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  7. FIG. 10 depicts another embodiment of a resonating electrical generator

1A and 1B show perspective and side views, respectively, of a first example implementation of an actuator 10 configured in accordance with the invention. For example aluminum extrusion and fiberglass pultrusion were used in the two most serious commercial applications of vertical axis turbines. 8, the structure could be like a four legged table unlike a one legged table of other wind turbines. The preselected angle corresponds to a preselected amplification factor relating stroke of the one or two expansive elements to transverse motion of the first frame distal end member relative to the second frame distal end member; preferable the selected angle is an acute angle. These flexures, being in the load-bearing stroke path, add significant parasitic compliance to the actuators and thus decrease the attainable efficiencies of the actuators for any selected actuator mass.

In one preferred embodiment, each of the first and second frames is of a matrix-fiber composite frame material having a volume fraction of fiber material and a corresponding volume fraction of matrix material selected to produce a frame coefficient of thermal expansion that substantially matches the average of the coefficients of thermal expansion characteristic of each of the first and second longitudinal span members.

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1B, the side members of each of the two frames are connected to the respective frame end plates at a selected angle, θnom. Primarily, a selected angle should be evaluated for its impact on clearance between the displacement end of the inner frame and the mounted end of the outer frame when the actuator stroke retracts the inner frame displacement end back toward the outer frame mounted end. In the Fenn design, two active element stacks are positioned to react longitudinally against each other at a shallow angle to create an amplified perpendicular displacement of a control rod connected between the stacks.

Pat. Nos. 4,808,874 and 4,952,835; and that of Fenn et al. Pat. No. 5,224,826, and Hall and Prechtl, in “Development of a piezoelectric servoflap for helicopter rotor control,” Smart Mater. Pat. No. 4,769,569, flexures at ends of the active element stacks are replaced by knife-edge rolling contact mechanisms. Table I below provides the strain, ε, modulus, E, material density, ρ, energy density, equal to 0.5(Eε2 /ρ), and characteristic bandwidth for various active element material candidates for the actuator of the invention, including bulk magnetostrictive alloy (MS), a longitudinal bulk shape memory ceramic (SMC), a longitudinal electrostrictive material (ES), a longitudinal bulk piezoelectric material of lead-magnesium-niobate (EC-98) that is preferred, and a EC-98 stack of 144 wafers that is preferred. Piezoelectric ceramics, electrostrictive ceramics, and magnetostrictive alloys all are generally characterized by relatively high energy density, high actuation bandwidth, and technical maturity, but all generally display some degree of actuation nonlinearity, as well as low durability and generally high actuation voltage and current levels.

Typically, energy must be supplied to the actuator from the system to enable the actuator stroke; specifically, energy is supplied to the active element to power generation of a force that is delivered through the stroke to a load, thereby producing work. As explained in detail below, a pre-load mechanism such as a spring is suitably connected to maintain the mechanical compression of the active element stacks. This expansive element extends in a state of compression between the corresponding distal and proximal pivot end members, with the longitudinal axis of the element in a plane parallel to side members of the first and second frames. Whatever end plate geometry is provided, this geometry preferably constrains the stacks in the plane of the frames such that the stacks do not move laterally with respect to the frames; a transverse connector like that described above is particularly well-suited in this regard.

It is a feature of the invention to have a shaft mounting plate 1120 connected to the frame structure as shown in FIG. Remedio casero para el dolor de espalda . This linearity is directly related to the fact that the stack/frame angle, θnom, of each truss triangle remains substantially constant as the stacks and frames move; i.e., the truss-like structure provides a dimensional ratio on which to base an amplification factor that is substantially constant over the entire range of actuation stimulation. This relationship provides a buckling constraint on the stack length to diameter ratio based on a desired maximum stack strain.

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One metric for assessing this criterion is actuator mass efficiency, which is specified as the ratio of specific work delivered by an actuator to specific energy available to be supplied by the actuator’s active elements. It has a linear motion mechanism with adjustable rotor blades, is not practical in snowy areas due to energy loss, cannot be completely closed in extreme winds, lubrication problems, noise, poor performance, wear It is slow, unable to adjust speed, unable to stop completely for repairs, and low final speed. The main differences between the present invention and the purpose of the Spanish application 2,161,650 are that the latter does not have a strengthener or flow concentrator, has a moving part in the rotor blade, and is active every time it rotates. Yet another object of the invention is to allow for construction with standard parts which do not need to be custom made with the exception of the mass produced blades.

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Técnicas Relajación para Afrontar un Examen - Técnicas de.. Another object of the invention is to provide weather protection and additional structural support with its roof. Because each stack wafer incorporates an additional stack bond layer, as described below, which in turn increase stack compliance, such additional stack wafers can decrease the actuator efficiency. Dolor de espalda en el primer trimestre de embarazo . But because engineering systems commonly require high actuator efficiency as well as low actuator weight, an explicit tradeoff in actuator design is typically required that often is suboptimal with respect to one or possibly even both requirements. As a result, compromises in actuator performance specified for a given engineering application are often required to accommodate attainable actuator efficiency. In addition, the electrical control required to be delivered to active materials can generally be accommodated even in complex actuator applications such as rotor blade applications.

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Each blade or impact impeller can be small and simple with no twist or taper. The actuator design is inherently compact and can be easily accommodated in various cavities. FIG. 8 shows a structural sketch of the turbine and a top view of the Savonius blades. The multiaxis turbine was developed in order to simplify the blades cost by reducing their size avoiding larger blades which require an expensive construction cost. 21. Two pillar box bearings 1103 are shown to be placed near each other or about one foot in the preferred embodiment in order to reinforce the alignmant of the shaft.