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Especializa ISSEMyM a médicos y enfermeras en Neurocirugía.. Each group of generator assemblies 220 is arranged such that the generator assemblies within the group are acted upon by the prevailing current of water, the action of which is to orient the assemblies properly with respect to the direction of flow, such that the assemblies face upstream, details of which are set out below. The generator assemblies 120 are of a type that are acted upon by the prevailing current of water, the action of which is to orient the assemblies properly with respect to the direction of flow, such that the assemblies face upstream, details of which are set out below. The system of the present invention comprises a generator assembly for converting the flow of a current flowing in a body of water, such as a sea or an ocean, into energy in a useable form. 12 and extends between the upper and lower housing ends 606, 608. The rear housing member 612 is shaped to form a vane to be acted upon by the impinging flow of water, when in use in a current.

As noted, the generator assembly of the system of this aspect of the present invention is mounted so as to be rotatable about a substantially vertical axis, such that it can accommodate changes in the direction of flow of the incident current. Preferably, the impellors are arranged side by side to face the upstream direction, that is the axes of the impellors, preferably vertical, are arranged parallel to one another in a plane extending substantially perpendicular to the direction of water flow. 3b , the lower group of generator assemblies 120 are disposed to face upstream in the prevailing current, that is to the left as viewed in the figure.

13. The action of the current of water is to rotate the impellor assemblies 620. As the two impellors rotate in opposite directions, the assembly on the left in FIG. The system may be provided with any suitable means to detect the direction of flow of the incident current and orient the generator assembly accordingly. Alternatively, the generator assembly may be attached to a redundant or abandoned assembly or structure, provided that its integrity is sufficient to securely fix the system of the present invention in place. Bouyant means may be provided to the generator assembly, however, to reduce the stress applied to the retaining means. The generator assembly and retaining means may be as hereinbefore described. For example, the retaining means may be a post, tower, shaft, tubular or other vertically extending member attached to the generator assembly and the anchor assembly and fixing the generator assembly in position vertically and laterally relative to the fixture assembly.

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The turbines and generators are moveable both vertically and rotationally in order to take advantage of the prevailing currents and flow of water. FIG. 7 is a side elevation of the installation of FIG. 2 and 3. The generator assemblies 120 in the array are connected to directly to the adjacent assembly or assemblies by means of both a universal joint 16 and a swivel joint 30, together indicated as 122, of the type shown in FIG.

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Smaller systems may be installed directly above a subsea oil well and the energy generated used directly in the oil well below to power equipment. As such, the currents referred to in conjunction with the present invention are to be distinguished with the transient flow patterns in bodies of water that arise from such factors as weather conditions prevailing above the surface of the water or the action of tides, both of which are considered to be short-term or temporary flow patterns. Again, the lower housing end 708 contains a buoyant material 776, such as a foam or other cellular material.

However, such a system may be complex to assemble and more difficult to maintain and service in a deep water location. Dolor e hinchazon de rodilla . As described hereinbefore, the system of the present invention may comprise a plurality of generator assemblies. The generator assemblies 122 each comprise a pair of impellor assemblies with vertical blades rotating about vertical axes and are of the same type as shown in FIG.

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A simple configuration employs a single impellor rotating within a housing or other support and disposed where it can be contacted by the flow of water in the current. 2 and 3. Each locating assembly 504 a to 504 d is of the general configuration shown in FIG. Dolor de espalda muy intenso . Most preferably, each bank of generator assemblies or each individual generator assembly is free to rotate about the fixture assembly under the action of the incident current. The principles of generating energy from ocean currents is discussed in the Technology White Paper entitled ‘Ocean Current Energy Potential on the U.S. The water deflected from the arcuate surfaces 638 and 640 and the main stream current flow are further captured by the curved ends 635 of the upstream blades 634. As the water flows past the leading edges between the upstream blades 634, the laminar flow of the water is broken by an undercut step on the rear side 633 of the blade, generating a flow pattern similar to that of an aerofoil, thereby increasing the efficiency of the blade.