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Espasmos musculares en el pecho: causas comunes posibles.. Fig. 3 is the side view of wind turbine. In a form of system, wind turbine comprises around the central shaft of horizontal expansion and is installed in rotation on the turbine wheel on supporting element.Multiple sail airfoil assemblies are carried by turbine wheel and radially extend from the central shaft of turbine wheel.Sail airfoil assembly can comprise the flexible sail wing, so that they can reverse and change shape, for example, changes the pitch of the sail wing.Sail supports the longitudinal axis that cable can be basically parallel to the sail wing and extends, and orientates as adjacent with the relative side margin of the sail wing and supports the relative side margin of the sail wing.

Soledad en el zoo 9 A, the end connector bar 72 that sail spreader bar 70 can shrink them pulls toward each other sail is supported to cable 54 and 55, as shown in dotted line 54a and 55a.Sail supports cable 54 and 55 contraction toward each other and allows the sail wing 58 more curved or ” spring layers “, as shown in dotted line 74.Therefore, can find out, the motion of the wind of process sail airfoil assembly forms substantially consistent with the shape of wing flaccid part or ” spring layer ” in canvas.

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Figure 11 is its canvas is arranged on the sail airfoil assembly of edge perspective view around mast. Figure 10 is the cross-sectional view of one of canvas and its spreader bar. Shape control apparatus can be used to adjust posture and the shape of the sail wing.Shape control apparatus can comprise relative the inner of being connected to the sail wing and outer end for the relative end of rotating the sail wing so that the sail end supports that optionally the sail wing is given pitch and/or longitudinally reversed.Shape control apparatus also can comprise sail spreader bar (sail spreader bar), and described sail spreader bar compartment of terrain is positioned between the relative end of the sail wing and along supporting cable compartment of terrain and connects, for adjusting the distance supporting between cable.Adjust like this spring layer (loft) of the sail wing in response to the motion of wind of crossing over the sail wing.Another kind of shape control apparatus can comprise the adjustment cable that extends to cable from sail end supports, for adjusting the configuration of the sail wing.

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Due to electric notor, for example motor 62,71 and 88 is arranged on turbine wheel and together with turbine wheel and rotates, and in the time of turbine wheel spins, motor can be activated.Therefore, the shape of the sail wing can manufacture ” (on the fly) is in operation “.In addition, can development computer program to start the motor of the structure that changes turbine wheel in response to detected change of state, for example in response to the variation of atmospheric conditions, in response to the variation of the electric power load on generator and change to change the shape of the sail wing in response to other condition.This can complete in turbine wheel motion.

7 and dotted line position.Similarly motor (not shown) is arranged on the pivoted loop 51 of outer sail end supports 53, for rotating independently outer sail end supports 53.Motor 62 can operate independently and make interior sail end supports 52 be independent of outer sail end supports 53 to move, and also makes the sail end supports can be mutually with different angular orientation.This has formed the torsion around the longitudinal axis 60 in the sail wing.For the example of different pivotal positions that forms the interior and outer sail end supports of reversing at sail airfoil assembly shown in Fig. Fig. 2 makes its sail airfoil assembly 30 reverse to catch turbine wheel 22 schematic diagram of obtainable wind along their length.The Structure Transformation that should be appreciated that the sail airfoil assembly of Fig. Fig. 9 A is the perspective view of sail airfoil assembly.

Fig. 9 B shows the perspective view of sail airfoil assembly, is similar to Fig. 9 B, but shows the surperficial apparent wind (relative wind) that has the sail wing that the rigidity of built-in torsion is larger and cross the sail wing. Each sail airfoil assembly 166 and 168 can form substantially as mentioned above and construct, and comprises that pivoted loop, sail end supports, sail support cable, canvas, the semi-rigid sail wing and other connected element. The sail wing can be made to change the pitch of the sail wing with cloth, glass fibre or other light flexible material that can change shape. The wind turbine of another kind of type is the wind turbine having by the sail wing (sail wing) that replaces the cloth of rigid blade of above-mentioned traditional wind turbine to be configured to.For example, U. S. Patent 4,330,714,4,350,895, and 4,729,716 disclose and do not use rigidity propeller blade but use the wind turbine of sail that catches wind.Sail is arranged on the radial mast of turbo machine.These specific wind turbines comprise circular inner edge and outer rim, and the sail of turbo machine was both also supported by outer rim by inner rim supports.Outer rim supports the outside of sail, and the wind-force that makes to be applied on sail can be absorbed to a great extent by outer rim, if therefore there is the cantilever force being applied on sail also very little.This allows the blade of wind turbine by the material of lightweight more, do not need the material that bears larger stress to make compared with typical on-bladed turbo machine.But, the relative velocity of the wind on turbine wheel is with larger compared with the inside of blade near the outside of the blade of turbine wheel, and above-mentioned patent is not instructed for changing the pitch of the cloth blade in turbine wheel or torsion (twist) to compensate the adjustment of the different wind loads in blade different piece.

