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Dolor de pecho en los niños: ¿cuándo es necesario.. 8) that allows the mast to be raised or lowered while maintaining a fixed footing. The sails 10 are mounted on a lightweight, horizontally deposed frame 12,14 that rotates on a vertical axle 26. The open or inflated sail 10a, describes a scoop shape, while the closed or deflated sail 10c describes a thin planar profile that resembles a wing. The sails 10 are fastened to the rim members 12 by two of its diagonal corners. By permitting the rim members to twist, the rim connector 20 relieves stress associated with the operation of the rotor. FIG. 3 is a side view of the rotor frame structure.

FIG. 2 is a fragmentary, top view of the rotor assembly showing three major components in their relative size and alignment. 1. The guides resemble eye-bolts that function as attachment points for the upper spokes 22, fasteners for the hub member 14, and guides for the positioning of the sails 10 during their open and closed phases. Specifications of a typical rotor are as follows: Sails 10 made from Dacron fabric with the dimension 2 m.×2 m. reside on a frame in which the hub 14 measures 1 m.×1 m. The rim 12 measures 2.828 m. between the rim connectors 20. The extended portion of the rim measures 0.7 m. The total length of a rim member is 3.52 m. Typically, rim 12 and hub 14 components are made of galvanized tubular steel (with diameters of 2.3 cm. Dolor lumbar medicamentos . The transmission of power in the horizontal type is made unduly complex by the direction finding apparatus, whereby the head must be free to rotate with the direction of the wind.

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It has also eliminated the need for direction finding and over-speed controls required of the previously described machines. Toy windmills were described around 60 AD. Additional specifications of the rotor and mast (tower) will be described below. FIGS. 3-4 shows the frame structure in its preferred form, whereby the rim 12 is rotated forty-five degrees with respect to the hub 14 and is held in that position by a plurality of wire spokes 22-24. Upper spokes 22 radiate diagonally from the rim connection points 20 to the corners of the hub 14 and are secured by the cable guides 18. Four additional spokes 24 are provided to connect the bottom axle flange 26b to the rim connection points 20. These lower spokes 24 add vertical stability to the rotor structure. The wire braces are widened at the center of the mast by struts 44. These struts 44 reside on a coupling that joins the two halves of the mast 30. The mast 30 is made rigid and straight with this arrangement.

The reciprocal movement of the cable 16 as it responds to the opening and closing of the sails 10 is facilitated by a smooth rounded inner profile of the guides 18. Friction is further reduced by the provision of smooth slippery cables 16 made from a solid nylon material of the type commonly used in fish line and weed whips.

Simpler, less costly appliances can be used as a result of a more direct hookup. Accordingly, the reader will see that the vertical shaft wind turbine of this invention can be used for a variety of tasks commonly performed by rural people throughout the world. For this reason it can be beneficial to people who live on small plots of land where wells are commonly located near houses. 6. It can be seen that sails 10a and 10b represent the optimum phase differential for the advancing 10b and the receding sails 10a. The advancing sail 10b has a significantly diminished drag with respect to the receding sail 10a. Because the phases of the sails overlap, the power output is smooth and steady. Dolor de espalda parte de arriba . The cable guides 18 consist of a round loop, or hole with the stated smooth surface to prevent the cables 16 from abrading as they splay outward in response to the inflating sail.

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The hinge 38 consists of two inverted `L` brackets welded, or bolted, to opposite sides of the bottom mast flange 48b. The down-turned legs of the `L` have a hole near the bottom for a hinge pin. Important advantages of the present invention include: (1) It is inexpensive to own and operate, (2) it is easy to manufacture and repair using locally obtained materials and craftpersons; (3) it is portable, (4) it is versatile and multi-functional; (5) it is amply powerful, utilizing a wide range of wind speeds; (6) it is quickly and easily deployed by one or two persons; (7) It is safe to operate near buildings and roads; (8) it is usable in areas with marginal wind resources and (9) it has convenient power hookup. Grinding grains, irrigating fields, draining swampy areas, washing clothes, and processing fiber are but a few examples of work that calls for a more flexible, portable, powerful, and reliable source of power.

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The object of the invention is to reduce drag on the advancing sails, create stability in the rotor by reducing turbulence, dampen the action of the inflating sails, and provide a rotor that is light enough to reside above the top supporting journal. DRAWING FIGURES FIG. 1 is a fragmentary, perspective view of a wind turbine rotor assembly with two of its four sails removed for clarity.

FIG. 1 is a fragmentary, perspective view of the rotor with two of the four sails 10 in corresponding phases. Cables 16 emanating from the two inward corners of the sails 10 communicate through the eyes of the cable guides 18 to limit and shape its companion sail. The structure of the rotor consists of a square rotor wheel with a square hub that carries collapsible sails on each of four elongate rim members. Dolor en la parte alta de la pierna izquierda . The extended portion of the rim members (BE) measures one quarter of the diagonal measurement of the sail 10 (BC). To reduce weight, the lower portion of the power shaft 32 is a hollow steel tube (2.3 cm. They should exceed in distance from the center line, the length of the mast and rotor from the foot board 39. Detachment of one of these two guy wires 34 from its stake, allows the mast to be pivoted downward for disengagement, removal to another location, or maintenance.

Although the description above contains many specifications, these should not be construed as limiting the scope of the invention but as merely providing illustrations of some of the presently preferred embodiments of this invention. Apart from these improvements it has some serious drawbacks. These blocks 46 are positioned on the power shaft with top and bottom collars and are not fixed to the mast 30. With this arrangement, the bushings and shaft are installed or removed from the mast 30 as a unit.

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  • The apparatus of claim 1, wherein said fluid is air

30 where it terminates with a drive pulley for power output 36. Wooden, or plastic blocks 46 with center plastic bushings, are spaced within the mast 30 at 1 to 1.5 meter intervals. These guy wires 34 are fastened to the top mast flange 48a, and to stakes at four outward points on the ground. According to the invention, a wind propelled rotor is provided in conjunction with a mast for supporting, elevating, and conveying the energy from the rotor to the ground for useful work operations. Much of the power produced by the gathering side of the rotor is canceled by drag created by the other side.