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Tools & Workshop Equipment 3PCS Drive 360° Movable Joint.. The distance of forty feet is an arbitrary distance and it is established by the length of the lever and the arc that is scribed by the lever 9 as referenced to the lever’s fulcrum point 52 as it moves through a nearly vertical distance of plus and minus forty feet.

Por qué me duele el pecho al hacer ejercicio In the illustrated embodiment, 120 of these valves 20 are provided, and operate at 3000 psi capacity at a flow rate of ten feet per second. 10, in which each line is rated for a flow rate of 13 gallons per second, and are constructed of five inch diameter high pressure pipe, with a 3000 psi capacity pressure head, and at a pressure drop of 30 psi at the rated flow rate. A high pressure check valve 19 is preferably installed at each unit 50 to prevent high pressure hydraulic fluid from back-flowing to the linear actuators 7. Check valve 19 preferably is of standard construction for hydraulic fluid service and rated at 3000 psi.

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Several stations can be used to provide hydraulic power to an electrical generating “plant,” which in the illustrated embodiment contains a common set of hydraulic motors and electrical generators. Therefore, using an average value of pressure of 32.12 psi, yields the combined pump capacity requirements of 21,273 gallons per minute times 32.12 psi divided by 1714, which is 398.65 horsepower, required to evacuate each such A.F.V.

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The air line that allowed air pressure to fill the vessel includes a check valve, so that liquid, once it begins to re-enter the inner spaces of the vessel, does not go up the air line past this check valve. 4) This “net” gravity-driven force acts to provide a force that is magnified by a factor of ten times (e.g., in the illustrated embodiment) through the Class II lever 9, and the magnified force is manifested in the linear actuators 7 located at the twenty-foot position point on the lever 9, as referenced to the fulcrum point 52 of the lever 9. As related above, lever 9 is designed so that it is neutrally buoyant, and therefore, the lever’s weight is essentially zero and subsequently exerts a negligible force on the system’s operation. A magnetically operated actuator bypass valve 26 is provided to allow oil to bypass from one end of the actuators 7 to the other end for those actuators 7 that are not producing high pressure fluid during the downstroke operation.

The pressure on the outside surface of A.F.V. The use of a fixed charge of steam requires air at atmospheric pressure be readily available to replace the steam’s contracting volume, thereby always maintaining a positive pressure of at least one atmosphere within A.F.V. An extension of the existing inventions is to use a specific charge of high pressure steam over a very short period of time, to evacuate the liquid from the A.F.V. Such stations have many advantages over the present designs for electrical utility power plants, which are typically quite large and often located a large distance from the load for which they are providing power. Each cylinder will have the capability to generate high pressure oil at 2941 psi, which means each cylinder will require 923,529 pounds of force to yield hydraulic oil at the 2941 psi level. In addition, it is preferred that the vessel 10 be essentially “locked” into its lower-most position, by action of hydraulic valving that prevents the actuators 7 from moving, until all of the water has been removed from the interior of vessel 10. In this manner, the A.F.V.

In addition, every power plant must meet certain environmental regulations, and many persons consider it undesirable to place coal-fired or oil-fired power plants in many locations. Additionally, power stations of this size will be positioned at various locations around a given city to satisfy consumers’ electrical requirements, or power stations will be established in other areas of need that require electrical power. This quantity of shutoff valves 11 and 36 of the above ratings will allow 25,120 cubic feet of air and 1,252,737 gallons of water to displace in sixty seconds from and through A.F.V. The total power over a 8.833 minute period yields 9.04×106 foot-pounds times sixty A.F.V. Since this work occurs in sixty seconds, power is generated yielding 186,667 lb.-ft/sec, or 339.4 Horsepower.

Obviously, this efficiency value is relatively low compared to the 1514 percent obtained for the work output divided by the work input. The invention yields virtually pollution free electric power and does not require an external energy input of any kind to maintain its rated output. Como quitar el dolor muscular . 10 can be stopped at any point in its travel by hydraulic valving, if it is determined that sufficient stored energy is now available in the hydraulic accumulators. The power provided by the electrical generating plant become available as inductive lines of force produced by the inductors imbedded in the roadway and the moving vehicle’s pick-ups will “cut” those lines of force, thereby obtaining electrical energy in the process. 3), an electrical pulse is provided to close the shut-off valves 11 and 36 located at the top surface and base of the A.F.V.

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10 so that its top surface would remain submerged at all times, which would somewhat shorten its vertical stroke distance, and thereby proportionately reduce its power generating capacity. Each A.F.V. 10 preferably contains 241 of these pumps 30, which displace water from the A.F.V. 10 nears the domed region 64 of the A.F.V., the shutoff valves 11 and the shut-off valves 36 are used to allow the liquid water to pass through A.F.V. During the sinking stroke, it is preferred that the “infinte” liquid within which the vessel is emersed (e.g., water or oil) be allowed to flow upward through the vessel as quickly as possible, thereby allowing the vessel to sink as quickly as possible. Consequently, it is preferred to have multiple numbers of these valves that are attached to the upper and lower surfaces of the vessel so as to have the maximum amount of valve open area through which the liquid can flow very quickly.

FIG. 1 is a diagrammatic view of a portion of an electrical generating power plant as constructed according to the principles of the present invention, along with an associated unit comprising a crane-like lever and applied force vessel, in which the applied force vessel is located at its upper-most movable position.

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Under this condition, if a peak electrical demand cycle occurred, then all of the units could be placed into their buoyant upstrokes, thereby creating a very large amount of available power virtually instantaneously, and this power could be immediately transferred to the hydraulic motors and electrical generators of the power plant. Inflamacion detras de la rodilla con dolor . 10. Simultaneously, electrical pulse power is placed into each of the numerous (preferably, e.g., 241) magnetically powered linear displacement submersible hydraulic piston pumps 30 attached to A.F.V. Mechanical power output for magnetically powered pumps: the power output per pump unit 30 is 350 pounds of force times 0.6 inch displacement which equals 210 inch-pounds per stroke, times two strokes per cycle equals 420 inch-pounds times 30 Hz, which equals 756 ,000 inch-pounds of work per minute or 63,000 foot-pounds per minute or 1.909 horsepower per unit pump; this is 5.56×105 foot-pounds of work during a cycle interval of 8.833 minutes.

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Young beautiful athletic woman practicing indoor yoga on red mat The vessel preferably has multiple submersible pumps attached around the vessel’s bottom surface periphery which are designed to pump the liquid that is presently contained within the vessel out of the vessel and into the surrounding medium (i.e., the infinite liquid). 10 is 11.20×106 foot-pounds of stored energy, which is available to use over the pumping cycle of 8.833 minutes at the rate of 1.26×106 foot-pounds per minute. The total power output for 241 unit pumps yields a total effort of 134×106 foot-pounds times 60 A.F.V.

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In the illustrated embodiment, a quantity of twenty-five standard valves can be used per 17 mW power plant. In the illustrated embodiment, thirty-five each such shutoff valves 11 and 36 are placed on the A.F.V. 1. The rod end of each actuator 7 is fastened to the lever 9 at the twenty-foot distance point as measured from the lever’s fulcrum 52. In the preferred embodiment, the actuators 7 represent the load. 16. Each pump 30 of the illustrated embodiment has a 88.08 gallon per minute capacity at a head of 34.5 psi, and has a bronze manifold and cylinder.