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Fig. 8 is the details of interior sail wing supporting element. Fig. 7 is interior sail end supports (inner sail end support) and its detail drawing how to rotate. Dolor de cintura y espalda en el embarazo . 1, also show by angled to catch the sail airfoil assembly of wind for rotating wind turbine, and each sail airfoil assembly is formed with at interior sail airfoil assembly place and is dark pitch (deep pitch) and is longitudinal torsion of shallow pitch (shallow pitch) in sail airfoil assembly outer end.

Therefore, wish to produce and use the wind turbine that comprises the external bracing edge for supporting the lightweight sail wing, described external bracing edge can adopt the general shape of wing, has shape control apparatus is suitable for wind behaviour preferable shape for adjusting the shape of wing and formation simultaneously. The present invention relates to the wind turbine for generating electricity, described wind turbine comprises the turbine wheel on the central shaft that is installed in rotation on horizontal expansion, and the circumference of turbine wheel drives electric generator (generator of electricity). Briefly, the disclosure has been set forth by atmosphere wind power and can be for generation of the feature of the wind turbine of rotational energy is provided, and described rotational energy is converted into final product, for example, be used for driving generator, be used for moving milling machine or be used for drawing water.End user can change as required, but the actual end use of wind turbine is by driving generator to produce electricity.

Turbine wheel can comprise outer perimeter marginal texture, and described outer perimeter marginal texture acts as can be for stable and support the sail wing and be used to form the supporting track of round rotor, and described round rotor engages fixing stator, and plays together the effect of generator. In addition, outer perimeter track can be used to the rotor that mechanically drives orientating as of generator adjacent with circumference track.

Windmill has used a lot of generations, for drawing water from ground and object for generating electricity.The principal advantages of windmill is that its energy that uses wind is to rotate the wheel having by wind-driven blade radially extending.This rotational motion is converted into multiple useful object.For example, area and wind turbine that the wind turbine that is arranged on the propeller form on tower is placed on stable wind prevailing are used to generating. Fig. 2 also shows the direction of the wind W compared with the direction of wind turbine motion WT and the direction of the apparent wind RW of generation when the sail airfoil assembly 30 of wind W and motion meets.Because the outside motion of sail airfoil assembly is faster than inside, near the apparent wind near the apparent wind outside of sail airfoil assembly is more inner than it is strong, and therefore sail airfoil assembly can be along their length formation and the variation pitch of apparent wind complementation.

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Because for the specific rotation speeds of sail airfoil assembly, near the speed of apparent wind sail wing outside is larger than near the speed of apparent wind sail wing inside, so the direction of apparent wind is along the length change of sail airfoil assembly 30.Therefore, wishing to form pitch can change and the more shallow sail wing of pitch of its outer end along its longitudinal axis. 9 A-9C is shown as rectangle, but can be also other shape, for example, have than the wedge shape of the width larger in inside in outside.Can use the sail wing 58 and the sail wing 58 of different size and shape to be supported cable 54 and 55 supports by sail.

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Síntomas de ansiedad físicos y psicológicos en adultos y niños The sail wing also can comprise the pocket 75 of horizontal expansion, and pocket 75 is made or is otherwise formed in the sail wing and act as for holding the rods of controlling the wing shape of sail.The acting as of rods in pocket ” lath ” of controlling the wing shape of sail for auxiliary. Although it will be understood to those of skill in the art that foregoing description describes in detail in the preferred embodiment of the present invention, in the case of not deviating from the spirit and scope that the present invention sets forth as claim below, can make a change, increase and change. Fig. 6 is the figure of the more details of the end that the wheel axle structure 28 of Fig.