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como curar el dolor de cabeza - como aliviar el dolor de.. Fixed to and extending from the top of sensor float 158 is an upstanding switch actuator rod 159 located radially within the tube 19 for free vertical movement therein by suitable guide means preferably adjacent the top and bottom thereof bearing on the tube 19, such guide means including for example a slide block 159a fixed near the top of rod 159, and the float 158 itself near the bottom of rod 159. The top of rod 159 carries a switch actuator ramp 160 fixedly thereon. 9. Continued rise eventually brings switch actuating ramp 160 into the position shown to close the next one 162′ of the normally open switch 162. Accordingly, upon closure of the switch 162′ by the rising tide, one can trace a current path from the left side of battery 176 (FIG. FIG. 8 is an enlarged, partially broken side view of the height sensor float and switch portion of the tide adjuster mechanism of FIG.

flying roasted coffee grains on a black space FIG. 2 is an elevational view of an embodiment of the invention showing the float, superstructure and tide adjuster mechanism. Attention is directed to the schematic view in FIG. Spent hydraulic fluid from the motor 129 is directed through a pipe 130 back to the reservoir 124. In the preferred embodiment shown, an excess flow pipe 132a directs all fluid not required by motor 129 to a second constant flow valve 133 which, in the manner described above with respect to valve 128, directs the constant hydraulic flow through pipe 137 to a further hydraulic motor 134 in turn driving a further load (here another electric generator) 135 and wherein spent hydraulic fluid from the motor 134 empties through a pipe 136 back into the reservoir 124. Although further constant flow valves can be added, in the particular embodiment shown, the excess flow from valve 133 is led through a further pipe 137a back to the reservoir 124. In this way, the number of electric generators driven will automatically increase as wave energy (peak-to-trough height) increases.

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The abovedescribed switches 147, 162, 163, 171 and 172, the reversible motor 18a and an electric power source 176, here schematically indicated as a battery, are wired together in circuit in the manner shown in FIG. Because of small fluctuations (or wavelets) superimposed on the main large waves, float movement from positions b to d and f to h often approaches zero and no work is done by the float on the “external” hydraulic circuit of FIG. Some others store water in an elevated reservoir to be used as a hydraulic head for a water turbine. 6-9) in effect maintains the piston 64 substantially centered along the length of the cylinder 63 at mid-wave height (or calm water level Lt) despite change in the calm water level Lt independent of waves and dependent on tides, substantial variation in rainfall, or other factors which may change calm water level. Other objects and purposes of this invention will be apparent to persons acquainted with apparatus of this general type upon reading the following specification and inspecting the accompanying drawings.

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Hernia de disco Resonancia magnética Dolor de espalda.. It will be understood that float 10a tends to rise and fall vertically in place as waves pass therebeneath. Beams 13 and 13a are preferably spaced at approximately equal distances above and below, respectively, the average level of the surface S of the water, such that at mid-tide (if in a body of water where tides exist) on a calm day (such that no waves are present) the surface S of the body of the water will lie approximately half way between the beams 13 and 13a. In the particular embodiment shown, the members of the frame 5 are shown as I beams welded together, but it will be understood that the frame 5 may be constructed of rigid members of any desired configuration rigidly fixed to each other to make the frame 5 rigid.

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SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The objects and purposes of the invention are met by providing a power generation system which converts the motion of waves on a body of water such as a lake or sea to drive pumps, electrical generators or the like, and includes a weighted float which rides on the waves. As noted, the volumetric flow to each hydraulic motor 129 is accurately controlled to provide a constant RPM if they are used to drive alternating current generators 131 connected to a commercial power line. Dolor en la mano y dedos . The accumulator 127 is sized to provide a continuous volume of hydraulic fluid under sufficient pressure to the hydraulic motor 129 while the hydraulic cylinder pump 17 is at the end of its stroke. 6 and 7) is adjustable rightwardly or leftwardly along the underside of beam 13 by rotation of the screw 18b by motor 18a in one rotative direction or the other.

The remote end of screw 18b is supported for rotation on the bracket 47 in a similar fashion. When the wave surface slows its rise, in approaching the peak again, the weight of the float 10a and the resistance of the cables and piston 64 to further movement to overcome the buoyancy of the float which halts its rise. Float 10a rides at peak of wave. As the wave surface begins to rise from its bottommost position, the buoyancy of the float 10a again overcomes the preload (resistance to movement within the cables, cylinder unit 17, etc.) to pull the piston 64 to the left, namely by tensioning cable 11a, which shifts double purchase pulley 21 rightwardly, tensions cables 66 and pulls piston 64 leftwardly. It will be noted that the interposition of the double purchase pulleys 21 and cables 66 and 66a between the cables 11,11a and piston 64 double the force on the piston exerted by the float and reduce by a factor of 2 the travel of the piston 64 compared to the vertical travel of the float.

While five switches 147 and five switches 162 are shown, it will be understood that more switches, more closely placed, can be employed so as to locate more closely together the several calm water positions available for the float 10a. It is also contemplated that different types of sensing and feedback circuits (e.g. 6) rightwardly and hence lifting the float 10a when the float is static or is falling with a wave. When the wave surface slows in its fall, the buoyancy of float 10a again begins to take hold and to overcome the downward inertia of the float. As the wave surface S rises, the buoyancy of float 10a causes it to rise and thereby continue to pull the piston 64 to the left. Spaced, horizontal upper and central beams 13 and 13a are fixed to and extend between the pilings 14 at the upper and central portions thereof, respectively.

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The piston 64 thus stops and preload forces (cable tension and the resistance to movement of the piston 64) begin to be removed. 2) of the frame 5. To avoid any tendency of the float or floating pulley 21 to skew under load, lateral symmetry is maintained by providing a second set of cables, pulleys and tensioning screws on the back side of the frame 5 (as seen in FIGS. 3 and 6) aligned behind corresponding above-described elements of the first set on the front side of the frame.