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Del mismo modo, no hay pruebas científicas de que las personas con COVID-19 deban dejar de tomar medicamentos para la presión arterial llamados inhibidores de la enzima convertidora de la angiotensina (IECA) o bloqueantes de los receptores de la angiotensina (BRA). A pesar de las preocupaciones anecdóticas iniciales, no hay evidencia científica de que el uso de AINE empeore la COVID-19. El dolor que se produce en ambas mamas está causado en general por cambios hormonales relacionados con los períodos menstruales. At the top of the frame are floating components attached to the frame at or close to certain pivot points and the frame is arranged so that it is normally disposed vertically just below the water surface so that as waves pass the frame, the rods move toward and away from each other as the floating components respond to the motions of waves. The buoyant members are connected to each of said end pivoting points at the top of the frame as it is submerged vertically.

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  • For “No venturi”=1.0*7 meters=7.0 meters

Adding Joints and Contact Sets to a Geneva Drive in Fusion.. In one aspect of the invention, the frame is formed of two generally vertical rods interconnected by two other rods at end pivoting points so that when the rods are perpendicular at pivoting points the frame takes the form of a rectangle. In another aspect of the invention, an apparatus converting the motion of water waves into corresponding electrical energy is presented that includes a frame formed of two vertical rods and two other rods, said rods being interconnected at respective pivoting points at their end points to form a parallelogram, said frame being cyclically distorted by having the angles between the rods reciprocate as water waves pass the frame causing the floating components to move in response; and a generator or other energy capturing device arranged to transform the distortion of said frame into useable energy.

Complicated joints are placed between the plates and a working fluid (e.g., water) is fed from one plate to another using a complicated set of one-way valves as waves pass the objects. Conductor 50 can be attached to or incorporated into cable 48. In another embodiment, an energy storage device such as a battery may be provided either on frame 12, or on the sea bottom.

9 and 10, an apparatus 200 is shown with two small frames 212, 214 supported by balls 232, 234, 236, 238. The frames are attached to form a large frame 217 similar to the structure in FIG. More particularly, an apparatus for generating energy from water waves in accordance with this invention includes an articulate frame having sides forming a parallelogram; one or more buoyant members attached to the frame; an optional weight attached to the frame either directly or via a vertical rod at the center of the frame and cooperating with said buoyant member(s) to keep said frame generally vertical in the water; and a generator or other energy capturing or connecting component coupled to said frame.

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Frame 120 has its own central rod 138 connected to rod 128 by pivot point 142 and to rod 124 by pivot point 140. A generator 144 is disposed at pivot point 140 (or at 142 or both). In another aspect of the invention, a central rod is disposed generally vertically and connected to an intermediate pivot point on one or two of the other rods. The battery can be charged by the current from generator 44. In another embodiment, a plant can be located in situ atop rod 36. The plant causes electrical or other energy created by device 10 to provide visual signaling, communications, desalination and other useful applications.

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All the current competing technologies convert wave action into energy by providing some way for the wave to transfer its kinetic energy to a piston or turbine, either storing this energy briefly or passing it immediately into a generation device. The stabilizing frame also articulates to capture any yaw motion perpendicular to the wave motion.

SJS - Seismic Joint System Watertight Seismic Expansion.. As the stabilizing frame is shorter than the primary energy capturing frame, or the combinations thereof, the latter continue to remain parallel to the direction of the wind and the direction of the waves’ movement. Therefore frame 120 captures energy of the full wave. A device moving up and down with each wave only captures a small portion of the wave’s energy. In other embodiments, an apparatus is provided that has two sets of frames moving in two different vertical planes, one set being parallel to the wave motion and another set moving in a plane perpendicular to the wave motion. Dolor lumbar despues de epidural . Another advantage of the invention is that the frames are automatically and dynamically aligned in the direction A by the movement of the waves. Another disadvantage common to many previous schemes is that they use a simple floating object, such as buoy. 8, the two frames share a vertical bar 136 and weight 138 but otherwise they are hingedly connected to each other so that the spheres of one frame can move up and down independently of the spheres of the other frame.