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Las personas que sufren este trastorno también pueden tener dolor en la cabeza o en el cuello. Habitualmente, los síntomas de la mielitis transversa aguda se inician de forma súbita con dolor de espalda y una banda de tirantez alrededor de la zona afectada del cuerpo (como el tórax o el abdomen). Also, should there be found more severe neuropsychological alterations than those expected for a specific psychiatric disorder, there is a risk of increasing post operative changes because any adverse surgical effect may interact or be added to the cognitive failures that typify the illness and, thus, prognosis will be worsened. In another study they reported different failures depending of the surgical strategy being used; thus with frontal ventromedial lesion no alterations were found although when the ventral striated was involved, there were differences as to the number of categories and the conceptual level in WCST. Nevertheless, the WCST showed some differences in regard to the categories established in respect to the control group, which were interpreted as a lack of abstract reasoning and cognitive flexibility.

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¿Qué es la Colelitiasis? Causas, síntomas y tratamiento.. In schizophrenic patients submitted to leucotomy because of their aggressive behaviour and lack of impulse control, follow up, while comparing their cognitive performance to that of other schizophrenic subjects who had not been operated, showed that there were negative effects on different cognitive aspects, although these, as part of the dysfunction expected for schizophrenia, were not caused by surgery.

ALODINIA DEFINICION PDF The object of the present invention is achieved like this:Including two vertical racks, blade, two corner amplifiers, two companies Bar, bent axle and generator, slide rail is provided with each vertical rack, sliding block, the end of each sliding block are set with each slide rail Be connected with the mounting bracket of corner amplifier, be provided with the mounting bracket of each corner amplifier pinion shaft, commutating tooth wheel shaft and Large Gear Shaft, little gear, tumbler gear and gear wheel are respectively installed with pinion shaft, commutating tooth wheel shaft and Large Gear Shaft, and Little gear engages with tumbler gear, and tumbler gear engages with gear wheel, the both ends difference mounting end dividing plate of the blade, blade Rotating shaft be fixedly connected respectively with two pinion shafts through the end bulkheads, one end of two connecting rods is separately mounted to two On gear wheel, the connecting rod neck of the other ends of two connecting rods respectively with the correspondence position of bent axle is hinged, and the both ends of bent axle are installed respectively Flying wheel and one end therein is connected with generator.

The up-down vibration of blade 9 is converted into the continuous rotation of bent axle 3 by bent axle-connecting rod-slide block mechanism by the present invention, leads to Cross and different throw of crankshaft (namely connecting rod neck portion of bent axle) and the length of connecting rod 5 are set, and leaf is controlled using corner amplifier 8 The angle of attack of the relative level incoming of piece 9, can accurately set the running orbit of blade 9, and blade 9 can be made to keep ideal vibration width Degree and range of angles of attack, device marine tidal-current energy collecting efficiency is improved by a relatively large margin.

Besides, the group with the worst ranging was the one with large lesions at dorsal level which gave place to visual spatial perception alterations, as well as to psychomotor slowness in a sequence task, and to intrusions in an associated learning task. In addition to the previous statements, the personality changes that may appear ought to be considered, because some personality alterations associated with hypo-frontality have been reported in patients submitted to capsulotomty, although such alterations may be due to judgement errors that are typical of cognitive damage. The need for this type of assessments is due to two reasons: to find the possible damage that surgery may cause and to consider the improvement that follows the decrease of clinical symptoms. Therefore, as a proposal, they explore the functions pertaining to the frontal region because they believe that following surgery there must be failures in this area. Another possibility to be considered in this type of cases is that the cerebral systems related with psychopathology as well as those underlying executive and cognitive performance will be distributed differently in the brain and, therefore, with this kind of treatment they will be affected in a different way, this makes it necessary to do not only previous but subsequent evaluations in order to asses accurately the changes in the cognitive processes.

Generally speaking, the energy conversion of wind, trend can be driven electrical power generators by the present invention for the reciprocating motion of machinery, this Two supports 4 of invention are all vertical type, and two slide rails 6 are fixed on two supports 4 vertically respectively.The rotating shaft 14 at blade both ends Corner amplifier 8 is respectively connected with, corner amplifier 8 is fixedly connected with sliding block 7, and sliding block 7 is on slide rail 6.Blade 9 is in incoming Along the up-down vibration of slide rail 6 under effect, the continuous rotation for being converted to bent axle 3 will be moved by crank block principle, drive and generate electricity Machine 1 is run.And the continuous rotation of bent axle 3 makes connecting rod 5 and slide rail 6 have certain angle, suitably amplified by corner amplifier 8, can Adjust blade 9 and the effective angle of attack of incoming.

