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la Enfermedad de la Evolución del Aparato Masticatorio.. The upper and lower surface of each transducer is covered with an electrically conducting material 66 and 68 for transducer 62, and material 70 and 72 for transducer 64. For good electrical continuity with the piezoelectrical transducers, intimate contact between the conducting material and the transducer is required. Slats 12 and 14 are held at their upper ends in an upper mounting arrangement 16 and at their lower ends in a lower mounting arrangement 18. Mounting arrangement 16 includes a bracket 20 which can be secured to any permanent support (not shown), such as, for example, a building. The slats may be mounted in any convenient orientation on a frame constructed for that purpose, or onto, or between pre-existing structures. The slat need not have vertical orientation but can be mounted at any angle with respect to the earth. An alternate embodiment of the windmill 120 is shown in FIG.

First arm 124 is pivotally secured to a universal joint 128 which is itself pivotally secured to a bracket 120 which can be secured to a stationary object. 6. In windmill 120 the slats 122 are rigidly secured to the first arm 124 by bracket 126 so as not to pivot. 1 allows for better energy transfer from the wind through the slats to the spring arm 34. The twisting of the slat is not inhibited and the ends of the slat can pivot. Dolor de rodilla lateral exterior al correr . In a preferred embodiment third flexible arm 52 is comprised of, for example, spring steel as is second flexible arm 34. As can be seen in FIG.

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In a preferred embodiment the transducers 62 and 64 are piezoelectric transducers. It has been found that the slat mount arrangement as shown in FIG. In another aspect of the invention, a method uses the motion of the end of the slat to cause a varying compression of a piezoelectric transducer element to generate electrical energy. In another aspect of the invention, a method based on the combination of the sideways motion and the torsional motion of the slat is used to extract power from the wind. Such slats also experience sideways motion. The sideways motion induces a varying tension at the end of the slat that can provide power to a transducer.

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1 it should be understood, however, that these axes can have different orientations with respect to arm 22 and still come within the spirit and scope of the invention. Also it should be understood that alternatively the windmill may be comprised of only one of said slats or a plurality of said slats as shall be disclosed hereinbelow. Further, such apparatus includes means operatively coupled to the moving means for converting said movement into usable energy, said converting means including a piezoelectric transducer. It is to be understood that other transducers (not shown) can be operatively coupled to the second spring arm 34. As example, a coil of copper wire can be affixed to the arm and the arm can allow the coil to move relative to a magnetic field, generating current. If required the inverter is hooked to a synchronous controller 100 which is connected to commercial power lines through leads 102. The synchronous controller 100 can allow the inverter 98 to operate at commercial frequencies which would be 60 Hz.

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Pivotally mounted to bracket 20 is a first arm 22 which is substantially rigid. With many windmills put together, the signal which is received by inverter 98 is be substantially a constant direct current voltage. Also, if only direct current is required terminals 25 and synchronous controller 100 can be removed from this circuitry.