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ROTACIÓN POSTERIOR DE HOMBROS Dolor de hombros y cervical.. The amount of the energy obtained to a little less movement velocity on two diaphragm areas 8.Thus, by being adjusted with the help of control device Resistance, it can optimize and/or maximize from streaming flow and extract energy. Vm The wavy shape of propagation.Figure 23 and 24 shows the preferable film for being constructed according to the equipment of the present invention.Each of in these films Flexible rectangular plate made of elastomer is formed, when being placed on flat supporting member, the flexible rectangular plate clear-cutting forestland is Its even shape. Thus, force film to be bent between the first and second regions 6,8, and force its ripple when immersing in fluid stream It is dynamic. It is according to this equipment substantive characteristics of the present invention, it includes separating limits device, and the separation limits device is fitted In the separation of at least first point of first area and the attachment system of limitation film, and limit the second area of film and attachment system the 2 points of separation, these separation limits devices are designed to make the first and second regions minimum range spaced apart, the minimum Distance is less than shortest length surface measurement, separating these the first and second regions along film, thus, when film is arranged in into institute When stating in fluid stream, these separation limits devices promote the surge movement of film.

1 and 2, the equipment may also comprise elastic recovery device 34, and the elastic recovery device is used to make supporting member 3 Return back to the center on positioner 25.The one side of return mechanism 34 is connected to supporting member 3, on the other hand, connection To positioner 25, and the center presented by supporting member when forcing supporting member towards without any stream by hinge is transported It is dynamic. For example, the lever arm 28 can be made with adjustable variable-length. So far, rigidity is selected in the following manner, i.e., transverse extension amount is less than the 1/50 of width Larg, and is less than length L 1/50.A kind of mode of rigidity when limiting stretching to not excessive influence bending stiffness is, with stone flexible fiber Strengthen the film. Thus, when film be placed in it is static or when being placed in fluid stream, film along in its first and second region it Between its length at least a portion bending.

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Due to these horizontal reinforcers 24, the lateral stiffness of film improves.Thus, it is possible to cause the film that film distorts along fluid stream The risk of undesirable bending reduce, the risk will damage film, and cause the amount of the energy from flowing extraction to reduce. It has been found that when being immersed in equipment in the fluid stream of acquisition energy therefrom, film just fluctuates, and to claim Moved for its second area of downstream area with following motion, the motion is from first and/or second point through attachment system A lateral opposite side of flow axes alternately change. Young’s modulus is the average value of multiple measured values.Should for the buckling measurement of film Young’s modulus, in other words measured when film is by following power, the power produces the lateral shaft for being wound on the film extended on film width Line D-D moment of torsion Cpl (this power is similar to the power for the fluctuation for causing film).

Because when mobilization force of the film by a fluid stream, inflow side on stream of a fluid stream to each turn of bilge of film Excess pressure is all produced, and negative pressure is produced in the inner side of opposite side, each turn of bilge.On the one hand, the pressure difference tends to lead to Direction distortion of the film along a fluid stream, on the other hand, for same position, be intended to deform bending section, until film at this point Curvature in turn untill.Thus, under the influence of a fluid stream, film is fluctuated with alternating, class sinusoidal shape.The pressure of film is fluctuated with speed Vm is spent to propagate and strengthen from the first area of film towards second area.

Its deformation (it is desirable that whole film be all made up of electroactive polymer) due to film and when being subjected to mechanically deform, just produce electricity. As shown in 1 all figures of Fig. It should be noted that in one embodiment, an orientated axis can only be had according to the equipment of the present invention, its can allow around Vertical axis (such as Figure 10) and around horizontal axis (such as Fig. On the contrary, if movement velocity of the second area of film along the axis Z-Z perpendicular to fluid stream 2 becomes relative to predetermined Gao Yun Dynamic speed is too high, just increases Resistance Value, and then the speed of film reduces.

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As shown in figure 1, by controlling resistance, such as the energy of capture may be caused according to the second diaphragm area along perpendicular to stream Body stream axis X-X axis Z-Z movement velocity and change, vertical axis Z-Z extends in longitudinal cutting plane P of film 4.Such as The fruit speed becomes too low relative to predetermined low speed, Resistance Value is just reduced, so that film can start again at fluctuation at a predetermined velocity. Dolor lumbar por escoliosis . 16 and 17, equipment 1 may also comprise horizontal reinforcer 24, its surface 4e along the film and perpendicular to Through longitudinal cutting plane P extensions of the film in the first and second regions 6,8.These horizontal reinforcers 24 are suitable to improve film opposing connection longitudinal direction The resistance of axis of bending A-A bendings, the buckling axis A-A pass through the first and second regions 6,8 of film. As described above, selection has the flexible membrane of longitudinal elasticity rigidity in bending, the longitudinal elasticity rigidity is indulged along film Its bending resistance is assigned to direction, in other words, at least between the first and second regions 6,8 of film, i.e.

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Two regions can be movable relative to the supporting member, and these force transfering devices are arranged to from second area towards energy converter transmission Mechanical energy. With force transfering device 12 and therefore due to the longitudinal reinforcer 23 of the longitudinal rigidity that improves film, film is improved With the mechanical attachment of energy converter 14.For given bending force, film has less becoming around its longitudinal axis A-A bendings Gesture.Thus, it is possible to power is transmitted using force transfering device 12, if the power ratio film transmits when not having elastic longitudinal reinforcer 23 Power it is big.The longitudinal reinforcer also causes film can be avoided to be locally deformed with the influence of the dynamic pressure of stream. 4 is also shown in broken lines to be in static Second Type film, and it is (excellent that it is rigidly more than first kind film Selection of land, first kind film by forming sinusoidal Second Type film replacement when resting);The Fig.