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Manejo extrahospitalario del dolor toracico. A proposito.. The computer control matches the cr:erating parameters of the variable speed motor to the flow of hydraulic fluid, generated by the action of the flap portion. The hydraulic motor 38 drives a flywheel 48 which stores energy from the hydraulic motor 38 until it is converted into electricity by an induction generator/motor 50 which connects to the flywheel.

The pressurised fluid then flows out and returns via pipework connections 76 into the hydraulic circuit of rest of the power take off system (not shown, see Fig. To optimise the output from this system the hydraulic motor 38 ES is controlled by a computer control system 58. (Connections from the computer control system to the various elements of the generating system are not shown for reasons of clarity in the figure.) The computer control system 58 monitors inter alia ram velocity, hydraulic pressure and the rotational speed of the hydraulic motor in order to determine the optimal displacement for the motor at any given moment. Figs. 6 (a to c) show three embodiments of a device of the invention constructed from tubing sections. Preferably to minimise loads on the device during extreme weather/wave events, and to facilitate maintenance, said flap portion is formed and arranged so that it may be laid more or less horizontal on the seabed (or the like).

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In some embodiments, the wave energy conversion device is formed and arranged so that when the base portion is anchored to the bed of a body of water with the flap portion facing the wave motion, the base portion and the flap portion extend vertically through at least the entire depth of the water, to present a substantially continuous surface to the wave motion throughout the full depth of water from the wave crest to the sea bed, and said flap portion is sufficiently buoyant in water so as to be biased to the vertical in use. 1 and comprises a base portion 2 which is anchored to the seabed 4 in a body of water 6. A flap portion 8 extends from said base portion 2 and is pivotally connected thereto and said flap portion 8 extends upwardly so as to pierce the surface 10 of the body of water in which the device is anchored.

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Adding the curved end effectors 78 as in the device of Figure 6b gives a further improvement, which can be of the order of 16%, in power capture. It has long been recognised that the waves in the sea and other bodies of water provide a vast and substantially untapped quantity of energy and many inventions have been made with the goal of achieving the aim of extracting power from the sea. Various modifications may be made to the above described embodiments. There may be provided a plurality of devices according to the present invention, thus in another aspect the present invention provides an energy generating system comprising a plurality of wave energy conversion devices of the type described above and interconnected with each other.

Alternative or additional independent biasing means may be provided.

Providing some ‘freeboard’ to the flap, a portion projecting above the water surface, makes allowance for tidal and wave variation. Preferably to minimise potentially daiaging loads during extreme weather/wave events the surface area of the flap portion can be reduced to minimise its coupling effect with an incident wave. Dolor de cabeza tension muscular . The independent biasing means can be adjustable if required. Alternative or additional independent biasing means may be provided. Preferably said power extraction means utilises high pressure hydraulic fluid to drive a hydraulic motor, desirably a variable flow and speed hydraulic motor. Thus in one arrangement of the invention said biasing means comprises said flap portion having substantial buoyancy. 15a -to the vertical in use and has a high centre of buoyancy and a low centre of mass. The buoyancy can be provided in a flap portion by having chambers in the structure of the flap, which can be filled with air or other ?

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In some embodiments, the flap portion is provided with chambers which contain air, gas or a foam or any combination thereof. Advantageously, where the tubes abut, a packing material is provided to reduce local wave impact forces. In some embodiments, at least the upper part of the flap portion is provided with a resilient surface. By presenting a substantially continuous surface to the wave motion throughout the depth of the water (the ‘water column’), the flap portion of the invention can efficiently capture the maximum amount of energy from the wave motion prevailing at a given location. This increase is attributed to the increase in horizontal wave force at the shallower depth combined with the effect of the flap capturing energy throughout the full depth of the water when at 10m. At shallower depths breaking waves and the loss of volumetric displacement by a shorter flap portion reduces the energy available for capture and the system efficiency is substantially reduced.

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At these shallower depths, the available surge wave energy, in typical sea locations at least, is substantially greater than in the deeper waters often used by other wave energy conversion devices. To provide a smooth energy output from an array of wave energy conversion devices according to the present invention the flap portion of adjacent devices may be cascaded at an angle to the predominant wave direction so that the distance between the first and last flap is at least quarter a wavelength in the direction of wave propagation. The present invention avoids or minimises such disadvantages by utilising components, in particular the flap portion, which are neutrally buoyant, thereby making them easy to handle.

Fig. 3 shows in a front view an alternative arrangement wherein there is used a torsion tube 16 which has resilient biasing O characteristics and biases/urges said flap portion 8 to a generally vertical orientation with respect to the base portion 2. The torsion bar is located behind a deflector plate 13, (shown in dashed outline) on the base portion 2. This covers what would otherwise be a gap between the flap portion 8 and the base 2, leading to a loss of wave energy.

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of the profile of a flap portion 8 that may be used with the device in Figs. Figs. 7 (a to d) shows a further embodiment of a device of the invention constructed from tubing sections. 0 Figure 6b shows another embodiment of a device 1 of similar configuration to that of Fig. Preferably the device is formed and arranged for location at a mean water depth of between 6 to 20 metres, desirably between 8 and 16 metres.

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For example, where the device is 12m high the flap portion may be 10m high sited on a 2 m base. Dolor detras de la rodilla al flexionar . The ‘modular’ construction of the flap portion allows for easy transport to a construction site where the flap is assembled. For example, where the flap portion is comprised of large tubing sections, the tubing section may have a smaller diameter tubing, of a resilient material, wound spirally round it or slid on as a sleeve.

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The devices have tended to produce power unevenly with large ‘spikes’ in the output, making it difficult to provide a smooth power output suitable for delivery into an electrical grid system. Concerns about global warming and environmental pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels in energy generation has resulted in a move towards so-called ‘green’ energy sources, or renewable energy sources such as tidal movement, wave power and wind Power. The biasing of the flap portion also affects its natural oscillation period, which can affect the efficiency of power capture to a limited extent. These connect to pistons inside hydraulic cylinders 68 which are pivotally attached to the base portion 2. A deflector plate 70 fills the spacing between the bottom tubing section 72 of the flap portion 8 and the seabed 74. In use, when the flap portion 8 oscillates in response to wave action the driving rods 66 are driven to cause hydraulic fluid in the cylinders 68 to be ‘oressurised by the action of the pistons (see fig.5).

This effect can be mitigated by the provision of an additional structure at the top of the flap portion, which interacts more positively with waves at the surface even when the flap portion is tilted and freeboard reduced. Turning to Fig. 2, which is generally similar to the arrangement shown in Fig. The spacings 62 between each tubing section 60 are larger than those of the flap portion 8 of Fig. Similarly the addition of tubing sections 82 as in Fig. The desired properties may, for example, be achieved by providing a flap portion comprising horizontally stacked tubing sections with the diameter of the tubing used increasing towards the top of the flap. Dolor muscular despues del ejercicio . In some embodiments, the flap portion comprises tubing sections arranged in a plane parallel and adjacent to each other to give a generally rectangular form to the flap.