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Psolixir India price, reviews, how to use - treatment of.. Disposed along the length of the support shaft 120 are a plurality of hollow rib sockets 130 that facilitate the attachment of the ribs 125 to the support shaft 120 such that when the ribs 125 pivot on the support shaft 120, the support shaft 120 rotates on its axis in the direction of the undulation. At 605, a plurality of ribs 125 are pivotably coupled to an elongated support shaft 120. The ribs 125 are disposed horizontally between end supports 110 of the base 105 with each rib 125 protruding perpendicularly from the support shaft 120 at a first end of the rib 125. In one embodiment, each rib 125 is coupled to the support shaft 120 by means of a rib socket 130, as discussed above with respect to FIG. Further, in some embodiments, the width of the vertical portion 305 and the horizontal portion 310 is substantially the same such that the rib 125 and the support shaft 120, which are coupled to the vertical portion 305 and the horizontal portion 310 respectively, also have substantially the same width.

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Adicto al dolor In practice, for residential generation of electricity using a roof-mounted wind-powered generator, it is found that the following specifications yield a good compromise of form factor, efficiency, and reliable operation: a generator 100 length of approximately 70 to 90 centimeters, a rib 125 height of approximately 80 to 100 centimeters, a spacing between adjacent ribs 125 of approximately 10 to 20 centimeters, and a crank arm 140 length of approximately 10 to 15 centimeters. The undulations cause the ribs 125 to oscillate about the support shaft 120 over a limited range of angular motion. Each rib 125 is disposed perpendicularly to the support shaft 120 and radiates outward from a rib socket 130. In one embodiment, the ribs 125 are comprised of a rigid material, such as aluminum rod stock, while in other configurations, the ribs 125 are flexible and are made, for example, of plastic or carbon fiber.