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Flekosteel Transmission means 30 includes the electrical cable 236 electrically connecting each unit 50 to the central transmission platform 14, which serves as an accumulation point for the energy generated at each unit. As explained more fully in the following paragraphs, slip ring 234 serves as an electrical connection that allows unit 50 to pivot about its mooring means 300 without twisting or damaging the submarine transmission cable 236 best shown in FIG. The relative motion of raft 70 and yoke 60 will cause each piston 128 to displace the hydraulic fluid in its cylinder 130, forcing the hydraulic fluid to flow out of cylinder 130 through outlet conduit 160 and check valve 161 and into the associated actuator main 164. A separate actuator main 164 is provided for each of the three sets of pistons and cylinders 122. Outlet conduits 160 and actuator means 164 are all constructed for 4 inch conduit.

The waves are short crested, that is the waves do not exhibit the long parallel crests that are associated with ocean waves when observed from the shoreline. By increasing the underwater area of the hull at the bow and stern by the addition of horizontal plates, the added mass and drag will reduce the pitching frequency. M is the total mass of the raft including ballast and R is the radius of gyration or the distance from the center of the raft at which all mass may be considered to be concentrated.

Electrical System Referring again to FIG.

The frequency of the response is shifted to a lower frequency and the amplitude of response is increased. The floating rafts are tuned to the frequency band of the incident waves prevalent to a particular geographic sea. 9, the hydraulic motor generators 193 are connected in parallel to bus 220 by means of generator conductor 222. This arrangement allows one or more motor generators 193 to be brought on or off line as the incident available wave energy increases or decreases. FIG. 9 is a schematic representation of the electrical generation and transmission system for the system of FIG. Electrical System Referring again to FIG. Pat. Nos. 4,408,454, 4,013,382, 3,879,950, 1,746,613, 917,411 and 855,258. The supporting structure or mooring system required to operate many of these inventions, however, is quite elaborate and costly.

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Prueba estos remedios naturales para aliviar dolores.. The mechanical, hydraulic or electrical power is converted onboard the floating raft to a useful form of electrical power for transmission to a central transmission platform that is used as a collection point for the electricity generated by the units of the array. The status of the equipment, such as the hydraulic actuators 120, the connecting means 90, the accumulator 162, the motor generators 193 and all the electrical equipment must all be monitored. The response of unit 50 to incident waves will depend upon, and to a great extent can be controlled by, the physical properties of the unit as, for example, the length of the yoke and raft; overall raft length; beam of the raft; mass of the raft; moment of inertia of the raft; impedance represented by power conversion equipment, hinge friction and hydrodynamic quantities such as added mass and damping.

Damping is also a function of hull shape and is sensitive to the incident wave frequency. Some of the most mechanically complex devices are illustrated in U.S. Remedios caseros para el dolor de cuello y espalda . U.S. Pat. No. Re. Pat. Nos. 4,408,454, 4,208,875, 4,013,382, 3,879,950, 1,757,166. Additionally, the device known as the Salter “nodding duck” which is disclosed in U.S. Hydraulic pistons and cylinders are mounted between the floats. Hydraulic actuators are positioned between the hinged yoke and raft. FIGS. 4A, B, and C are schematics of the single wave power generator unit 50. The raft 70 is hinged to yoke 60 at 90 and yoke 60 is hinged by connecting means 89 to the mooring means 300, shown in FIG. 21 where the response is plotted on the abscissa. Dolor lumbar cadera e ingle . Since the power available from the waves is proportional to the square of the wave height, the occurrence of the different wave heights at various wave frequencies from the scatter diagram has been plotted in FIG.

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An articulated raft system, or array, is shown moored to the sea floor by a single anchor leg mooring system. The variation in response for two configurations, one with uniform loading and the other with mass concentrated at the ends of the raft, is shown in FIG. FIG. 5 is a partial section view taken of the hinge and hydraulic actuator between a yoke and an adjacent raft shown in FIG. Both pitching and heaving motions of the floating raft are converted into useful power by connecting mechanical linkage, the hydraulic actuators, or direct electrical generators across the hinge between the raft and yoke and/or between the yoke and mooring structure. The power extraction device is actuated by relative motion between yoke and floating structure. The response function of the unit 50 for complex random seas can be determined by measuring or calculating the response of the unit 50 in regular, sinusoidal waves.

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14, the preferred ratio of mass moment of inertia to waterplane moment of area for a particular wave field may be determined. Optimization of raft 70 and yoke 60 is normally performed under the assumption that yoke 60 at the buoy end is restrained by a rigid mooring device. Power absorbed by the system is dependent upon the physical parameters of the raft 70 but is also inversely proportional to the length of yoke 60. The vertical load imposed on the mooring buoy 300 and the maximum hinge angle are also inversely proportional to the yoke length. This causes an increase in the ratio of moment of inertia to the pitching moment. This hydraulic energy is stored in an accumulator which is then converted into electrical energy by a turbine-generator, located onboard of one of the floats. This is a little higher than the average sea state.

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The response curves R1 and R2 represent power absorbed per unit wave height squared as a function of frequency. Over a narrow range where the average power train damping is approximately equal to the hydrodynamic damping, the efficiency of unit 50 is not strongly dependent on damping. The moment of inertia of the hydrodynamic added mass is uniformly distributed except for end effect which are small compared to the total moment of inertia.

Back´s style I Hydrodynamic damping is the viscous drag of water due to the velocity of the hull. 9. Those parts of the system that are subject to high wear and severe corrosion and loads can be replaced, thereby allowing maximum availability of power generating capacity and minimum operating and maintenance cost. Que hacer para el dolor de espalda baja . The response function of a wave absorber such as unit 50, is a function that describes the power absorbed as a function of frequency. 4C is a longitudinal partial section view of the single raft unit of FIGS. 4B is a plan view below the deck of the single raft unit of FIG. The hydraulic motors of motor generators 193 may be of the variable displacement type with pressure compensated control but may be turbines of the “Pelton wheel” type. If air compressors are employed instead of the bottled nitrogen gas tanks 194, the air compressors 260 can be fed from a 5 KV motor control center 258 which is energized from bus 220 as well.