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Método Self Healing: GLAUCOMA Other similar means of providing an inertial mass weighted portion are also covered by this disclosure. In this embodiment, the inertial mass 3317 is composed of a bundle of laterally oriented pipes or tubes 3325. The mass of the water trapped within the pipes, and between the pipes, causes the bundle 3317 to resist vertical acceleration, while its positive net weight causes it to accelerate downward, and regain its nominal operational depth, ideally with significant downward momentum, after that portion of a wave- and/or power-cycle in which it is accelerated upward. The PTO 569 rests upon, and/or is supported by, a pair of beams, e.g.

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Ejercicios musculares para músicos - Gran Pausa 163 that is attached and/or connected to a gear 508, and each said shaft is positionally stabilized by a sleeve bearing, e.g. 11, is a set of individual cables, chains, ropes, and/or other flexible connectors or linkages, which are organized as a bundle, preferable in a “flat” configuration in which the individual cables within a bundle are arrayed in a planar pattern. In order to achieve the prescribed degrees of neutral stability, it can be preferable in some embodiments to locate heavy components of the flotation module, such as generators and/or hydraulic cylinders, above its nominal deck-line, e.g. The plates can all be of uniform size and shape, or they can be of different sizes and/or different shapes. In other embodiments the connectors attached to each suspended weight can be attached to the same point on the suspended weight, or to different points on the suspended weight.

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In most embodiments having a restoring weight, the net (wet) weight of the restoring weight is smaller, usually significantly smaller, than the net (wet) weight of the inertial mass. In some embodiments, the at least one slack-reducing element can incorporate at least one restoring weight or restoring float attached to a portion of the flexible connector opposite the portion attached to the inertial mass, configured to draw the flexible connector back over the rotating capstan or pulley when the separation distance between flotation module and inertial mass decreases. A first end of depending connector 1-150 attaches to inertial mass 1-140 at 1151 and ascends through aperture 1-115 and is operatively connected to pulley/capstan 1-125 at 1-152. Depending connector 1-150 can be made of steel cable, metal chain, synthetic rope, or any other flexible material with sufficient tensile strength. The buoy 500 contains a central aperture 502. A submerged end of ribbon cable 503/512 is connected to a submerged inertial mass (not visible) below the buoy.

A buoy 130, flotation module, floating platform, vessel, raft, and/or buoyant object, floats adjacent to the surface 131 of a body of water. In some embodiments, this antenna exchanges digital data with a satellite through which the device can exchange data, programs, instructions, status information, and/or other digital values, with a remote computer and/or server. Subfigure 45A shows the converter in a configuration that it can assume when the water level 2A-100 is approximately at a temporal and spatial local minimum, i.e. Dolor muscular en el trapecio . Because the cable 1010 always approaches the rollers 1006 and 1008 of the traction winch from the same point, i.e. FIG. 9 shows a perspective view of the same embodiment of the current disclosure shown in FIG.

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At one or more locations around the circumference of the buoy, post-tensioning banks 56-58 can include a mating or tensioning connector so that one end of each band can mate to another end of the same band, and be tightened or tensioned. And, that torque is used to directly or indirectly drive an electrical generator (or a generator of another useful energy, product, or result). Not shown are the embodiment’s two inertial masses and two restoring weights, nor the pair of flexible connectors, the opposite ends of which rotatably connect one inertial mass and one restoring weight to one of a pair of pulleys that each drive one of a pair of power-take-off s(PTOs). 142, that facilitates its return to the body of water wherein its distal end is connected to a restoring weight (e.g.

Restoring weight 1-160 can be negatively buoyant, i.e. Inertial mass 1-140 can form a rigid “shell” substantially enclosing a large mass of water 1-141. The mass of such enclosed water can be “added to” the mass of inertial mass 1-140 for the purposes of deriving inertia under acceleration, allowing one to speak of the inertial mass’s “effective mass” and “effective inertia,” i.e. It has a substantially domed bottom. This happens due to the IM 91-11 falling until enough chain 91-12 (weight) is picked up off the IM’s bottom 91-12 (thereby reducing the net weight of the IM) and subsequently hung from ribbon spreader structure 91-6 which increases the weight counteracting the fall of the IM.

