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el-arte-de-enseñar-9788497008891 The entire assembly is fastened together with screws such as 35 and 36. Screws 35 and 36 fit through holes such as 37 and 38, respectively. The first, second and third float bodies are spaced apart such that when the first and second float bodies are located respectively at the crests of different waves, the third float body is located in a wave trough intermediate those two wave crests.

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Cómo aliviar el dolor de cuello In this way not only the wave height is utilized for the procurement of a stroke length of a piston mounted on the energy conversion float but also the oscillating motion of the support structure is added to that wave height difference. The piston 26 is pivotably attached by pivot joint 30 to piston rod 28 which is likewise pivotably attached to structure 20 by pivot joint 32. The cylinder 24 preferrable of the double acting type is mounted in float 22 which provides the flotation for the assembly and also acts as a guide to maintain the top of the cylinder in proper orientation while the piston descends through the cylinder. Therefore, there is a need for an improved wave following type energy conversion device to more efficiently and beneficially extract the available energy from ocean waves, most specifically those ocean waves occurring near the shore. Many waves found in shallower bodies of water or in the areas near the shore also demonstrate a substantially constant wave form, the relative distance between wave crests being essentially constant for long periods of time when observed and measured at a specific location.

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The third float is the energy conversion device itself and such a wave following type structure operates with the two support floats being placed apart from each other in such a way that when one support float was at a wave crest, the other support float was at a wave crest and correspondingly when one support float was in a wave trough, the other support float was in a wave trough. The other consequential effect of such spacing of the support floats was that when one support float was descending from a wave crest, the other support float was also descending from a wave crest. Additionally at all times, when float 12 is rising toward the crest 10 of a wave, float 14 will always be descending toward the trough 11 of a wave.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION In the present invention the floats are spaced apart in such a way that when one support float is at a wave crest the energy conversion float is at a wave crest while the other support float which is intermediate the previous two floats is located in a wave trough. The second float body is spaced apart from the first float body and is rigidly connected to the support structure. Since the two support floats are fixed to the support structure in such a way as to maintain a constant relationship vertically with respect to the support structure, the support structure itself is not maintained in the horizontal position as with the prior art systems, but rather oscillates much like an oil pump jack being first in a position with the structure above the energy conversion float being at a much higher elevation than the structure immediately above either of the two support floats, while one-half wave cycle later the support structure above the energy conversion float is at a much lower elevation than the structure immediately above either of the two support floats.

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Since buoyancy is related to the size and density of the float in question, for a given size and displacement of float 22 with cylinder 24 in position, the buoyant force retaining float 22 in its position on the surface of the water is a relative constant. An inherent limitation of said devices is that the total buoyant force can only be increased by an amount related to the volume and mass of the float.

Float 14 must have the greatest flotational capability of the three major floats, as well as the greatest level of ballasted in order for it to be capable of maintaining its position on the surface of the water being neither unduly submerged nor removed above the water surface by the actions of the piston and cylinder on the energy extraction float 22. Float 14 preferably has a net flotational capacity of at least the sum of the flotational capacities’ of floats 12 and 22. Additionally, note that the piston rod 28 is mounted to a horizontally adjustable pad 34, again so that the appropriate spacing to maximize the use of the wave form can be achieved, and maintained. This equation is similar to that which can be applied to any electrochemical cell; the important point to note is that the emf available from this invention is proportional to the logarithm of the ratio of the pressures in the two cavities.

1A and 1B, the multiplicative factor 2 times the drop distance D which is also the wave height means that 2 times the wave height must go into the maximum stroke length and is therefore a portion of the distance B. Additionally, taking a line through the centers of buoyancy of floats 12 and 14 reveals that twice the wave height is also added to the distance B by the motion of the float 22 upwardly by one wave height and the pivot point 32 being moved downwardly by one wave height thereby adding two more wave heights into the distance B producing a final sum of four times the wave height. The second wave crest is encountered only after a low point called the trough has passed the fixed point.

The energy converting means comprises two portions, the first portion being on the first float body, preferably a double acting cylinder, and the second portion, preferably a piston fitted to the double acting cyclinder, being in contact with the first portion and also being pivotably connected to the support structure. Separating second section 3 and end piece 4 is gasket 8. Dolor muscular en el hombro . Gaskets 5, 6, and 8 are made of Teflon. 4. Teflon spacer 20 fits within a recess in first section 2 (said recess not being visible in the view of FIG.

The first float body retains a first portion of an energy converting means. Additionally float 22 must be of sufficient weight that the cylinder and float assembly 22 and 24 is not pulled out of the water during the portion of the cycle when the piston is being withdrawn from the cylinder. The preferred disposition of floats 12 and 14 is precisely one-half wave length apart; one-half wave length is represented by the dimension C. In this manner, at all times when float 12 is in a trough (as shown in FIG. The typical apparatus for use in converting the energy of ocean waves into a useful power form, is the wave following type flotational devices which has a structure disposed upon the water surface and supported by two floats and in turn having a third float associated with the structure. The energy conversion float is located intermediate the two support floats.

Being an odd integer, the two floats will always be at opposite extremes regarding the wave crest 10 and the wave trough 11. The dimension F likewise is a multiple of the dimension C which is one-half the wave length. 1A and 1B depict the two extremes of a wave following cycle, FIG. However, since the stroke length of the piston has been magnified to 4 times the wave height, twice the energy may be extracted from a wave front utilizing an energy extraction apparatus and floating support structure as shown in FIGS. The most uniform waves are what are known as “deep ocean” waves which tend to exhibit a very constant wave by which is meant generally uniform wave height, generally a constant direction of motion of the undulating surface action of the waves, and constant spacing between wave crests characterizing a constant period of motion.