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Nuevos síntomas del COVID-19 han sido identificados por.. It is an object of the present invention to overcome existing submarine can not deep diving, can not hide for a long time, can not it is stealthy, noise is big, makes Valence is high, use cost is high, the defects of can not largely equipping, provide it is a kind of with deeper deep-sea dive ability, it is endless continuous Boat ability, noiseless, complete stealthy enemy can not detect, can not find, have found the submarine for also having no idea to attack us, dive Ship has very high artificial intelligence AI system, and cheap, can manufacture and largely be hidden in whole world ocean on a large scale Every nook and cranny, launch a offensive annihilate enemy army and not detectable at any time, because enemy is still after throughout the year latent and under attack Do not know that attack from He Erlai, belongs to asymmetric weapon, reaches and capture all oceans, deter the purpose in the world.Submarine of the present invention Just as marine organisms, from big marine acquisition energy, can be to obtain energy using the fluctuation of seawater, and energy is tired out Product gets up to be stored, and pushes submarine mobile using the energy of storage, realizes and obtain power certainly;This submarine is set using bionics cell Meter is not afraid of deep-sea immense pressure just as the fish at deep-sea, realizes limit deep diving;This submarine can obtain deep-sea in deep diving Pressure energy, and it is stored, is used to push submarine mobile when floating;This submarine is transparent or close using high molecular material The characteristics of color intensity of sea water, realizes stealth in water, can not be found;This submarine is extremely durable in the seawater using high molecular material Feature and power is obtained certainly, can be realized the purpose at long-term latent deep-sea;This submarine is equipped with multiple stand-by circuits of network, It realizes that automatic excision damages circuit and replaces stand-by circuit and/or automatic maintenance, ensures normal work to hide for a long time;This is latent Ship can use seawater fluctuation driving pump and carry out water pressure energy storage, and increase submarine global density while being pressed into seawater, Realize dive;This submarine, which can use, sprays seawater outward to reduce submarine global density, realizes that submarine floats;This submarine can be with High pressure sea water is sprayed when using outside draining to push submarine mobile, without any mechanicalness noise;This submarine utilizes AI intelligence system System control submarine, realizes that unmanned and artificial intelligence completes various complex tasks;It is full of in this submarine cell and/or nucleus Strike enemy may be implemented in explosive;This submarine release comprehensive survey ball and/or sensing control assembly may be implemented to scout;Above functions into Row synthesis, it is final to realize that AI Intelligent unattended of the present invention drives and bionical make one submarine from obtaining power stealth and examine.

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9-Figure 18, the submarine are equipped with oscillating deck And/or propeller and/or the device for following wave mobile absorb in the seawater wave fluctuation can, oscillating deck and/or propeller and/ Or the device of wave movement is followed to drive pump work, pump connects energy storage area, is equipped with energy storage cabinet in energy storage area, pumps gas or liquid Body is pressed into the cabinet in energy storage area, and/or absorbs seawater pressure energy using submarine diving, and be stored in energy storage area;It is set on submarine There is nozzle, nozzle is connected with energy storage area, and the high pressure sea water inside energy-storage box sprays high pressure water flow by nozzle and drives submarine, realizes From obtaining power mobile.The device for following wave mobile includes but is not limited to the object mobile around axis, and wherein object is necessary can It, could band animal body movement when such wave fluctuates to hinder the flowing of water;The device for following wave mobile includes but is not limited to Piston, wave fluctuation can push piston mobile.

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1-Fig. 5, Figure 26, is all provided on the head sections, body section and tail section There is seawater pressure energy storage portion, seawater pressure energy storage portion includes the energy-storage box of three-decker, the respectively seawater of outer layer The hard shell pressure energy-storage case 12 of energy-storage box 10, the elastic membrane pressure energy-storage case 11 in middle layer and internal layer, the interior storage of seawater energy-storage box 10 Seawater, elastic membrane pressure energy-storage case 11 and 12 storage inside compressible gas of hard shell pressure energy-storage case and/or compressible liquid, institute It states compressible gas and/or compressible liquid density is less than the density of water;Elastic membrane pressure energy-storage case 11 and hard shell pressure energy-storage A pressure-control valve 27 is connected between case 12, the pressure-control valve controls ON/OFF by systems control division.

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Relajación para niños La técnica del globo -Orientacion.. Submarine whole structural scheme of the invention: including the hull for the axis structure being made of biomimetic features, hull is along axis To head sections, body section and tail section is divided into, the screw wing of submarine is at least provided on body section, in each section It is used to acquire seawater fluctuation energy and/or pressure energy equipped at least one and the seawater pressure energy for converting it into water pressure energy turns Portion is changed, at least one, which is used to acquire seawater fluctuation, can be converted to the electric energy converter section of electric energy, at least one and seawater pressure energy For storing the seawater pressure energy storage portion of water pressure energy, at least one and seawater pressure energy storage portion connect for converter section connection Connect the submarine driving portion with the driving submarine operation of seawater pressure energy;System control is equipped in biomimetic features and in each section Portion processed, systems control division are connect for controlling each movement or action component work overall process, and for believing with electric energy converter section Breath acquisition, internal and PERCOM peripheral communication.

Warrior Japoneses en la Espalda - Tatuajes 123 To see Figure 22, there is a plurality of fiber buss in this submarine, fiber buss is parallel with one another and closed loop, it is woven into grid, certain Place is broken or damage still can bypass breakage interconnection.Fiber optic network is just as the intracorporal neural network of biology, netted connection Mode work normally other parts when certain a part of this submarine goes wrong can also. Optical fiber line sending pipe 155 is fixed on submarine corresponding position by line sending pipe fixing piece 134;156 one end of optical fiber passes through optical fiber Line sending pipe 155 is sent to submarine body section fiber buss;The other end is divided into two lines, is sent to the multichannel at both ends respectively after winding Optical coupling 157, by 157 signal of multichannel optical coupling by optical fiber 148 transmit to the end, tail section fiber buss, and finally by head, tail Section AI plate is read.Optical fiber 148 is placed in the pipeline that one is made by thicker transparent polymer material, with water pipe 135 1 Sample, the transparent pipeline also play a part of that clutch, transmission is supported to take in unwrapping wire assembly concurrently.

Head sections transition region is consistent with tail section transition plot structure, but placement direction is opposite.Head, tail section transition region and master The difference in body area is to reduce resistance, head, tail section transition region rotary wing structure be gradually reduced, be spiral cone shape Shape.Because the body region of body section and head, tail section transition plot structure are almost the same, below with 360 ° of body regions of a section The structure of entire body section is illustrated for structure. Liquid collapses and can disconnect 78 one end of part and be fixed on 77 shell of tail section high density liquid storage bin, by pressure Control valve controls it and collapses, and liquid, which collapses, can disconnect the built-in seawater of part 78, is inputted by pump and pressure-control valve or discharged sea Water.And tail section main body is covered and is collapsed on the axis that can disconnect part 78 in liquid.When needing to disconnect, tail section AI plate 71 Instruction is assigned, pressure-control valve releases stress, and liquid, which collapses, can disconnect 78 volume-diminished of part, and tail section takes off from its axis From that is, tail section is detached from from this submarine body section.Tail section can voluntarily go to hold under the control of tail section AI plate 71 after disengaging Row detection mission.