FIG. 111 is a bottom up perspective view of the embodiment of FIG. FIG. 132 is a cross-sectional view of the embodiment of the present disclosure illustrated and discussed in relation to FIG. FIG. Calmar dolor de rodilla . 134 shows a cross-sectional view of the embodiment of the present disclosure illustrated and discussed in relation to FIG. FIG. 101 shows a perspective view of an embodiment of the present disclosure. FIG. 116 illustrates an embodiment of the current disclosure. Mounted on and/or against the peripheral side wall 2706 of the flotation module 2700 is a constricting post-tensioning band 2705 that provides approximately radial compressive forces in order to pre-stress the flotation module and help support vertical forces imparted to its upper and lower surfaces. From that point onward, if perturbation by waves is sufficiently vigorous, an active control of the generator’s or power-take-off system’s degree of resistance and/or the use of a brake (e.g.

Srebrenica: Mud and Memory 9 Or, as shown here, the inertial mass weighted portion 1-145 can be a quasi-discrete weight integrated into and/or embedded within the inertial mass and/or rigidly attached thereto, e.g. Accordingly, the flexible connector “loops back on itself’ and provides for a means of arresting the fall of the inertial mass even in the absence of waves and/or in the event that the power-take-off unit ceases applying a lifting force to the inertial mass.

If the portions of the cables between the buoy and the inertial mass are unable to lengthen, then the wave-induced tension in the cables, e.g. 6 is the contents of the upper section of the PTO module 6. A plurality of hydraulic pistons, e.g. Floatation module 91-1 is a directional rectifying buoy and is shown to be floating in body of water 91-2. Pulleys/sheaves/drums 91-3 are inset into the OML of floatation module 91-1. Shafting not shown runs through the cylindrical axes of drums 91-3 and is coupled to shafting in PTO module 91-8. PTO module 91-8 may be an electrical generator, gearbox, hydraulic pump, brake, or any number of other mechanical devices or combinations thereof. At least some of those computing devices are energized, at least in part, with electrical power generated by the PTO 215. At least a portion of the heat generated by the computing devices within the computational chamber 216 is convectively transmitted to the thermally conductive upper wall of the chamber, and to the upper, e.g.

As the cable 133 pulls into or out of the page, i.e.

When waterline 1-110 rises relative to the flotation module 1-105 (e.g. In most embodiments, multiple pulleys/capstans are mounted at the flotation module. Pomada para el dolor de rodilla . In some hydraulic embodiments, hydraulic fluid falling from a hydraulic turbine (such as a Pelton wheel) after striking said turbine collects in a reservoir and lubricates aforementioned crankshaft. In some embodiments, a gearbox is used to convert low-rpm rotary motion of the capstan/pulley into high-rpm rotary motion for an electrical generator shaft. As the cable 133 pulls into or out of the page, i.e. 14, of each ribbon is connected to a negatively-buoyant structure 10, i.e. In this way, the directional rectifying pulleys reduce the wear and damage to their respective cables that would be expected to result from their respective cables’ movements around them at excessive “fleet angles,” i.e. 62, passes through the center of the inertial mass 324 when the buoy is at the crest 320 and the trough 322 of a wave.

A buoy 540 is radially symmetrical about a vertical axis through its center, and every cross-section through the buoy has an approximately hemi-circular shape with respect to a vertical plane passing through its center. In order to obtain a device mechanical lifetime of 30 years, it has been determined that it is important to by and large load the flexible connector with no more than some small fraction of its breaking strength, preferably one-sixth or less. PCT/US2017/051000 because it encloses a very large volume of water relative to its surface area and has a relatively low-drag hydrodynamic profile. The illustrated flotation module 260 floats adjacent to the surface 261 of a body of water.

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As flotation modules 2701-2703 rise in response to an approaching wave crest, inertial mass 2722 resists the module’s upward acceleration resulting in an increase in the distance by which they are separated. Power is developed and made available for extraction when wave-induced changes in the surface water level (i.e., wave “heave”) contribute to the buoyant vertical acceleration of the flotation module, e.g., driving it upward and away from the submerged and less-easily accelerated inertial mass. An embodiment might utilize a hollow, water-filled inertial vessel to provide the needed inertia.