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The guide mechanism may further include two or more oppositely-positioned vertical rollers to prevent lateral movement of the anchor cable. FIG. 1D shows a tidal energy conversion assembly comprising two directional converters. FIG. 8 shows an exemplary displacement vessel 802 having an array of directional converters 809 a-809 f and generators 816 a-816 f at a stationary location 806. The displacement vessel 802 may be similar to any of the displacement vessels having a rotatable drag panel as described in more detail above.

6A and 6C, the arms 652 a and 652 b extend at an angle from the drag panel 621. In an embodiment, the arms 652 a, 652 b may extend from the drag panel 621 at any suitable angle, such as between 0° and 45° from the vertical, for example. Any number of floatation devices may be used to maintain buoyancy of the displacement vessel and to hold the weight of the drag panel in the water. The floatation devices 560 a, 560 b and transverse members 556 a, 556 b may be made from metal (e.g., steel, stainless steel, titanium), polymer (e.g., polyethylene terephthalate, polypropylene, polycarbonate, HDPE), composite, or any other suitable material or combination of materials as is known in the art. The control mechanism may be, for example, a motor, a winch, a hydraulic mechanism, a pneumatic mechanism, or any other suitable control mechanism as is known in the art.

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The displacement vessel may further house a control mechanism, such as a motor, a winch, or a drum and spring affixed to an axle, for example, to wind up and/or release the control cables and effect rotation of the displacement vessel. Each control cable 308 a and 308 b may also be coupled at another end to a/an adjustment/control mechanism (indicated generally as 320 a and 320 b) mounted on or within the displacement vessel 302, such as a motor and drum assembly or a winch, for example. In particular, the rotatable drag panels 421 a-421 c may be coupled to and freely rotatable about respective vertical axes of the displacement vessel 402 via axles 415 a 415 c. FIG. 4B shows a displacement vessel 402 having multiple vertically rotatable drag panels 421 a-421 c. The directional converter 209 may utilize a gearing mechanism having at least one sprocket on an axle or a spindle, and a gear box.

Other tidal energy generation systems include assemblies for capturing energy from the lateral ebb and flow of the tide using a buoyant displacement vessel having an immobile drag panel extending into the water and converting the energy into electrical power using a directional converter positioned at a stationary location, such as land.

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Generally, the tidal energy conversion assembly includes a directional converter for converting the lateral motion of the displacement vessel into electrical power. Dolor de espalda baja y ovarios . The electrical power may be transmitted via a wire 804 to an electrical grid such that it may be distributed to a consumer to be consumed. The displacement vessel structure may include one or more buoyant floatation devices that are connected via transverse members to create a frame from which to hold the drag panel as the displacement vessel floats in the water.