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This solution is preferred for constant or long term flow from same direction when oscillating movement is caused by adjusting the angle of attack between two positions: a first position is used for providing movement of the wing in a first direction, and a second position is used for providing movement of the wing 30 in a second, opposite direction. In one embodiment of the invention the actuator is turned around its support axis between two positions, a first position is used for the movement of the actuator to 35 a first direction and the second position is used for the movement of the actuator to a second, opposite direction, whereby energy of a stream flowing in constant direction can be utilized. The form and position of the wing is preferably optimized so that the lift force provides maximum energy from the water flow with minimum drag. Figure 2 illustrates a prior art underwater plate 3, and two exemplary embodiments of an underwater wing 5, 7 according to the invention.

Figure 1 illustrates an exemplary embodiment of an energy plant according to the 30 invention. According to another aspect of the invention the object is achieved with a con-5 verier for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy in an energy plant utilizing water movement, which converter is characterised in that the converter is a hinge-type converter comprising a cover and a shaft within the cover, which shaft and cover can rotate in relation to each other, the converter further comprising: 10 – a mechanical or hydraulic transmission for increasing the relative speed of rota tion; and – an electric generator driven by said rotation.

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In stationary cover arrangement, 35 the generator is preferably located between the shaft and cover, although other location, such as inside the shaft, is possible. Seeking for long and reliably function, the arrangement is symmetric having two or more chamber pairs. Electricity generated with the generator is converted to DC, then chopped to suit-20 able voltage and frequency for further transfer with inverter. The hinge-type converter includes a transmission increasing rotational speed to drive electricity generator rotor 13. Transmission can be done with either single or multiple gears stages 14, or using hydraulic drive as shown in Figure 4. Epicyclic stages are preferred due to their 10 long life and force balance. In one embodiment the converter has mechanical transmission, which comprises 5 one or more epicyclic gear stages. According to further aspect of the invention the object is achieved with an energy plant utilizing water movements caused by water waves, tide or currents for providing electrical energy, comprising at least one energy production unit, the 25 energy production unit comprising an underwater wing for capturing mechanical energy from water movements into reciprocating motion of the wing, and an energy converter for converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy when the underwater wing applies a rotational force to the converter, which energy plant is characterised in that the production unit comprises at least one of: 30 – an underwater wing according to the invention; – a hinge-type energy converter according to the invention; and – an induction connector according to the invention.

It should further be noted that the energy plant according to the invention preferably utilizes water movements caused waves, but it may alternatively or additionally 20 utilize water movements caused by tide, river stream etc. Dolor muscular en un seno . It develops overpressure to the front/flow side of the plate but the more important suction on the opposite side does not develop effectively because there is no increased flow velocity along the opposite surface. When the plate turns down from vertical position the flow direction turns away from the normal of the surface, thus reducing the pressure difference development even further. The prior art plate has a surface with a planar shape, whereby the wings according to the invention 5 have a surface of non-planar shape. The object of the invention is to provide new solutions for providing an energy plant and parts of an energy plant for utilizing water movement, with which the problems of the prior art energy plants can be avoided or reduced.

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Certain problems are related to the prior art wave energy plants. It must be noted that above only some embodiments of the solution according to 10 the invention have been described. The invention pertains to underwater energy plants utilizing water movement due to e.g. In a further embodiment the converters of the production units are attached to a non-rotating foundation giving support to the stationary part of converter at the bottom, submerged or above the water surface. 35 According to one embodiment the converter has hydraulic transmission comprising a high pressure accumulator without pipework built into the shaft to enable receiving high energy peaks and to regulate power production. Cable from production unit comes to watertight penetrator 44 and cable to production energy collecting point goes from watertight penetrator 45. Connector is preferably equipped with quick fixing clamps 41. The connector consists of two parts each 30 consisting one half of ferromagnetic core 36 which have windings for production unit 37 and plant collecting cable 38. Cores are enclosed in watertight housings 39 and 40. It is possible that the cores or their coatings are made of material which withstands water.

