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Pat. No. 6,857,266, the size of ocean wave energy only along the coasts of the European Union is estimated to be 219 Gigawatts. Pat. No. 6,515,375 is hereby entirely incorporated by reference. Pat. No. 5,818,132 hereby entirely incorporated by reference. No. 5,818,132 to Konotchick describes “a linear motion electric power generator for generating electric current from work done by an intermittent force. Solutions involving magnetohydrodynamic generators so far also cannot provide high efficiency because of relatively low velocities of seawater motion. All the above-mentioned IWETs during their operation, in general based on electromagnetic induction, might also alter the natural frequency of the platform-floats system they are coupled with. Another aim is to show examples of a cooling system for such a transducer driven by the wave motion. Another possible option is to use one double-side impeller with two blades coupled to each other by their rear sides, and with the concave frontal sides facing outwardly, wherein each blade catches forward and backward waves respectively.

The springs may be substituted for another resilient means, or, e.g. This may be effected by using hydraulics or air springs to freeze or temporarily dampen the movements of the devices and or to return power to the apparatus at certain stages in the cycle. The sensor devices may be installed, for example, on the platform, or on or inside the floats-especially for the systems not using the IWETs, i.e. TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to devices and methods for power generation through conversion of energy, possessed by intermittent mechanical forces, e.g. According to an embodiment of a platform-based inventive wave energy conversion system (IWECS), the platform is flexibly tied to an underwater anchoring subsystem providing for limited substantially vertical reciprocation of the platform, whereas a plurality of floatable impelling means are substantially freely and vertically buoying within “virtual vessels”, at least partially performed in the form of substantially vertical through holes in the body of the platform, wherein the bottom openings of the virtual vessels are positioned at a predetermined depth level, substantially unaffected by surface sea waves.

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FIG. Que tomo para el dolor de rodilla . 7 c reflects a plurality of magnets (110) peripherally mounted on core 112 with an equal interval between each neighboring pair of magnets 110. Shaft 127, core 112, and magnets 110 are enclosed within core 120, so that there is a substantially equal air gap (g1) between the outermost surfaces of teeth 120T and corresponding magnets 110. In this embodiment the number of teeth 120T is equal to the number of magnets 110, though the other types of IWET disclosed above may be used as well. 8 d, or in a vertical installation version (not shown, but substantially similar to the above-described two-sectional MSL-IWET). For simplicity of discussion, this embodiment is demonstrated in a two-sectional variation, though other embodiments of MSL-IWET may comprise any necessary number of sections and may be appropriately combined with any IWET or IWEC embodiment disclosed herewithin. Other ramifications of the platform may be implemented as well.

  • Por la sensación de haber llegado al clímax
  • Activa la formación del tejido nuevo (rápida construcción del tejido óseo y calcificación)
  • Ratio 4:1:1
  • Dormir de lado con una almohada entre las piernas
  • “Mantener la actividad es importante para la recuperación”

9. Anchors 158 may for instance have a plate-like shape upwardly concaved (not shown in the drawings) to use an “added” inertial water mass for anchoring. Alternatively to the water ballast tanks, a pull-up-and-down subsystem may be arranged and, possibly, combined with the anchoring subsystem, powered by the IWETs installed on the peripheral platform. According to the present invention, this issue is addressed in the device called an inertial water stabilizer-generator (IWSG), which utilizes the excessive motion energy of the waves for stabilizing the platform during a storm, at least partially accumulates the excessive motion energy, and, generally at a later stage, releases the accumulated energy converting it into electric power.

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The global warming effect with its possible relations to people’s industrial activities, the rapidly rising demand in oil products in conjunction with the depletion of natural oil resources, environment pollutions caused by burning coal and other hydrocarbon fuels in power stations and in engines of transportation means, and, on the other hand, by highly radioactive waists produced by nuclear reactors, environment alterations caused by many traditional dam hydro-electrical power stations, all together result in acceleration of research and development of solar, wind, thermal, tidal, sea wave and other renewable, clean, and environment friendly energy sources. Sea waves distinguish from most other conventional energy sources by their relatively low frequencies, intermittence, chaotic nature, wide range and low predictability of their amplitudes, frequencies, and directions. The MP-IWECS embodiment comprises a plurality of waterproof cables (138), each enclosing cables 131, 137, 136, which cables 138 each connects one MSL-IWET with one unit 175. Other embodiments may have a different schema, such as connecting one unit 175 to a plurality of MSL-IWETs, or vice-versa, with an implementation of control principles following below, or with a different control and electrical load system.

The time, during which the inductor’s displacement is equal to armature step Ls, is indicated as (Ts), which position is not illustrated. A second difference is that it’s driven by two impellers, which allows for more efficient utilizing the energy of both the forward and the backward sea waves (useful for on-shore or near-shore installations). Dolor de espalda por correr . DESCRIPTION AND OPERATION OF THE INVENTION While the invention may be susceptible to embodiment in different forms, there is shown in the drawings, and will be described in detail herein, a number of specific embodiments of the present invention with their implementations and modifications, with the understanding that the present disclosure is to be considered an exemplification of the principles of the invention, and is not intended to limit the invention to that as illustrated and described herein. Accordingly, there are many engineering solutions dedicated to development of these sources.

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The lower compartment, limited on its top by disc 113B and on its bottom by disc 113C, includes two portions: an upward portion (146) and a downward portion (148). These portions are formed by dividing the lower compartment by a modified piston (150PM) of a “sombrero-like” shape with cylindrical sidewalls so positioned that the opening is facing downward, and the edge of the opening is continuously coupled with an inner edge of a flat (washer-like) ring. Modified Lower and Bottom Compartments with a Heat Exchanger.

LIBROS MEDICINA: BLOQUEOS DE NERVIO PERIFÉRICO E.. Of course, any desirable number of armature-inductor pairs, including coils, and any control hardware and software, necessary for optimization of the device’s operation, can be used in designing of MSL-IWETs for sea wave and wind energy converters. The converters comprise control means, including sensors devices, measuring wave’s and converter’s parameters, and control units, adaptively regulating electric power production and absorption of the excessively large waves’ energy, depending on their changing parameters.