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Las mejores técnicas de relajación para niños POR EDADES.. 6A, and FIG. 6G-1, 6G-2, 6G-3. The upper and medium levels of the descending pipes 90 are also provided with an external encasement (972, 973) through which flows cold deep sea water 84, in order to provide a thermal-insulating lawyer of cold sea water 84 that helps to better thermal-isolated the cold liquefied working fluid from the surrounding warmer shallow sea water. Nevertheless, the medium used in the first referred ferrofluid generator-U.S. Cold deep sea water is first filtered through a filter 772 located in the deep sea and then lifted by the action of a water pump 785 through an ascending pipe 953. The water pump then injects the cold deep sea water 84 into a second pipe 954 which ends in a first encasement 972 that surrounds the first portion of the descending pipe 90 which connects the condensers 30 with the first level of turbines 51. The cold sea water 84 then exits the first encasement 972 through a third pipe 955 entering into a second encasement 973 that surrounds the middle portion of the descending pipe 90 that connects the first and second levels of turbines 51, exiting said cold sea water 84 through an opening 994 located at the lowest level of the second encasement 973, returning into the cold deep sea.

  1. Afectación del nervio del diente
  2. Abandonar el cigarrillo
  3. Padecer hipotiroidismo
  4. Ayuda a regenerar el nervio dañado
  5. Baja y repite hacia la izquierda
  6. The apparatus of claim 1, wherein said fluid comprises nitrogen
  7. Estimula la curación y mejora el efecto del tratamiento antibiótico
  8. Los hombros

The water 86 from the river or lake is double filtered (772, 782) before flowing into the cooling unit 74, by the action of a pump 786, being the cooling unit 74 of this embodiment also of the type of plate heat exchangers. In all the embodiments, when using sea, lake or river water as the heat source or heat sink, the heating and cooling units should be set under the sea, lake or river level, in order to avoid lifting the water over the sea, lake or river level.

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The heating 73 and, cooling 74 units are the condenser 82 and the evaporator 81 units of a compression heat pump 80 (FIG. The floating platform comprises a floating vessel 103 wherein are located four condensers 30, four heating 73 and four cooling 74 units, eight pumps 75 for the pumping of thermal fluid through the thermal circuit 70, four pumps 783 for the intake of warm shallow sea water 83, and four pumps 784 for the intake of cold deep sea water 84. Also the floating vessel contains the central processing unit, CPU, 200 that is connected to a control panel, CP 202 through which the floating thermal energy conversion plant could be manually operated. The ascending conduit 40 is disposed vertically connecting the evaporator 20 and condenser 30. In this embodiment a coal fired plant 360 will be the heat source and the atmosphere the heat sink, being this seventh embodiment conceived for cold inland geographical areas.

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The evaporator 20 could be located in an abandoned coal mine, in order to better optimize exiting resources. In order to optimize the efficiency of the plant, high differences in temperature between the heat source and the heat sink are required, what indeed generates vast amounts of waste heat that is deposited in the environment, what could harm said environment. This first embodiment had been designed for tropical warm seas, wherein the warm shallow sea water has a notable difference in temperature with the cold deep sea water, and wherein the warm shallow sea water 83 will be the heat source, and the cold deep sea water 84 will be the heat sink. In FIGS. 4A and 4B, the closed-loop thermodynamic circuit 10 and the thermal circuit 70 had been provided with measuring and monitoring units, to monitor the temperature 211, flow 212 and, pressure 213 of the working fluid and thermal fluid.

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Even after the thermodynamic circuit 10 had been closed, and no more working fluid is being added into said thermodynamic circuit 10, the pressuring gas station 43 will continue working in order to adjust the amount of pressuring gas in the widening ascending conduit 40. From the data collected by the temperature 211, flow 212 and pressure 213 measuring and monitoring units set in the widening ascending conduit 40, the central processing unit, CPU 200, will continue operating said pressuring gas station 43, regulating the concentration of the pressuring gas in the ascending conduit 40, until an optimal concentration value is obtained. The working fluid enters liquefied 12 into the evaporator unit 20 wherein gasifies at level LO after raising its temperature to T1; then the gasified working fluid 11 egresses from the evaporator unit 20 and ascends through the widening ascending conduit 40 up to the condenser units 30 under constant temperature of T1 (details V1 and V2, depicted in FIGS.

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After exiting the cooling units 74 the cold thermal fluid 712 flows toward the condensers 30, where gains heat from the gasified working fluid 11 that enters into said condensers 30 from the widening ascending conduit 40, cooling and liquefying it. Cremas para el dolor muscular . Then the thermal fluid exits the condensers 30 flowing back through a group of pipes 932 into the heating units 73, closing and restarting the cycle. The temperature of the shallow sea water that exits the heating units 73 is slightly lower than the temperature of the shallowest sea water 83. In order to avoid mixing the colder exiting water with the warmer water of the sea surface, the exits 981 are located at the bottom of the floating vessel 103, where the surrounding lawyer of sea water has a slightly lower temperature than the shallowest sea water. Geothermal plants need very high range of temperatures in order to operate, over 100 Celsius degrees or higher in conventional plants, or over 50 Celsius degrees in binary cycle plants, being in this last case the thermal efficiency not higher than 15%. Besides, geographical areas where is possible to reach these high geothermal temperatures near the ground surface, are limited to some regions worldwide.