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Mechanical connector 30 is the shaft that connects the hub to the generator. The flap motor 14 is embedded in the flap and attached to the base that also connects to the main part of the blade 24. The pitch motor 12 drives the entire assembly. CROSS REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATIONS This application is related to, and claims priority from, U.S.

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Fisioterapia ao Domicílio • Fisioterapia Urológica Although the invention herein has been described with reference to particular embodiments, it is to be understood that these embodiments are merely illustrative of the principles and applications of the present invention. The control algorithms optimally select these commands to maximize power output in all wind conditions while minimizing stresses on the system. Pitch control of the blades is achieved using a motor 12. This allows the blades to be oriented optimally with respect to the wind. Again, the motor may be a servo-motor or a stepping motor. Another aspect of the present invention includes the vertical axis wind turbine, wherein the camber control motor controls the blade’s camber by rotating a flap hinge attached to a trailing edge of the blade, or, alternatively, wherein the camber control motor controls the blade’s camber by elastically changing the shape of the blade.

Moreover, there is a need for a vertical axis wind turbine system that calibrates power extraction efficiency as a function of wind speed and pitch and camber control. In an embodiment of the invention, camber and blade pitch are modified as a function of the angle of the arm on which the blades are affixed, and of the wind speed and direction. Yet another aspect of the present invention includes the vertical axis wind turbine, in which the electrical generator uses permanent magnets in a Halbach configuration. Causas de dolor en la pierna izquierda . The present invention advantageously provides for a vertical axis wind turbine to start up by itself and to operate at low wind speeds. Accordingly, in order to properly represent the relationships of various features among each other in the depicted embodiments and to properly demonstrate the invention in a reasonably simplified fashion, it is necessary at times to deviate from absolute scale in the attached drawings.

It is therefore to be understood that numerous modifications may be made to the illustrative embodiments and that other arrangements may be devised without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention as defined by the appended claims. For a 3phase-to-3phase matrix converter, the clamping circuit is realized using 12 fast recovery diodes 96 and a clamp capacitor 98. The input filter minimizes the high frequency components in the input currents and reduces the impact of perturbations of input power. A matrix converter is used for converting the variable frequency voltage generated by the wind turbine to single-phase or three-phase constant frequency voltage that will allow local use of power generated or interfacing with the electric grid. It is necessary to monitor the grid to determine if the wind turbine is properly interfacing with the grid. This permits the user to monitor the performance of the turbine and its health.

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While HAWTs are considered to have higher efficiency, they are sensitive to the direction of the wind, and also have a smaller range of wind speeds in which they can generate electric power. Mechanical component 70 is the shaft attached to the blade assembly which is attached to the two disks 66, 68 with the permanent magnets.

Another aspect of the present invention provides a vertical axis wind turbine which includes a vertically-mounted shaft connected at a lower portion with an electrical generator and connected at an upper portion with one or more arms each for connecting one of a plurality of blades. 10, 2004 to Boatner describes a vertical axis wind turbine having “free-flying” airfoils that self pivot according to the local dynamic conditions to which they are subjected. 15, 2008 by Michael A. Paluszek and Pradeep Bhatta entitled “VERTICAL AXIS WIND TURBINE USING INDIVIDUAL BLADE PITCH AND CAMBER CONTROL INTEGRATED WITH A MATRIX CONVERTER”, the contents of which are hereby incorporated by reference. In another aspect of the present invention, a method of optimizing the efficiency of operation of a vertical axis wind turbine is provided. FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to improvement of energy extraction efficiency of small-scale wind turbines, particularly vertical axis wind turbines, using active blade actuation and integration with matrix power converters.

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The motion of the airfoil about their axis is restricted to remain within limits set by stop mechanisms. Two magnet assemblies are used to produce a higher flux and to keep the magnetic field within the air gap. In an embodiment of the invention, units 34, 36 and 38 make up the electrical generator. In another aspect of the present invention, a vertical axis wind turbine system is provided which includes a plurality of vertical axis wind turbines in communication with a central controller for coordinating operation of the plurality of vertical axis wind turbines.

Wind turbines can be broadly classified based on the orientation of the axis of rotation of the rotor. Mechanical bearings provide low friction rotation of the shaft. It also describes that such a blade assembly, equipped with a wind direction measurement device and a shaft encoder, can include a control system to regulate the blade angle so that the lift component of the aerodynamic forces on the blade contributes positively to the driving torque on the rotor.