 233 surrounding the buoy 210. The fins 230 allow heat conductively transmitted and/or transferred from the fluid 218 to the plate 227 to be more quickly and efficiently transmitted 232 and/or transferred to the water beneath the buoy. FIG. 72 shows a side view of a buoy of an embodiment of the current disclosure. Attached to, mounted on, and/or incorporated within, the buoy 130 is a plurality of power take-offs (PTOs), e.g. An upward lifting force is accordingly transmitted to, and/or shared with, the inertial mass, causing the inertial mass to be periodically accelerated upward, in the direction of the water’s surface.

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PCT/US2017/051000 mass to accelerate upward, slowing its downward movement (e.g., subfigures 45A, 45B, 45C, 45D) and eventually developing an upward movement (e.g., subfigures 46G, 46H, 461, 46J, etc.). The pressurized hydraulic fluid is combined and the combined flow passes through a tube, e.g. This division, and/or segregation, of the PTO module into upper and lower sections, facilitates the removal, and/or replacement, of that portion of the PTO module containing the hydraulic cylinders. 221 and 222, taken across line 30A in FIG. Masajes dolor de espalda . 174 and 175 and taken along line A A in FIG.

573 and 574, which are at least partially defined and/or enclosed by convex exterior walls, e.g. Although the rules of thumb outlined in the previous two paragraphs will likely apply in most cases, control systems may be developed (and are covered by this disclosure) wherein the rules of thumb of the previous two paragraphs do not apply, at least not in every case or at every time. By “effective negative buoyancy” we mean that the inertial mass has an average density selected so that when submerged and filled or flooded with water (if applicable), and when at an operational depth range, it will tend to fall and/or be pulled downward under gravity, unless lifted upward by a force applied to it through the at least one flexible connector by which it is connected to the flotation module. 298, which allows at least a portion of the pre-stressing force(s) that they impart to the walls of the flotation module 292 to be at least partially distributed over an outer surface of the module.

The diameter (D) of drum 118-3 is at least 50 times the diameter (d) of flexible connector 118-4, i.e. In some embodiments, the inertial mass has a small opening or openings at a bottom portion thereof, provided that such small opening or openings does/do not allow substantial amounts of water to pass in a vertical, i.e. A buoyant structure 1, i.e. The buoyant structure of this, and of the other embodiments described in this disclosure, functionally constitute, and might equivalently be referred to as, a “buoy,” “flotation and/or buoyant module,” “floating and/or buoyant platform,” and/or “float.” Regardless of the label used in its description, a principal purpose and/or function of buoyant structure 1 is to hold the embodiment at or adjacent to the surface 4 of a body of water and transmit a periodic lifting force to the inertial mass. A first end of depending connector 1-150 attaches to inertial mass 1-140 at 1151 and ascends through aperture 1-115 and is operatively connected to pulley/capstan 1-125 at 1-152. Depending connector 1-150 can be made of steel cable, metal chain, synthetic rope, or any other flexible material with sufficient tensile strength.

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Conversely, by creating and/or utilizing a restoring mass with an average density significantly greater than that of the water in which the embodiment floats, e.g. Or, in some embodiments, IM 91-11 is made neutrally buoyant or buoyant by filling voids in its walls with foam or air. In some embodiments, the inertial mass’s effective negative buoyancy results from its own intrinsic net weight (gravitational weight net of buoyant force) being positive. 175, this embodiment utilizes an inertial mass 1223 that does not possess, incorporation, nor benefit from the utilization of flaps. 460, the buoy’s angular orientation does not change to a noticeable extent. FIG. 220 is a side sectional view of the embodiment of FIG. FIG. 138 shows a perspective view of an embodiment of the present disclosure. FIG. 235 shows a vertical cross-sectional view of the same embodiment of the present disclosure that is illustrated in FIG.

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FIG. 156 is an side view of the embodiment of FIG. Dolor muscular debajo dela axila . FIG. 119 is an elevated perspective view of the roller pulley of FIG. Instead, the cables oscillate back-and-forth within the plane of rotation of each respective pulley. 215, taken across a horizontal plane passing through the post-tensioning cables, e.g.

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272, on strong force-distribution plates, e.g. 142, that facilitates its return to the body of water wherein its distal end is connected to a restoring weight (e.g. And, it differs from that embodiment in that the target of its control is the restoring weight (instead of the inertial mass). Flotation module 2700, capstan power take-off assembly 2702-2704, 27062708, float 2711, restoring weight 2716, offset weights 2718-2720, and inertial mass 2713, serve the same operational functions, and exhibit the same operational behaviors, as is discussed in relation to FIGs. Each of processors 22-1001 and 22-1011 transmits a digital data packet or an analog signal, or returns a value (e.g. 180 are positioned outside flotation module 1401, and are protected within a housing, lid, shroud, canister, and/or pod 1402 attached, e.g. At some point, and in part as a result of the resistance of the opposing torque imparted to pulley 152 by generator 153, which in turn applies a counter-force to connector 155 as it moves over the pulley 152 under the influence of the downward moving inertial mass 159, the descent of inertial mass 159, relative to flotation module 151, slows, stops, and reverses.