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Lo que había hecho a mi paciente plantear como necesario una revisión era un dolor en la cara interna de la pierna y el tobillo. Alguna vez se había hecho un corte, y dolió. A kind of vane type composite wind pwoer energy harvester that the present invention is provided, gathers by by frictional and piezoelectric type energy Module is combined design, improves energy output density.The blade for increasing flexible piezoelectric overarm arm end can preferably ring The disturbance of distinguished and admirable body is answered, amplitude and the piezoelectric voltage output of piezoelectric type energy collecting part is improve.The double arc bluff bodys of framework The design of structure increases the contact area of each frictional layer, so as to improve the output of Abrasive voltage.

The framework is bluff body structure. The shape of blade can be square, rectangle, circle, rhombus, and shape can be various, is not limited to four kinds of shapes One of any one.Framework is bluff body structure, can be double arcs or fusiformis, and shape also can be various, do not limit this two Plant any one of one of shape. Technical scheme will be clearly and completely described by specific embodiment below.Obviously, retouched The embodiment stated is only a part of embodiment of the invention, rather than whole embodiments.Based on the embodiment in the present invention, this The every other embodiment that field those of ordinary skill is obtained under the premise of creative work is not made, belongs to the present invention The scope of protection. In order to illustrate more clearly about the embodiment of the present invention or technical scheme of the prior art, below will be to embodiment or existing The accompanying drawing to be used needed for having technology description is briefly described, it should be apparent that, drawings in the following description are only this Some embodiments of invention, for those of ordinary skill in the art, on the premise of not paying creative work, can be with Other accompanying drawings are obtained according to these accompanying drawings.

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Various modifications to these embodiments will be apparent for those skilled in the art, as defined herein General Principle can be realized in other embodiments without departing from the spirit or scope of the present invention.Therefore, the present invention The embodiments shown herein is not intended to be limited to, and is to fit to and principles disclosed herein and features of novelty phase one The scope most wide for causing. The foregoing description of the disclosed embodiments, enables professional and technical personnel in the field to realize or uses the present invention. Used as preferred, friction of motion layer is metal friction layer, is symmetrically pasted on flexible piezoelectric and hangs oneself from a beam the upper and lower surface of arm, Fixed friction layer is dimethyl silicone polymer frictional layer, with multiple pyramid micro-structural friction elements.

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Muletas y piernas imagen de archivo. Imagen de piernas.. Compared with prior art, the present invention is directed to the pneumatic energy harvester short arc of cantilever beam structure, the problem of low output, Devise a kind of vane type composite wind pwoer energy harvester.The collector can realize height of the wind energy to electric energy at low wind speeds Effect conversion.Friction and two kinds of collection of energy modes of piezoelectricity work and improve the energy output density of the collector simultaneously.Cantilever beam The blade design of end can preferably respond the disturbance of distinguished and admirable body, and the amplitude and piezoelectric voltage that improve piezoelectric cantilever are defeated Go out.Meanwhile, the structure design of double arcs (fusiformis) choked flow can increase the contact area between friction material, improve Abrasive voltage defeated Go out.