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Decálogo para evitar y combatir el dolor de espalda - El.. In an alternative embodiment (not shown), the supporting truss may be eliminated and the helical member mounted for rotation at only one end. If the helical member were either so light that it rode almost completely on the wave crests or so heavy that it were neutrally buoyant and rode completely submerged just below the wave crests, it will be seen that no torque will be produced. In this way, rotation of the helical member will be at substantially constant speed as well as continuous, thus making the apparatus more ideally suited for driving means, such as an electrical generator, required to be driven continuously and at constant speed. The driven energy conversion components of the wave energy converter include, for example, a conventional electrical generator 16 coupled with the helix through a suitable transmission including, for example. This helical member of pitch L, of then held at an angle 0with respect to the direction of propagation of waves of wavelength A such that L cos 0 it, will be optimally coupled to those waves, i.e.

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4, there will beseen one form of array of the helical members of the invention, such as those of FIGS. Means shown generally at 46 and 47 and which typically are similar to those described in connection with FIG. 1 or the helical member, designated 11 in FIG. 1 and 2, the hull or main structure of a hydrofoil craft is shown in chain lines and designated generally by reference numeral 10. The particular configuration or design of the hull is not indicated in detail, since it forms no part of the present invention, it being understood that in normal operation or flight this hull is supported clear of the surface of the water. This is achieved by virtue of a novel and improved structure that efficiently utilizes energy of motion of gravity waves. Thus, if the two pluralities are joined at an angle of less than 180, the entire assemble will tend (ignoring wind effect on freeboard) to weathercock or pivot about the mooring of hinge 34 to face into the waves responsively to wave action.

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It will be appreciated that the wave energy need not be converted into electrical energy, but can be converted to other energy forms and, indeed, put to immediate use. For example, instead of driving a heat transducer, it can be coupled to drive an impellerless centrifugal type of pump which could be used to entrap fish and drive them into a mesh storage chamber. 1 as comprising means adapted to be rotated directly by ocean waves and power conversion means such as an electrical generator, coupled with the wave rotated means and adapted to be driven thereby. The helical members can be coupled to one or more driven systems, such as electrical generators, friction boilers or the like.

admin, autor en Clinica de Dolor - Página 12 de 26 18. The generator and gears or other rotary driven means are mounted and enclosed in a water-tight, buoyant housing 20 coupled with supporting truss 14 or adapted itself, to function as a support for one end of the helical member. Remedios caseros para el dolor de rodilla . Thus, the helical member, the supporting truss and the driven power generator, may be constructed as a buoyant unit that can be moved through the water as any vessel. For example, the supporting truss 14 and/or the housing 20 for the driven power (torque) converter may be buoyed or supported independently of the helical member so that the latter is suspended at its ends at the proper height with respect to the water surface.

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2) on which helical member 111 is supported. For example, it is not unusual to encounter waves having a period of ten seconds which means that the waves travel at a velocity of about thirty knots or fifty feet per second and have a length of the order invention generally comprises an array of a plurality of buoyant helical members mountedfor rotation about their respective helical axes and adapted to be posttioned such that the helical axes are oriented with reof five hundred feet. The pitch of the helical members equals or is greater than the length of the expected waves and the members are floated on the surface with their axes oriented so that wave length of the waves matches the pitch of the helices times the cosine of the angle between the helical axes and the direction of wave propagation. Means are provided for adjusting the angles between the arms of the chevron in the one case, and the adjacent arms of the zig-zag in the other case.