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When the present invention is used as tidal current energy generating equipment in use, bent axle 3 is located on the water surface 13, slide rail 6 be located at the water surface it Under, blade 9 is totally submerged in water, and the position highest point of blade 9 maintains a certain distance with the water surface, with reduce the scope of freedom for The adverse effect of blade energy acquisition.When the present invention is used as wind power generation plant, whole device is then adapted to inversion to come, bent axle 3 structures and generator 1 are in lower end, using ground pile foundation as support.

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The transducing head of main flow is divided by structure type at present, can be divided into perpendicular axis type turbine and horizontal axial type turbine.Hang down Diacytic type turbine advantage is available with the incoming of different directions, but controls blade to rotate and certain difficulty be present;Horizontal axial type wheel Machine uses propeller type blades, stable, can be conveniently overhauled, but is unfavorable for arranging in depth of water confined area. The present invention specific work process be:As shown in figure 1, when the present invention is in incoming, incoming 12 impacts blade, pushes away Movable vane piece 9 is moved downward, and blade 9 is rotated by connecting rod 5 with dynamic crankshaft 3.Bent axle 3, which rotates, makes connecting rod 5 change with respect to the corner of slide rail 6 Become, suitably amplified by corner amplifier 8, pass to blade 9, the as new angle of attack of blade 9.When blade 9 moves to peak Or during minimum point, bent axle 3, connecting rod 5 are parallel with slide rail 6, the corner of blade 9 is 0 °, and after peak, blade 9 is with respect to incoming 12 The angle of attack is reverse, and of the invention then drive by flying wheel 2 so realizes the reciprocating of mechanism by equilbrium position.Namely When blade 9 is in highest point and lowest part, (oscillating airfoil) chord length of blade 9 direction is horizontal, and connecting rod 5 is parallel with slide rail 6;Blade 9 Corner is maximum when in an intermediate position, and the present invention is also suitable for different wind speed or strength of current.

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The invention aims to provide, one kind is simple in construction, generating efficiency is high, kinetic characteristic is controllable and has merged life The oscillating airfoil TRT equipped with corner amplifier for the mechanical characteristic that thing waves. Oscillating airfoil is a kind of effective wind energy, marine tidal-current energy sampling instrument, by the oscillating airfoil running orbit of design optimization, is closed The reciprocating stroke and angle of attack amplitude, oscillating airfoil of the setting oscillating airfoil of reason can obtain higher energy acquisition efficiency.Oscillating airfoil leads to Cross a set of mechanical mechanism and drive generator operation, realize highly effective gathering with utilizing. Wind energy, marine tidal-current energy are that a kind of reserves are abundant, the regenerative resource of cleanliness without any pollution.This kind of development of resources can be effective The environmental pollution that fossil energy consumption is brought is reduced, alleviates fossil energy worsening shortages problem.But some current common transducings The energy conversion efficiency of device is relatively low, limits effective utilization of the mankind to renewable resource, therefore develops and efficient stable Energy transducing head is wind energy, the core technology of marine tidal-current energy generating.

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The present invention relates to a kind of wind energy, tidal current energy generating equipment, more particularly to a kind of oscillating airfoil equipped with corner amplifier TRT. Horizontal axial type turbine blade is inswept, and region is circle, and attack angle of blade is fixed;A blade part for perpendicular axis type turbine On the water surface, blade underwater portion is inswept, and region is rectangle, and attack angle of blade is fixed or a small range changes;Oscillatory type blade It is totally submerged under the water surface, inswept region is rectangle, so under same scale, vibration blade tidal current energy generating equipment blade is swept Area maximum is plunderred, more can sufficiently utilize marine tidal-current energy resource. Besides, integration of neuropsychological studies is based on international parameters designed to apply and interpret these instruments. The first will produce a behavioural effect more evident during the first post operative year while at further stages, the second will be made more evident with the decrease of clinical symptoms, thus reflecting on the neuropsychological performance.

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Finally, we consider that within the selection and interdisci-plinary handling process for patients who may need psychiatric neurosurgery, information obtained from neuropsychological evaluation is necessary. Dolor lumbar izquierdo riñon . Thus, by making an evaluation within a conceptual and empirical frame, an adequate interpretation of the results may be attained. Neuropsychology, as a part of cognitive neurosciences should be incorporated to the process of evaluation of any patient considered to be needing psychiatric neurosurgery, in order to obtain objective information of the processes and functions that shape each one’s cognitive system and of the changes that may take place after surgery. 2. one end of bent axle and two rod hinge connections is respectively provided to few two hinge holes, two connecting rods are hinged with bent axle One end is also respectively provided to two hinge holes of few setting. 1. two counterweight blocks are also symmetrically arranged with bent axle.

The present invention is described in further detail with embodiment below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings. Fig. 5 is the internal structure schematic diagram of the corner amplifier of the present invention. 2006, vol.29, n.1, pp.13-17.