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FLEKOSTEEL Hendels Original WARMING BODY BALM for muscle.. As shown in Figure 2B, as the wave on the surface of the water 202 shifts, the module 100 may subsequently be displaced to an angle approximately 45 degrees down to the left. The voltage on the coil can be rectified and subsequently stored, transmitted or utilized. In different cases, the coil 106 may be implemented with various widths of copper wire, number of wraps, distances between wraps, diameters of the wraps and conductive material. In particular implementations, the modules may comprise a circular tube surrounded by a coil made of a conductive material such as copper and a magnet element free to move within the tube and therefore through the coil. The movement of the magnet element through the coil that occurs would cause voltage to be generated on the coil through electromagnetic induction. In particular, in some embodiments of the invention, the magnet element’s polarization is controlled to increase the voltage generated through electromagnetic induction on the coils that the magnet element is traversing.

As the magnet elements 530a, 530b, 530c move through their respective tubes 524a, 524b, 524c and therefore through their respective coils 526a, 526b, 526c, voltage is generated on their coils through electromagnetic induction. In the embodiment of Figures 6A-6D, the magnet element comprises a magnet barrel 602 in the shape of a cylinder which may comprise a series of disk magnets with a cap 604 on each end.

Dolor De Estomago

The caps 604 may comprise various different materials, such as plastic. Further, the cylindrical magnet may comprise a cap on each end, each of the caps comprising one or more wheels that aid in the movement of the cylindrical element through the tube. The wheels 606 allow for a reduced friction as the wheeled magnet carriage traverses the tube as it reduces the contact area between the magnet element and the tube. Figures 6B, 6C and 6D are a perspective view, a cross-sectioned view and a zoomed-in view respectively of the wheeled magnet carriage of Figure 6A within a tube. The amount of electricity generated in each module 100 may be different due to different displacements and different amounts of movement of the magnet elements, but each of the modules 100 could generate electricity. A practical wave energy device would ideally feature low capital costs, minimal moving parts, high corrosion resistance, direct conversion from wave motion to electricity and a high tolerance for extreme wave conditions.

  • Evita alimentos y medicamentos irritantes
  • En esta posición, levanta las caderas al máximo para liberar la tensión de la espalda
  • Controlar el peso regularmente
  • Túmbate sobre una pelota de tenis
  • Una zanahoria

Further, the module of the present invention can be built to tolerate extreme wave conditions due to its compact design and limited mechanical elements. The low maintenance costs can result from the few moving parts and the high corrosion resistance that can be built into the modules through the use of a sealed housing. Figure 4B is an example electrical circuit that may be implemented within the array of Figure 3A according to an implementation of the present invention. Figure 3C is an illustration of the array of modules 100 of Figure 3 A in a sample operational state caused by surface wave displacement. The present invention is directed to system and apparatus for generating electricity from movement of fluid, such as from surface wave displacement in bodies of water. Most devices have two stages of conversion in which wave motion is converted to hydraulic or pneumatic power and then to electricity.