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¿Sirven los opioides de liberación inmediata para el dolor.. In this embodiment of the invention, the capture element has a circular cross-section, in such a way that its function of capturing the energy of the wind does not depend on the direction of the wind, which can vary over time. Figure 8 is an outline of part of a control system of a generator according to a possible embodiment of the invention. The second part may be made of a different material or of different materials than said first part, or if made of the same materials, it may comprise them in proportions different from the proportions used for the first part. Thus, for example, in spite of the rather low frequency at which a capture element such as a rather high pole or mast or similar can move, such as sway, the conversion of the mechanical energy into electrical energy by means of piezoelectric elements can take place at a frequency that allows for efficient conversion.

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Kinetic clipart - Clipground For example, a large-sized capture element can be associated, in the manner described, to multiple generator piezoelectric elements, for example, to hundreds or thousands of generator piezoelectric elements. Figures 4A-4C illustrate schematically how according to a possible embodiment of the invention, the capture element 1 is associated to an actuator element 10 which is moved with part of the capture element, for example, in an oscillating manner, with the oscillation frequency of the capture element 100, for example, with a frequency of 8 Hz. In other words, the first magnet provokes a movement of the second magnet in such a way that said deformation of the piezoelectric element occurs, for example, a bending of the piezoelectric element in respect of a fixed point thereof, and subsequently the piezoelectric element returns to its initial configuration in an oscillating manner, producing electrical energy. For example, WO-2012/017106-A1 describes an electrical energy generator based on wind having a pole made up of a plurality of elements with high electromechanical coupling, a term which encompasses piezoelectric elements.

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One advantage of the use of magnets is that the friction between the actuator and the generator piezoelectric element can be avoided, which reduces wear and tear of the parts. The graph made up of lines or strokes alternating with dots represents the case in which the cantilever is triggered by the interaction by two magnets (MA-MA), by repulsion, according to the principle illustrated in figures 5A-5C. The frequency of oscillation was found to be 40.302 Hz in the case of mechanical triggering (ME), 37.78 Hz in the case of triggering my interaction between a magnet and ferromagnetic material (MA-FE), and 42.82 Hz in the case of triggering by repulsion between magnets (MA-MA), according to the principles illustrated in figures 5A-5C. It can be observed how both the amplitude and the efficiency of the triggering are optimised when the triggering is produced by repulsion between magnets.

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The rotor is provided with magnets which turn with the rotor and interact with magnets coupled to piezoelectric elements, in such a way that the turning of the rotor translates into a force on the piezoelectric elements, transforming the turning of the rotor into electrical energy. It is also possible to operate based on interaction between a magnet and a piece of ferromagnetic material. Paracetamol para dolor de espalda . It is also possible to operate with magnets by leaving the poles with different signs facing each other, operating with forces of attraction. In some embodiments of the invention, said first magnet and said second magnet will be disposed so that the poles of the same sign are facing each other, producing repulsion between said magnets. In at least some embodiments of the invention, the generator piezoelectric elements do not only store during their functioning part of the energy in the form of vibrational kinetic energy and elastic potential energy: also, given their intrinsically high capacitance, they can store part of the energy in the form of electrical capacity.

In some embodiments of the invention, the capture element comprises at least one part of piezoelectric material, said piezoelectric material being disposed so as to allow a modification of the natural oscillation frequency of the capture element. As a result, it can be advantageous to have a control system that regulates the natural oscillation frequency of the capture element by acting on both the extraction of the electrical energy from the generator piezoelectric elements, and on the piezoelectric material that forms part of the capture element. The ideal increase of the radius with height depends on the value of the Hellmann exponent and this exponent depends on the characteristics of the surroundings. By using groups with different orientation or arrangement of the generator piezoelectric elements, a certain compensation between the groups can be achieved, so that when the wind blows in a direction that implies a low power production by one of said groups, a high power production can be expected from another of said groups.

In this way, the generator piezoelectric element can oscillate in respect of said side that is fixed in the base, in the manner of a springboard or cantilever, once it has been released in step (b) described further above. In some embodiments of the invention, the generator of electrical energy comprises a plurality of said generator piezoelectric elements. Nonetheless, it is considered that piezoelectric elements generally do not convert mechanical energy into electrical energy in an efficient way at that frequency. The invention relates to the field of renewable energies, and more specifically to the field of electrical energy generation based on the motion of a fluid, using piezoelectric elements to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. In this way, for each operating regime there will be a working voltage that maximises the electrical energy extracted; it is a matter of finding an ideal compromise between the losses due to leakage currents and losses due to friction.

For example, approximately 90 generator piezoelectric elements can be arranged extending into different radial directions, with a spacing of approximately 4 degrees between adjacent generator piezoelectric elements. As the wind can blow in different directions, it is advantageous to arrange the generator piezoelectric elements so as to optimise the number of them that are likely to be triggered and operated to produce electrical energy at any given time. Fv is the frequency of vortex appearance, V the velocity of the air, and d the characteristic dimension of the pole, for example, in the case of a pole having a circular cross-section, the pole diameter. Therefore, to increase their economic attractiveness, it is important to enhance their efficiency, for example, in terms of the performance of the installations compared to their overall cost, which includes the cost of manufacture, cost of installation and cost of maintenance.