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Where appropriate, using the potential energy of the water so produced to generate further quantities of useful power. It will be udnerstood also that the gases withdrawn may require treatment or purification before they are further used or processed, depending on the type and quantity of chemicals produced or released in the electrolytic process. These include various desalination programs to recover water from the sea by evaporation, other proposals for purification of industrial waste streams, programs for sewage treatment, disposal, etc., and extensive and costly plans for rerouting and distributing the naturally occurring fresh waters on the various continents.

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Fisioterapia na Gestação e Saúde da Mulher: Divulgação Also, this procedure avoids repressuring of the gases which are released which is always costly. 400 psi. Such pressure is quite suitable for direct bottling of these gases for the commerical market. FIG. 3 is a detailed view, on a large scale, of an entrainment element for air (or other gases). 400 psi, and containing positive plates or anodes 62 and negative plates or cathodes 63. Direct electric current is applied positively to the anodes 62 and results in evolution of oxygen from the anode through dome 65 whereas hydrogen is evolved from the cathodes 63 through dome 67. As the water is thus decomposed into its elements, the salt concentration (and that of other impurities) in the water increases beyond solubility limits. Consequently, the water produced will have substantial potential energy. Moreover, by making a reasonably efiicient use of the abundant wave energy of the ocean, substantial volumes of air can be put under relatively high compression.

It can be used for many industrial purposes, as is well known, and it is particularly useful in large quantities in connection with iron and steel production, introducing oxygen rather than air at various stages in the steel decarbonizing process. It will be understood that some of the hydrogen may be used to produce useful chemicals, e.g. It will be understood that the generator 56 may be of the alternating type,-with suitable transformer and rectifier means for converting to direct current, especially if the current is to be carried any substantial distance, e.g.

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See FIG. 6. This electric current is taken from terminals 98, 99-to any suitable means 100 for converting the direct current to alternating current. At 100 feet depth they are approximatelyone-third their volume at sea level. The trapped air bubbles occupy progressively less and less volume in the water as they descend. FIG. Dolor de articulaciones hombro . 6 is a diagrammatic view of the water reconversion stage of the process, showing how substantial quantities of power are recovered. For clarity, only a single trough unit 10 and a single pipe line 20 are shown in the drawings but these units may be combined in various and obvious ways and employed in substantial numbers, say dozens or more, in a large installation. Normally the depth of submersion can be used to cause inflow of sea water through valve 68 and the outflow of slurry through line 70 can be controlled by pressure of the generated oxygen and hydrogen.

The head h required for an efficient flow downward of water as well as of the entrained air depends on several factors, including the length and inside diameter of the pipe 20 and the resulting frictional resistance to flow, and on the amount of air entrained. For a length of pipe 20 of about 1,000 feet, desirable for entraining and compressing air efficiently in dome 40 to about 400 psi, the head h should be as great as can be obtained and preferably at least 3 feet. To some can be an end product. Some are economically feasible while others are not. While the present invention does not avoid all the problems of inefficiency mentioned above, and someare involved in the process steps which will be described more fully below, it does tend to minimize them on the whole.

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These are all connected through one or preferably several pipe lines 20 with an air entrapping dome 40, to be described in greater detail presently. This is a highly effective way to obtain water which is free of all foreign matter. It is estimated, for example, that a 12-inch pipe line 400 miles long and operating at a pressure at the inlet end of 400 pounds or so can supply the hydrogen component of enough water to take care of the needs of a large city. The latter can be treated thereafter by conventional methods to recover various minerals and/or other substances of value. Dolor muscular de piernas por ejercicio . The particular means employed to recover specific substances form no part of the present invention but the step of recovery of any one or more of the valuable constituents contained in the slurry is an important economic aspect thereof. This is a significant aspect of the present invention.

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This oxygen has many uses and one aspect of the present invention is the efficient utilization of the oxygen so obtained. In many situations, however, the mean height of the waves (indicated by the sinusoidal line W) will vary from day to day and even from hour to hour. It has been found, experimen tally, that air bubbles, even large ones, do not rise in water at rapid rates, due to viscosity of the liquid, so a sustained downward velocity in pipe 20 of as little as a foot or two per second is sufficient to carry the gas down stream. FIG. 5 is an enlarged detail view, partly in section, of an electrolytic water dissociation unit employed in the system. In actual tests of an experimental air entrainment unit it was found that large air bubbles rise through fresh water (in a swimming pool and in a large artifical lake) at about one foot per second, relatively independently of depth of the bubble source.

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However, potential production of hydrogen is so great, and the demand for it usually is much less than the demand for oxygen that ordinarily the bulk of the hydrogen will be converted to water and/or to chemicals such as ammonia. Means for and step of recovering from the discarded slurry minerals and any other associated materials of value. Means for and step of transporting the hydrogen gas produced by water electrolysis to a substantial distance, i.e. The air entrainment means comprises a pipe end 21 projecting with a relatively sharp edge above the bottom of the outer trough member 12. The flow of water into and down this pipe produces a vena contracta 25 of well known type. Its cost, when added to desalination costs, seriously impedes the economic distribution of water to inland areas.

Also, where air or any of its components, is to be used in a production process, e.g. Ejercicios para dolor de hombro derecho . The liquid is separated into its constituents, oxygen and hydrogen, by passing an electrical current through it. These constituents obviously may be recombined later. Enormous quantites of electrical energy are required which can be only partly compensated for by the energy regained when the hydrogen and oxygen are brought back together, e.g. Thus a substantial stream of air can be entrained into flowing water and will be brought under high pressure as greater depths are reached, without requiring an exces-.

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A system and step for combining the delivered gaseous hydrogen with oxygen of the atmosphere and using efficiently the large quantities of energy so released in the production of water. Thus a column of water 104 feet high in pipe 20, extending to feet below mean sea level, has a very substantial flow rate in the pipe, with no entrained air. The generator 56 preferably is a low voltage direct current generator for high current capacity, especially for installations where the current is to be used very nearby. For reasons pointed out below, it is desirable to have the air placed under high pressure, where this is feasible. ABSTRACT Using the power froni ocean waves, air is entrained by the Bernoulli principle and placed under compression. If the dome 40 is submerged to a depth of 2,000 feet, air entrapped therein will be under about 800 psi pressure.

Assuming that the air thus entrapped is compressed to about 800 psi, a relatively small volume at such a pressure has a high potential energy. Various proposals have been made in the prior art to use the abundant wave energy of the sea for producing power. A pneumatic power generating system adapted to use the compressed air or gas from the first unit or step in the process, to produce direct current electricity in quantity.

Referring to FIG. 5, the electrolytic unit 60 will now be described in some detail. Referring to FIG. 1, this unit is shown as comprising a large surfaced evaporating tank 81 having partitions 83,85 which divide it into cells. Thus, in order to supply the very large direct current which will be required for electrolysis of the impure water, this is a preferred arrangement. A wave powered gas entrainment system of very large capacity, adapted to capture and compress enor mous quantities of air (or other gas) to fairly high pressures. Numerous publications have amplified this proposal and it doubtless has utility in some parts of the world. For 2,000 feet depth it is about 60 atmospheres, and so on. In a pipe 20 extending down 1,000 feet, the pressure at the bottom is about 30 atmospheres. The pressure applied to the compressed air is proportional to the depth of submergence.