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The direction of the water flow is marked with arrow 8. The wings prefer-35 ably move so that their position alternates between both sides of the vertical position. A symmetric wing profile is preferably used in tide or river streams where the flow direction is constant for a long time and the reciprocal movement of the wing is achieved by 5 adjusting the angle of attack by turning the wings around their support axis, for example. Increased flow resistance cuts the system’s ability to react to and capture transi-10 ent energy peaks. Accordingly, the rotating axis of the wing has a direction which is closer to the direction of the water flow than to a plane which is orthogo-25 nal to the water flow. Dolor de boca del estomago y espalda . The suction is more important, causing typi-25 cally up to 2/3 of the pressure forces.

15 waves 2, tide or river, to generate forces with both the overpressure and suction on different sizes of the profile. All components and lines also add space requirements and size, thus increasing 15 costs. Also in case of angle of attack of flow not being straight against the axis line of plate, flow around the leading edge re-35 duces the efficiency even further.

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It should be noted, that either the shaft or the cover can be the 30 stationary member, and the other one being the rotating one. Being in the shaft, the hydraulic fluid is fed to the expanding chambers 34 directly through valves 28. Low pressure volume includes also a gas bladder 29 to compensate for volume changes keeping positive pressure against surrounding water. 5 The apparatus can also be inverted to run the generator as a motor generating hydraulic power. In a further embodiment the connector is rated for higher frequency than mains frequency. Therefore, one embodiment of the profile according to the invention has two mirrored leading edges.

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The principle of the invention can naturally be modified within the scope of protection determined by the patent claims, e.g. According to one embodiment of the invention the profile form of the underwater wing is symmetric or asymmetric. The wing profile can also be asymmetric, having different shapes on left and right side as in profile 5. Opposite ends can have different shapes according to flow 35 conditions in each direction. In case of using asymmetric profiles, it is beneficial to use downstream of flow 8, Fig 1, alternately right 9 and left 10 handed profiles to increase the power 5 output from adjacent wing rows. This way it is possible to use the inventive solution in tide and river stream generators, for example. With this function the flow capturing surfaces can be turned remotely down to bottom when needed, instead of letting them idle.

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This is e.g. because the water flow is smaller at the vicinity of the bottom. Como se quita el dolor de espalda . This way the transfer of electrical energy is efficient. Hydraulic fluid is cooled through the cover wall. A flushing pump 20 soaks up water through filter 21 to create rinsing flow to outermost sealing. Angle of attack can also be adjustable to maximize the rotating moment on the hinge, optimizing energy capture in different flow speeds and flow direction variations. Making high power connections in wet environment by divers, remotely operated underwater vehicles or other remote equipment is also too risky because of possible electric leaks and shortages.

The underwater electric connections are done with technology known from dry 20 environment and they are therefore impractical in underwater environment. Generator systems regularly stopping and restarting with waves cause harmful peaks to mains network lowering the usability of entire plants. In another embodiment the converter has a connection for an underwater wing for using water movement to cause rotating force to the hinge-type converter. The wing is preferably arranged to provide reciprocating movement in a direction which is closer to a plane which is orthogonal to the water flow than to the direction of the water flow. The shaft, the cover, the transmission and the generator are preferably arranged coaxial in the converter in order to facilitate the integration of the assembly. Any profile in flow causes forces due to increased pressure on the flow side and decreased pressure (suction) on the other side. The wing preferably has a form where water flow causes forces according to reaction principle, as known from e.g.

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Tendinitis calcificante de hombro, supraespinoso.. Such a wing has a profile in 10 which a flowing water causes reaction forces that are larger than action forces, which are known from e.g. This measurement is not essential, the units can sense average flow by searching for angle of attack which causes the 25 wing to remain in vertical position. In this case, the angle of attack has to be changed at the end of each movement to reverse the rotation. Small adjust- PCT/FI2013/050046 WO 2013/107934 9 merits to angle of attack during rotation is beneficial and will be done as in resiprocating case.