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Herpes simple The center 2511 does not rotate, but keeps rod 1910 (FIG. As illustrated, and discussed above, during this embodiment the cord 630 is pulled in direction 2630. As the cord 630 is pulled, this causes a pull on the center 2510 of the wheel and rotation of the wheel in direction 660. As it rotates, cord 630 is unwound from the wheel 1680 and travels in the direction of arrow 2630. The plurality of ratchets 2550 rise from the interior side 2510 of wheel 1680, and make contact with the top of the generator/flywheel 1700, transferring momentum to it as it spins. FIG. 6b illustrates the second one-way wheel 1670 during the fall of the wave when wheel 1670 is engaged with the inner core 620 and causing its rotation. DETAILED DESCRIPTION The present invention relates, in part, to a device, system, and method for efficiently capturing wave energy from a body of water and converting it into electricity.

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Manga de compresión de pantorrilla de pato blanco Hombres.. U.S. Pat. No. 3,818,704 converts surface waves into electricity by spinning a float positioned on the surface of a body of water. Pat. Nos. 7,319,278; 5,066,867; 5,176,552; 7,245,041; 6,695,535; 4,340,821; 4,242,593; 4,228,360, and U.S. Pat. No. 8,686,583, the contents of which are incorporated by reference in its entirety. FIG. Dolor fuerte detras de la rodilla . 8g illustrates the first one-way wheel 1680 where the cord 630 is further pulled in direction 2630. This pulls on rod 2860, rotating it in direction 660. This completely ejects lever 2850 which fully engages ratchet 2550. The ratchet is stopped from going further out by curved piece 3030 which is attached to spring 2840. Now that the ratchet is fully ejected, any further pulling on cord 630 spins the central portion of the one-way wheel 1680 winding its spring the further the cord gets pulled.

In even further, or alternative embodiments, the present invention includes an apparatus for restricting the movement of a buoy such that a tide or current does not move it to the furthest extent of its cable, preventing any power generation, comprising; a hollow tube that encloses a buoy and prevents lateral movement, the tube being supported by a plurality of floats, the bottom of the tube being attached to the sea/ocean floor by a plurality of cables, which may be adjustable in length to reduce damage in case of large waves or water level rise by tension adjusting ratchets (cable housings).

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As illustrated, it is connected to the bottom portion of a slider 50, preferably (though not exclusively) a slider other than the one coupled to cord 630. It passes upward and over pulley 1540, under pulley 1650 and is coupled to a second one-way wheel 1670. The second one-way wheel 1670 is mechanically coupled to the bottom of rotor 620 such that rotation of the wheel 1670 may cause rotation of the core 620 in a preferred direction 660 spinning rod 1910, supported by ball bearing 1660, and held spinning in place by coils 1680 and 1670, which are held steady by rods 2000 in FIG.

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Half length shot of distressed dark skinned woman feels painful migraine or headache, touches temples and squints face, being tired after tiredsome meeting, tries to concentrate, wears pink sweatshirt 8d , where rod 2860, which is sliding in direction 660 to the left as the cord further pulls on it, and it slides through slot 2900. FIG. 8g , the middle 2910 and central stationary cores 2511 of the one-way wheel 1680. Cord 630 pulls on rod 2860 through slot 2900 until it reaches the end of the slot, and then pushes on and winds up the middle core 2910 using spring 2930. From this point on, all further pulling on the cord winds up the spring 2930 which will then retract when there is slack on the cord 630 and the ratchets 2550 retract before winding the cord back up. FIG. Dolor en las articulaciones de las muñecas . 8d illustrates the first one-way wheel 1680 when the cord 630 is pulled further in direction 2630, which causes rod 2860 to rotate in direction 660, pushing on lever 2850, which ejects ratchet 2550, and its curved inner end, 3030, pulling on spring 2840 which will retract the ratchet when the cord later retracts.