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Portrait of beautiful caucasian smiling brunette woman model in white blouse and summer stylish blue jeans with flowers As the module is displaced on various angles or otherwise physically moved, the magnet element can move within the tube, generating an electrical voltage on the coil through electromagnetic induction as the magnet element passes through the coil. Movement of the magnet element through the tube surrounded by the coil generates a voltage on the coil through electromagnetic induction.

CW II The movement of the magnet element would not likely be as significant as in the case of a circular tube since momentum would not be able to continue the movement significantly and therefore the generation of electricity would be reduced. The coil may comprise a plurality of wraps comprising copper wire and the wraps may substantially surround all of the tube.

Although depicted as travelling through the tube 104 in a counter clockwise direction, it should be understood that the magnet element 1 10 could traverse the tube 104 in either direction and, in fact, may shift directions often as a result of changes in displacement of the module 100. Further, although Figure 2A, 2B and 2C illustrate three sample displacements for the module 100, it should be understood that the module 100 may be displaced in many random manners due to waves or other changes in the surface of a liquid that the module is floating on. The coil 106 is coupled to a voltage rectifier 402, depicted as a box in Figure 4C. The rectifier 402 is coupled to the voltage lines 404 which comprise first and second plugs 406,408. The plugs may be used to connect the voltage lines 404 to adjacent modules within an array or to an output of the array that may go to a storage unit, a power transmission system, a component to utilize the electricity generated or another component that may store, use or transmit the electrical power generated within the modules 100. In the case of Figure 4C, the first and second plugs 406, 408 are at opposite ends of the module 100 to allow for increased flexibility in connecting modules together within an array.

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Tecnicas de Relajacion According to a third broad aspect, the present invention is an apparatus for generating electricity from waves in a body of water comprising: a housing operable to float in the body of water; a tube formed into a circle integrated within the housing; a magnet element operable to move within the tube; and an electrically conductive coil surrounding substantially all of the tube. Figure 2C illustrates a scenario in which the surface of the water 202 levels out flat and the module is flat, if only for a short period of time.