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Fisioterapia respiratoria para pacientes postcovid - YouTube It, can be with the attack enemy warship such as torpedo-launching or pop-up submarine mine, guided missile if this submarine is carrying arms type;If carried Underwater emission sea to air missile can hit aerial target;If emitting intercontinental missile, ground target can be hit.MISSILE LAUNCHING Afterwards, this submarine comes back to the base or supplements ammunition to our naval vessels. Submarine is generally acknowledged strategic weapon (especially in disarmament or arms expansion are negotiated), and research and development need highly and comprehensive Commercial capacity, at present only a few countries being capable of designed, designed and production. Six groups of pendulum pump fixed frames, each one group of each sector are evenly distributed on the main body 1 of every section body region, every group of pendulum pump is consolidated Determine frame to be made of five pendulum pump fixed frames 15, placed two pendulum pumps, pendulum pump fixed frame in the channel of each pendulum pump fixed frame 15 15 material is thicker macromolecule transparent material scutum, and is connected with helical baffle 8.The quantity of pendulum pump fixed frame 15 can basis Submarine size and demand are increased and decreased.

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Revista Peruana de Neurocirugia octubre diciembre 2009 by.. Fixed stator fixing axle 133 between two pods 131, stator fixing axle 133 are a hollow pipe, tube core Built-in multichannel rectifier 128 manages one of core — the stator 124 that outer intermediate sleeve is filled with this water kinetic energy generator.On stator 124 Face is evenly distributed with stator core 125 and stator coil 126, and the material of stator core 125 is soft magnetism material.Stator 124 is fixed On stator fixing axle 133, when the work of water kinetic energy generator, stator 124 is not rotated.

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1 round tube axis Qu Kongzhong of main body in every section body region, has been uniformly distributed six small-sized water kinetic energy generators 28, leads to The fluctuation for crossing seawater particle drives the rotor rotation of water kinetic energy generator 28 to generate electricity (be detailed in hereinafter introduce), no matter rotates forward or instead Turn all can equally generate electricity.28 electricity of water kinetic energy generator is transported on power bus, passes through fiber buss and power bus line Pipe 5 reaches each sector. In pressure switching pendulum pump, there are three types of pipes altogether, respectively switch pipeline 1, switching pipeline 2 116, wriggle Pipe 119.Switch one end of pipeline 1 there are two branch, the two branches are connected respectively to the both ends of peristaltic tube, each branch One check valve 117 of a switching pipeline is fitted on pipeline, the direction of two check valves 117 is identical, so that switching pipeline one 115 only import but no export.Similarly, switch one end of pipeline 2 116 there are two branch, the two branches are connected respectively to the two of peristaltic tube It holds, is also fitted with two check valve 118 of a switching pipeline, two two check valve of switching pipeline, 118 sides on each lateral To identical, so that switching 2 116 only export but no import of pipeline.Switching pipeline 1 and the other end for switching pipeline 2 116 are separately connected Onto two pipelines of pressure switching valve.

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Fisioterapia a domicilio - Centro impulso See Figure 24, described to can be cone and cone set elastic construction from only valve, cone, which leaves cone set, can be connected pipeline, work as pipeline And/or tank breaks, pipeline flow increase suddenly, and cone will be pushed to cover in conjunction with and closed from only valve with cone. See Fig. 9-10, energy storage turns pump and is fixed on the corresponding position of submarine by two fixed frames 85, fixed frame 85 and submarine On circular bulkheads 7 be connected, be connected among two fixed frames 85 by universal driving shaft, universal driving shaft both ends are installed with propeller 86, in Between position Rotor carriage 92 is installed.Rotor carriage 92 has fixing axle above, and there are four rotors 93 for installation in fixing axle, turns Son 93 is rotated around fixing axle. See Figure 15-16, pressure switches pendulum pump as the structure in terms of the power drive of energy storage pendulum pump, is referred to energy storage The explanation of pendulum pump structure.Pressure switching pendulum pump is also fixed in submarine corresponding position by pendulum pump fixed frame, on pendulum pump fixed frame End is enclosed construction, has fixing axle in pendulum pump fixed frame, has oscillating deck above fixing axle.The amplitude of fluctuation of oscillating deck in order to prevent It spends greatly, is also placed oscillating deck position-limited rack in the lower end for swinging fixed frame.For the lower half of oscillating deck at entity plate, upper half is to engrave The bracket of empty slice.Rotor is installed on the top of oscillating deck upper end, interior media flowing in peristaltic tube is driven when rotor rotates.Pressure Also there are peristaltic tube position-limited rack and regulator hole in switching pendulum pump, position and structure are all as energy storage pendulum pump.

The present invention be AI Intelligent unattended drive it is bionical beat integrated submarine (hereinafter referred to as ” this submarine “) from obtaining power stealth and examine, It is a kind of rotary wings axis body structure, three head sections, body section, tail section parts can be divided into substantially from axial direction;From It radially can substantially be divided into round tube axis area and submarine wing two parts, round tube axis area and submarine alar part are as main body 1, outside the submarine wing Circuit covering periostracum 2 has spine 3 on periostracum.Body section is main carrier area, and the submarine wing is concentrated mainly on body section. The Inlet and outlet water structure description of peristaltic tube 107 is exactly: peristaltic tube only has one, respectively passes through threeway at the both ends of peristaltic tube One group of inlet and outlet (A mouthfuls of water inlet, A mouthfuls of water outlet shown in Figure 12, B mouthfuls of water inlet, B mouthfuls of water outlet) is set;Water inlet pipe 103 It is connected to water inlet, the water of water inlet pipe is equipped with water feeding one-way valve 104 on extraneous seawater, water inlet pipe 103, and water inlet pipe is only Into not going out;Outlet pipe 101 is connected to water outlet, and the water of outlet pipe flows into energy storage pipeline, and it is unidirectional that water outlet is equipped on outlet pipe 101 Valve 102,101 only export but no import of outlet pipe.