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Prevenir y quitar el dolor cervical con puntos de.. There is shown in Figs. There is shown in Fig. 2 an enlarged fragmentary view of a portion of the outer surface of the upper body 11 and one of the fins 10. Fig. Fig. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary view of a portion of the upper body and one of the fins of the apparatus shown in Fig.

Tipos de dolor When the present invention is utilized in a river, it can be installed such that only one half of the body is in the main current. Thus, it will operate in a current or in response to the tides always rotating in the same direction. Thus, if the outer body 30 develops a leak, the inner body 32 will prevent water from filing most of the interior of the rotating outer body 33. Thus, the entire structure will remain buoyant. A plurality of radially extending fin assemblies 10 are mounted on the outer surface of a generally saucer-shaped first or upper body 11. The upper body 11 is typically hollow to minimize weight and can be provided with internal ballast tnot shown3 to cause the body to be slightly buoyant. The structure is buoyant and is anchored in a waterway.

Flekosteel Recensioni - YouTube The body is rotatably mounted on a shaft which is connected to a second saucer-shaped body which is anchored to the bottom of a body of water. It may be desirable to fashion the fixed body 14 with a larger diameter than the bodies 11 and 26 to house the additional generating equipment which could be driven by such an apparatus. However, it must be understood that the invention may be practiced otherwise than as specifically illustrated and described without departing from its spirit or scope.

In a water environment, it may be desirable to provide protection against leakage. S. Patent No. 4,095,422 discloses a vextical-axis composite swinging-blade water wheel for converting the kinetic energy of a substantially horizontal stream of fluid into mechanical energy. The body 11 is configured to present a low resistance to the passage of a current or stream of water represented by the arrows 12. The body shape is also structurally sound and stable for relatively large diameters. The point of the V 22 follows the contour of the outer surface of the body 11. Alergia dolor muscular . All of the fins 10 point in the same direction such that when the interior of the V-shape faces the current 12, as shown in Fig. 4, the increased resistance of the fin when the open portion of the V-shape faces the current 12 and the decreased resistance when the point 22 faces the current 24 generates an imbalance which tends to rotate the upper body 11 in the direction of the arrow 25. The upper body 11 will continue to rotate in the direction of the arrow 25 no matter from which direction it is subjected to current flow.