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High suction pressures are achieved in the arrangement of Figure 1 by using the deflectors 500 to impart angular momentum to a portion of the incoming tidal flow just before it enters the fluid directing arrangement 100. Figure 2 schematically illustrates a cylinder of fluid having a tidal flow velocity along the z-axis to which a component of angular velocity co has been imparted.

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Taza con el significado del nombre Dolores. This positive feedback mechanism progresses until the pressure along the axis is (at least theoretically) substantially zero so that no further pressure reduction can be achieved. Due to the positive feedback mechanism induced by the flow deflectors 500, the difference between the cross-sectional area at the throat of the flow accelerating constriction relative to that at the widest point need not be large. It also allows for re-circulation of the driving fluid via a simple flow path from the outlet of the flow accelerating constriction through the fluid driveable engine and directly back to the input of the flow accelerating constriction.

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One of the walls 510 is an L-shaped formation and the other is a straight wall 512. Water from the incoming stream passes through a gap between the L-shaped wall 510 and the straight wall 512 and the obstruction to the flow provided by the walls encourages vortex formation 120 within the space defined by the walls. However, the symmetry of the Venturi channel will largely determine how the vortex is spontaneously formed so that if the channel has a rotationally symmetric cross-sectional area, the central axis of the vortex and of the channel itself are likely to substantially coincide. These have the disadvantage that the mechanical and even electrical part must be placed under-water in a hostile environment where it is prone to damage, yet difficult to access and therefore costly to repair.

It follows that the inlet nozzle 200c where the driving fluid enters the flow directing formation should also have a small radius (say 0.1m or less). Air at atmospheric pressure P0 enters the turbine 300 and flows down the conduit 220 to the air inlet 220c where it is entrained in the water and sucked into the Venturi channel 1 16. The entrained air bubbles expand as they rise up through the Venturi channel and encourage air and water flow through the flow accelerating constriction. Accordingly, an alternative embodiment of the invention comprises all structural components of Figure 1 except the fluid flow deflectors 500. In such an embodiment the air inlet portion 200c of the conduit should be situated such that it substantially coincides with the central axis of the vortex formed within the Venturi 100. The central axis of a spontaneously formed vortex will not necessarily coincide with the central axis of the flow accelerating constriction of the Venturi.

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Venturi 100 is likely to be driven towards zero as a result of the rotational fluid flow, regardless of the depth below the water surface h, of the flow directing formation and inlet nozzle 200c. Thus the device is suitable for deep-water operation. Thus the deflector imparts angular momentum to primary fluid flowing across it. The blades impart angular momentum rω (where r is the radius of the circular cross section of fluid) to the incoming water forcing it to rotate substantially like a solid body (i.e. The decrease in the moment of inertia due to inward flow of fluid mass also causes an increase in angular velocity (analogous to an ice-skater pulling in her arms to effect a faster spin) to conserve angular momentum. It can be shown by calculation and by direct experiment that Bernoulli’s theorem is applicable to turbulent flow just as for streamline flow.

9 9 constant and given that the centrifugal pressure is given by r ω /2g, it follows that centrifugal pressure is equal to kco where k is a constant. Sarpullido y dolor muscular . 2. The angular rotation of the cylinder of fluid results in a centrifugal force in the non-inertial reference frame of the fluid. The conduit 200 provides a further, different fluid flow path for directing the driving fluid. This imparts a rotational component to the primary fluid as it enters the flow accelerating constriction. This is due to the requirement of generating high suction pressures to effect delivery of air directly into the flow accelerating channel and to generate a pressure differential that is large enough for satisfactory turbine operation. However, the deflectors 500 are optional since it is recognised that rotational flow may occur spontaneously in the channel of the Venturi due to small instabilities in fluid flow.

Po is atmospheric pressure and p is the suction pressure developed by the flow accelerating constriction. In particular, the suction pressure must exceed the hydrostatic pressure at the depth h at which the flow accelerating channel is situated. Bernoulli’s theorem is generally applied to systems in which there is streamline (laminar) flow. Work has to be done to draw the driving fluid (air) from the water surface down to the point of entry of the flow accelerating constriction.

Embodiments of the invention typically use a single stage of pressure amplification, the pressure amplification being provided by the flow accelerating constriction. However, the embodiment of Figure 3 differs from that of Figure 1 in that the outflow of expanded air from the turbine 300 is not re-circulated back down to the mouth of the Venturi 100. In embodiments of the invention, such as those schematically illustrated in Figures 1 and 3, the axial pressure (i.e. The pressure Pi at the inlet 200c should be sufficiently high so that air does not come out of solution. Since the density of air is higher in deeper water, the air inlet 200c to the Venturi 100 can have a smaller diameter if the Venturi 100 is situated at a greater depth.

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The inlet 200c formed by the conduit is at height h below the water surface. The flow of compressed air from the air collection tank at the exhaust of the Venturi 100 up through a portion of conduit 200 and into the turbine 300 acts to drive the turbine. If the fluid directing arrangement 100 is situated at sufficient depth, the transmission fluid (in this case air) will be sufficiently compressed that it can be used to drive the turbine 300. Dolor de planta del pie derecho . If, on the other hand, the fluid directing arrangement is situated only a short distance under water, the air turbine 300 is effectively driven by the suction created rather than the compressed air generated. This second embodiment is a further example of an embodiment in which fluid deflectors are not used to create the rotational flow. However, in the embodiment of Figure 1, the pressure head is created by a dam (not shown) situated upstream of the Nenturi.

7.5 m, then air would be sucked into the Venturi but the suction would exactly cancel the hydrostatic pressure, so there would be no work that could be done by air going in at the input (assuming that the air is lost at the tail of the Nenturi 100). However, if the Nenturi was to be placed just below the surface of the water, the hydrostatic pressure would be negligible. As shown in Figure 1, a pressure head is created across the Nenturi.