Because The Wing 504 Is Elastomeric

Estos son los mejores ejercicios para estirar tu espalda.. Also, these devices are more complicated (i.e., have more moving parts) than flexible rudders and sweeping blades. For cruising, rather than the tip of the blade tail only following a figure-8 path, such as that followed by a flexible rudder, the compliant driveshaft 104 enables all portions of the blade 106 and driveshaft 104 to follow a “figure-8” shaped or other nodeless path (see FIG. In this configuration, the vehicle can be directed in virtually any direction, the directing force is generated far more quickly than is the case for prior art vehicles, and energy typically lost as shaking or vibration in all axes instead is smoothly transmitted as thrust to the vehicle. The tuned elastic compliant structure permits smooth propulsion with what may otherwise be an impractical shaky apparatus.

It is another object of the present invention to provide a fluid impeller that can produce smooth cruising thrust. Consequently, the shaking and vibration that is transmitted to a vehicle attached to a conventional fluid impeller system is reduced considerably or even eliminated. FIG. 17 is a front view of the watercraft of FIG. FIG. 21 is a perspective view of a submarine of the present invention. These motions cause each wing 406 to first flap to clap one of the wings 408, then flap oppositely to clap the other wing 408 (see FIG. Each of these is described in detail below.

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The wings 406, 408 can be configured as described for fins 304, 306 to more easily permit compliant blade torsion. Those skilled in this art will also appreciate that the concept of many fins can be extended to other types of water craft, such as a boat, which can have rows of fins mounted to its underside or can have a single row of fins mounted to the underside of its stem.

However, because of its position relative to the craft, it generally cannot produce thrust in all directions. 9), an intermediate position for cruising (FIG. Those skilled in this art will recognize that, although the illustrated trolling motor assembly 152 employs a straight driveshaft 154 that pivots about the pitch axis, a drive shaft bent at 90 degrees to the pitch axis (that approximates the heaving movement of a sweeping or flapping blade) can also be employed, and the advantages discussed hereinabove for a straight driveshaft as equally applicable as long as the bent driveshaft is compliant and substantially tuned to the motor 153, the blade 156 and the fluid. The impeller system 100 can function as the primary thrust source for a vehicle, or can serve as an auxiliary maneuvering system.

FIG. 2 is a perspective view of an impeller system of the present invention. FIG. Tengo dolor de rodilla . 8 is a perspective view of a watercraft of the present invention having four blade elements. This compares favorably to the vehicle 600′ illustrated in FIG. In this configuration, the fins 354 can benefit from two different effects observed in fish swimming as a school. This circulation both preserves maximum lift and ejects fluid to the rear.

Also, those skilled in the art will understand that this arrangement can also be employed with aircraft. FIG. 20 is a side view of the sensor platform of FIG. FIG. 11 is a top view of the watercraft of FIG. It is also an object of the present invention to provide a fluid impeller that reduces the tendency of a vehicle hull to shake or vibrate during maneuvering and/or cruising.

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Amazing view of the waterfall. Moreover, the vehicle hull tends to shake and vibrate due to the oscillatory thrust forces generated by the driveshaft in its longitudinally fixed mount absent some control apparatus designed to eliminate thrust oscillation. 8 showing the blade elements in their positions taken during cruising. 8 showing the blade elements in their positions taken during acceleration. Porque da dolor de espalda baja . The impeller system 100 also provides thrust very rapidly. 6 and 7, it is preferred that, during operation of the impeller system 250, the fins 252 a, 252 b move in an opposed fashion, such that the fin 252 a extends up (or left) as the fin 252 b extends down (or right). 6 showing the opposed reciprocating motion of the blades. In describing the present invention, reference will be made to different types of movement of a bladelike element and a vehicle to which such an element is attached.