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Beautiful kids and happy man in mountains in the background of fog A flotation module with this sort of reduced stability or (at least partially) unstable hydrostatic profile requires relatively little torque to cause it to rotate in the water to any desired angle, at least in the relevant vertical plane or planes, at least within a predetermined range of angles. The flexible connectors, and/or ribbons, and/or ribbon cables, of this and of the other embodiments described in this disclosure, may be composed and/or fabricated of: chains, ropes, steel cables, belts, roller chains, linkages, synthetic cables, gear belts, vbelts, synchronous timing belts, drive belts, pulley belts, and/or any other flexible relatively long, and relatively narrow, cord.

  • Kw=power in kw
  • Fracaso en el trasplante de piel, si lo hay
  • FIG. 12B depicts a still another embodiment of a resonating electrical generator
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The shortening of flexible connector portions 2218 and 2211 requires the passage of flexible connector from portion 2211 to portion 2218, which turns pulley 2214, and raises spar 2209 (which is connected to and/or a portion of restoring mass 2203) to which pulley 2214 is operatively connected. Note that the inertial mass weighted portion 7-145 is still present in this embodiment, only it has been moved to a position closer to the center of the inertial mass to reduce the possibility of “snagging” on the net. Consequently, restoring weight 1-160 can be accelerated upward more rapidly and/or easily than inertial mass 1-140 and a net torque can be developed in pulley/capstan 1125, causing the pulley/capstan to rotate in a first direction, turning shaft 1-122, and enabling the generator to generate electricity.

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Because the generator can exert a countertorque and/or resistance to the turning of the pulley/capstan (and must exert such a countertorque, if the device is to generate power), at least some of the buoyant force acting on the flotation module 2B105 can be transmitted through the depending connector to the inertial mass 2B-140 (and must be so transmitted, if the device is to generate power).

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At least one cable with one portion bound at the inertial mass applies a torque to a pulley and/or rotating capstan borne at the flotation module, which in turn directly or indirectly operates a generator (or performs some other useful work). Alternately, an embodiment may utilize a restoring weight attached to the other end 109 of the ribbon cable, and allow the gravitational potential energy of that restoring weight (which would have been lifted when the ribbon cable 103 was paid out during the buoy’s rise and the inertial mass’ resistance to that motion) to remove the slack in the ribbon cable 103, and to shorten the portion of it intermediate between the buoy and the inertial mass. At least a portion of the electrical power generated by the PTO 102 is stored in an enclosed bank 109, assembly, and/or set of batteries, capacitors, chemical fuel (e.g.

Prensa Comunitaria : Justicia por genocidio 149 to lower fins, e.g. 221, taken across a horizontal plane passing through the bottom-most post-tensioning cables, e.g. 1-4, and taken across section line 5 in FIG. 30, and taken across section line 31 in FIG. In some embodiments, the buoyant flotation module has a curved bottom surface that approximately, and at least partially, defines an arc of a circle with respect to at least one vertical cross section, enabling the flotation module to freely rotate in the water (as if borne on a bearing), within the plane of the vertical cross-section in which the buoyant flotation module has a curved bottom surface, to correct misalignments in the fleet angle(s) of the converter’s flexible connector(s) (discussed in greater detail below). It can be seen to be floating in body of water 201. Apertures 202 and 203 are shown to vertically pass though the structure of flotation module 200. Drums 206-210 are shown in their linear array with flexible connector 204 passing in a serpentine manner around drums 206-210. PTO module 211 is shown to be connected to drum 208 and five drums are shown to be used, however more or fewer drums and/or PTO modules could be utilized.

Each crankshaft contains five crank axles, e.g. This can be accomplished by varying the amount of resistance, countertorque, or stopping power applied to the powertrain (e.g. ’s lateral center. Dolor de espalda motivos . For instance, the platform’s pitch and roll can be regulated by varying the tension in some flexible connectors relative to others, and/or by varying the torque or force applied by some power take off units relative to that applied by others. 125 and/or state of the embodiment approximately characteristic of the embodiment’s passage through the wave trough, when the movement of the inertial mass is no longer constrained by connectors 161-162, i.e. FIG. 51 shows a cross sectional view of an embodiment of the current disclosure, namely an embodiment of an inertial wave energy converter of a simple type. When the “composite lifting module” is accelerated upward in response to the approach of a wave crest, the mass of the water trapped within the submerged inertial mass 19 causes it to resist that upward acceleration.