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FLEKOSTEEL™ - euHerb The tensioning cables oriented diagonally with respect to the flotation module’s sides are anchored, e.g. The buoys may be of any shape, geometry, design, and may be fashioned of any material or combination of materials, and be fabricated by any method, process, or device. 170, wherein restoring mass 413 is operatively connected to flexible connector portions 409 and 411 by pulley 412, the embodiment in FIG.

The valve plate 2803 is attached to two vertical bars, e.g. A vertical bar 2903 connects the upper valve plate 2901 to a lower valve “stop” 2902. When raised, so as to permit the flow 2904 of water therethrough, the top plate 2901 is restrained from moving away from the respective orifices by the bottom stop 2902. Thus, the valve plate 2901 is constrained to either rest flush against the upper surface of a lower wall 2727 of the vessel, thus obstructing the flow of water therethrough, or, to be slightly raised, thus permitting water to flow 2904, but still positioned above the corresponding orifices and ready to restore the obstruction should the pressure inside 2723 the vessel reach and/or exceed the pressure of the water 2700 outside the vessel.

106-108. In this illustration, the embodiment is in a configuration in which the relative depth of the restoring weight 4607 has been decreased (relative to its depth in the configuration illustrated in FIGs. 59 and 60. However, in this illustration, the pulley’s respective cable 210 is being pulled from a direction that is outside (e.g. The illustrated flotation module 320 floats adjacent to the surface 321 of a body of water. 214. The illustrated flotation module 190 floats adjacent to the surface 191 of a body of water. 607, adjacent to a pulley, and, e.g. 138, aligns the cables so that they enter the power-generating pulleys, e.g. While the illustrated embodiment (primarily for the sake of graphical clarity) illustrates two cables and two respective PTOs, other embodiments will have more than cables and PTOs. The utilization of a buoy with a COG and/or a COM located within a relatively small distance of the center of the spherical volume that coincides with walls of a hemispherical buoy will facilitate the angular rotation of that buoy so as to preserve the position of the buoy’s respective inertial mass along the buoy’s inertial mass alignment axis.

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PCT/US2017/051000 implemented, within the power-take-off system of the same embodiment, in response to the detection of specific wave conditions, atmospheric conditions, farm electrical-grid conditions, etc. In one embodiment, weights 323 and 324 are connected by a flexible connector 325. In another embodiment, they are connected by a rigid connector. Como mejorar el dolor lumbar . In one embodiment, the inertial mass 2315 is a water-filled vessel that has a substantial mass (i.e., due largely to the water inside).

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After passing over and around the rollers of a traction winch for a certain number of turns, each respective cable travels over and around another pulley, e.g. In other embodiments each of 282 and 283 can be two, three, four, or more than four suspended weights interconnected by intervening flexible or rigid connectors. Around each roller are wound the strands of four aperture-specific ribbon cables, e.g.

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The resulting pressurized flow of hydraulic fluid is input to, and turns, a turbine 34. The turbine 34 is rotatably connected to a generator 35 which generates electrical power in response to the turning of the rollers. 133, at a point or portion on a net 134 within which the inertial mass is constrained. However, when accelerated upward by an attached flotation module, the shroud expands and/or deploys thus generating sufficient upward drag so as to inhibit the upward movement of the connected flotation module. However, it differs from that embodiment in that it lacks a float. 175, this embodiment utilizes an inertial mass 1223 that does not possess, incorporation, nor benefit from the utilization of flaps. This is perhaps obvious since the pulley’s rotation makes any particular angular point of cable engagement equivalent to any other such point. FIG. 200 shows an illustration of an embodiment of the current disclosure.

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FIG. Dolor en los nervios de la mano . 167 is an illustration of an embodiment of the current disclosure. 330 and 329, until they are approximately distributed across the upper surface and/or face of the flotation module. FIG. 134 shows a cross-sectional view of the embodiment of the present disclosure illustrated and discussed in relation to FIG. Its shape approximates that of an “elliptic paraboloid” which might be expected to produce an advantageous distribution of forces across the lateral and lower surfaces.

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The remaining portion of that one-sided upward force will simply act on the inertial mass in an approximately vertical and upward direction which is the nominal dynamic of a point-absorbing wave energy device. When flotation module 1601 is not rising, and the inertial mass 1626 is free to sink under the influence of gravity, then whenever the vessel’s 1626 sinking does not keep pace with the sinking of the plug 1624, the plug will fail to fully obstruct the orifice 1622 and water will flow 1621 and 1625 out of the inside of the vessel thus relieving any positive and/or excessive pressure therein. In yet other embodiments, the mechanical energy of the rotating shaft is used to power an apparatus on the converter that performs useful work such as the production of chemical fuels.

106, shows apertures 4601 and 4617, and flexible connector 4603 descends from capstan shaft 4602 through aperture 4601 where it connects to inertial mass 4604 (not shown). Saying the same thing again, a countertorque control system integrated into the converter can control the generator (and/or a clutch and/or hydraulic valve situated in a force-transmission pathway to the generator) to provide different levels of countertorque to the rotating shaft (and/or to a rotating pulley/capstan) at different times. As the buoy 100 rises on a wave, the inertia of the inertial mass 102 inhibits the buoy’s upward acceleration through its creation of a forceful tension in and/or through the ribbon cable 103. That tension is imparted to pulley 104 as a torque.

When a lateral movement of the buoy, causes the cable 102 to be pulled such that its alignment is not within the pulley’s 106 plane of rotation, then both the pulley and the cable may be damaged and/or be prematurely worn. The cycle continues, thus extracting energy from the rising side of every wave, and restoring the original device configuration during the falling toward every trough. FIG. 148 is an elevated side view of the embodiment of FIG. FIG. 70 shows a side view of an embodiment of the current disclosure. The pressurized hydraulic fluid is combined and the combined flow passes through a tube, e.g. When resisting the upward acceleration of flotation module 1301, flaps in the dividing wall remain closed, e.g. FIGS. 118-121 illustrate the potential utility of satisfying a “D/d” ratio of 50 (or more) by utilizing a greater number of thinner cables rather than a few relatively thick cables, since the utilization of the thicker cables may require the use of rollers, pulleys, etc., of an inconveniently great diameter.

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It may also result in the cables breaking. And, the upper ends of the constituent ribbon cables might pass over rollers and/or be connected to restoring weights or rollers. Accordingly, during normal operation, some embodiments of the converter preferably operate “out of equilibrium”; the operational separation distance range preferably does not include, and can be significantly spaced from, a resting, or parked, separation distance.

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