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Young builder man in construction uniform and safety helmet looking unwell touching his shoulder feeling pain standing over purple wall Molestias digestivas (gases, náuseas, dolor abdominal, diarrea, estreñimiento). Dolor de espalda, dolor torácico. Dolor muscular, debilidad muscular, calambres, dolores articulares. The electrical generators 86 thus provide a dampening means for applying a dampening action to the rotation of the shaft 84 and hence of 5 pulley 82. When a load is applied to the electrical generators 86, they effectively apply a dampening action to the cable 51 via the pulley 82, and hence to the motion of the submerged member 46 by virtue of the counterbalancing means 53. If desired the electrical energy generated by the generators 86 can be stored 10 in batteries 88 housed in the caddy 80. An electronic energy conversion and control module 90 is provided for converting the AC current generated by the generators 86 into a DC current for storage in the batteries 88. The energy conversion and control module 90 may also be configured to enable the caddy itself to become the wave energy converter apparatus, as will be 15 described in more detail below.

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Man doing parkour In the illustrated embodiment the valve 42 is located at the top of the stator 22 and is connected to a fluid passage 25 (not visible) that extends down through the stator 22 to the buoyancy tank 16 in the body of the PBSM 14. High-pressure air pumped into the buoyancy tank 16 via the valve 42 and through one fluid passage expels ballast water from within the buoyancy tank 16 through the other fluid passage, thus causing the PBSM 14 to rise above the mean water level. The outer hub portion is provided with suitable openings and passages to allow water to flow between each blade cavity and the annular passage between the inner and outer hub portions.

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The other end of the cable 51 is connected to the top of the vessel 55 and extends up to the pulley mechanism 54, before it passes back down through a hollow passage 59 extending vertically along the central axis of the vessel 55 to the ballast 15 means 52. By adjusting the buoyancy of the vessel 55 the counterbalancing force applied to the submerged member 46 via the cable 51 can be varied. This feature is particularly useful when applied to the ocean, as the energy available within ocean waves 15 increases the lower the frequency. A device capable of economically extracting the energy of ocean waves would be capable of providing a significant portion of the world’s energy needs if widely deployed. In particular, there have been few proposals for the exploitation of ocean currents, in particular deep ocean currents that flow in a consistent and steady pattern for extended periods of time.

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As noted above, the systems of the present invention may be employed to generate power, for example electrical power or hydraulic power, from a current or currents flowing in a deep water location for use in a subsea installation, in particular a subsea installation for the production of oil and/or gas.

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The energy is passed by means of cables and/or flow lines, indicated as 32, attached to an extending along the retaining assembly 12 from the generator assembly 10 to the wellhead assembly 8. The energy generated by the generator assembly 10 may be consumed in nearby subsea systems. Smaller systems may be installed directly above a subsea oil well and the energy generated used directly in the oil well below to power equipment. These variations in the buoyancy of the mooring caddy, which is directly connected to the submerged member 46 will be 1800 out of phase with the vertical motion of the float member 48, and hence will help to further increase the differential motion of the stator and 15 translator of the linear electric generator 49. As previously mentioned, the tension mooring system of the present invention may itself be used as a wave energy converting apparatus.