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Definición de Gripe - Que es, Conceptos y Significados NO.12/617 of the co-pending U.S. 35U.S.C. § 120, the non-temporary patent application NO.12/617 of the above-mentioned U.S., 618 then require to enjoy according to 35U.S.C. § 120 and submitted on September 30th, 2008, the formerly non-temporary patent application NO.12/242 of ” PLIANT MECHANISMS FOR EXTRACTING POWER FROM MOVING FLUID ” by name, 144(attorney docket 19861-003) priority, above-mentioned non-temporary patent application sequence NO.12/242, 144 then require to enjoy according to 35U.S.C. § 120 and submitted on May 1st, 2008, the non-temporary patent application NO.12/150 of the U.S.

November 12nd, 2009 submitted to, ” Pliant or Compliant Elements for Harnessing the Forces of Moving Fluid to Transport Fluid or Generate Electricity ” by name, 618(attorney docket 19861-003CP1) part continuation application, and require to enjoy the priority of this non-temporary patent application of U.S. The application is the preferential U.S. Above-mentioned application all is contained in this by reference. Advance the muscle 7 of embodiment and generator embodiment can be configured to transducer with should be understood that, and can be consisted of by a plurality of different parts.Embodiment discussed herein relates to novel mechanism part and novel assembly thereof, and the mechanism part of described novelty and novel assembly thereof are delivered to muscle 7 transducers effectively with power, or power is transferred away from muscle 7 transducers.Therefore, the present invention can link with other parts that this paper does not offer some clarification on.Example comprises modification, and muscle 7 is pneumatic tube or piston whereby, described pneumatic tube or piston can pumping fluid to be used for the pumping purpose and/or to drive traditional electromagnetic generator.

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The embodiment of disclosed equipment, system and method can relate to and produce repetition and/or undulatory motion or effect to produce the device that for example is used for the useful work of propulsion system or other system.These embodiment and alternative embodiment can also relate to the device that presents this undulatory motion when applying external force, and this undulatory motion is connected to the generating parts.Such usage is owing to as symmetrical in the function between the actuating between electromagnetic motor and electromagnetic generator and energy utilization. The put rules into practice mechanical device of motion of promising various purposes of ubiquity and activateding.More uncommon is to produce the repetition undulatory motion of regulation or the device of effect.The various mechanical devices and/or the electric device that have occurred utilizing the kinetic energy of moving fluid or produced the fluid displacement.For example, marine vessel can adopt by mechanical engine provides the screw of power to pass through water sport.Also develop the device of the power that utilizes moving fluid, electromagnetic generator for example is attached to liquid by turbine wheel thus, to produce the electric energy that is used for by various forms of electric energy power set distribution and consumption.

In certain embodiments, the flexible sheet member is out of shape by the power that applies, and resulting one or more distortion is kept by constraint component. 54. 2 described methods according to claim 5 wherein, describedly provide the first excitation and provide the arrangements of steps of the second excitation to become to support ripple propagation in described the second constraint component. 33. equipment according to claim 1, wherein, the connection at described primary importance place is the connection of fixing, and is to rotate to connect in the connection at described second place place. 31. equipment according to claim 1, wherein, each in described a plurality of transducers is linear, and described primary importance is first end, and the described second place is the second end.

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During anchorage element, described anchorage element are connected to the first end place of described central core member and fix in position with respect to described fluid. When satisfying described condition, the second excitation is provided to the second subset of described a plurality of transducers, wherein, the second value that described the second excitation overcomes described restoring force by the second value that allows described restraining force is destroyed the poised state for the excitation of the second subset of described a plurality of transducers, and wherein, second of described restraining force the value be worth different based on first of the described restraining force of the displacement of described the second constraint component. Dolor lumbar izquierdo embarazo . Wherein, the fluctuation of described permanently shaping causes that in described a plurality of transducers excitation is to drive described generator control circuit.