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20 A turbine of cross flow configuration is described above for use in extracting emery from the flow of fluid through the diffuser however the turbine may be in any suitable configuration which, will allow energy to be extracted from the accelerated fluid flow through the constricted region. It will of course be realised that the above has been given only by way of illustrative example of the invention and that all such modifications and variations thereto 20 as would be apparent to persons skilled in the art are deemed to fall within the broad scope and ambit of the invention as defined in the appended claims.

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Advierten que pacientes recuperados de COVID-19 tienen.. 25 Brief Description of the Drawings Reference will now be made to the accompanying drawings which illustrate preferred embodiments of the diffuser and associated turbine. In the embodiments illustrated the diffusers include five aerofoil section members however the diffusers may include any number of aerofoil section members. The diffuser 58 is comprised of a plurality of annular members 60 which defines a side wall 61 of the diffuser 58. The annular members 60 are of an asymmetrical aerofoil cross section and are arranged such that the flow passage 59 decreases in cross section from the inlet 62 to a 25 constriction 63 and then increases in cross section to the outlet 64. As before a cross flow turbine 65 of similar configuration to that described previously is arranged within the constriction 63. Further as before, gaps 66 are provided between the leading and trailing ends of adjacent annular members 60 to allow introduction of fluid flow from outside the diffuser 58 and into the flow passage 59. 30 The aerofoil section members of the diffusers of in the embodiments of Figs.

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An electric generator 21 mounted to the underside of the diffuser 11 is coupled to the turbine 20 through any suitable transmission such as a gear transmission such that rotation of the turbine 20 causes the generator 21 to be driven. The energy take-off means may include an electrical generator for generating electricity.

An electrical cable 22 is connected to the WO 2005/005820 PCT/AU2004/000937 8 generator 21 and leads to any above surface location where power generated by the generator 21 is to be supplied. 6 and thus cause opposite pivotal 30 movement of the. The stop means may be provided in the path of movement of the arms to limit pivotal movement of the arms and thus blades in a first direction. These systems whilst relatively efficient can negatively impact the environment during and following construction of the dams. The costs of systems currently proposed or in use are too high to justify their broad implernentation. Other systems have been proposed and used which use the sea as a source of energy, Energy can be extracted from the sea by using the wave motion of the sea or tidal 15 movement of the sea.

Thus the included 30 angle between these members is 80 to 90 degrees, These angles however may be varied both at the trailing and leading end of the diffuser 11. At the constriction 26, the chord lines of the aerofoil section members 15 lie substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis X-X of the diffuser 11. Rearwardly from the WO 2005/005820 PCT/AU2004/000937 9 constriction 26, the aerofoil section members 15 in turn are angled at an increasing angle to the axis X-X of the diffuser II Typically the aerofoil section members 15 from the constriction 26 rearwardly are angled outwardly at increments of 10 to 15 degrees. Posturas para el dolor de espalda . Further, the aerofoil section members at or adjacent the constricted region suitably extend substantially parallel to the longitudinal axis of the diffuser.

5 and 6, there is illustrated a modified diffuser 42 which is 20 similar to the diffuser II and as before includes a series of aerofoil section members 43 which define opposite side walls 44 of the diffuser 42. The members 43 in this case however are mounted for rotation about longitudinally extending axes 45 which extend parallel to the leading edges of the members 43. Rotation of the members 43 permits adjustment of the size of the gap 46 between the trailing edge of one member 43 and the 25 leading end of the adjacent member 43. Adjustment of the rotational position of the members 13 can be effected by means of radial arms 47 fixed to the members 13 at or adjacent their pivot axes 45. The arms are coupled to servomotors 48 which can be actuated to effect movement of the arms 47 in opposite directions as illustrated by the arrows in Fig.

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WO 2005/005820 PCT/AU2004/000937 12 The aerofoil section members of the.diffusers may be in various configurations other than that described and in varying numbers. The controller 49 is programmable so that optimum operational positions of 10 the members 44 relative to sensed flow can be programmed into the controller 49 in accordance with flow in the diffuser flow passage as sensed by the sensor 51. The diffusers described with reference to Figs. The aerofoil section members in the diffuser from the constriction rearwardly are 10 angled at an increasing angle to the longitudinal axis of the diffuser with respective openings or gaps formed between the trailing edge of one member and the leading edge of the adjacent trailing member, In a typical configuration, the diffuser has aerofoil section members which rearwardly of the constricted region are angled at 10 to 20 degree increments relative to the longitudinal axis of the diffuser.

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The diffusers however may define flow passages of any cross section. 30 When applied to use in energy collection apparatus for extracting energy from a flowing liquid, the diffuser is typically positioned in a naturally occurring flow of water and a prime mover is positioned in or near the constriction. Preferably flow sensing means are provided to sense the velocity of flow of fluid in the flow passage and the optimum position of the aerofoil section members to provide maximum output from the prime mover can be calibrated in accordance with the velocity of the flow of fluid through the flow passage. The adjusting means may be controlled by a programmable microcontroller to enable individual aerofoil section members to be pivoted about their axes either simultaneously 10 to the same extent or separately.

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Preferably the aerofoil section members are mounted for pivotal movement about their longitudinal axes and means may be provided for selectively pivoting the aerofoil section members about their pivot axes. The blades of the turbine are suitably mounted so as to be capable of limited pivotal movement about their longitudinal axes.

Damping means are suitably provided to damp the pivoting 30 movement of the blades. Fig. 4B shows a – 10 degree pitch position with the pitch movement controlled by the stopper 41 preventing the piston 38 from further movement. In Fig. El dolor muscular . 4A, the turbine blade 33 is in a neutral position or 10 pitch. Similarly, the 30 illustrated turbine may be used with other forms of diffuser or shroud or in other applications. The controller 49 is thus capable of adjusting the pivotal position of the members 44 and thus the width of the gaps 46 between the members 43 in accordance with sensed output of the prime mover -to achieve optimal operation of the energy extraction apparatus. The aerofoil section members 15 at the outlet 17 of the diffuser 11 are angled outwardly at an angle (D between their chord lines and the longitudinal axis X-X of 40 to 45 degrees.

The included angle between the leading aerofoil section members 15 is thus 20 to 24 degrees. 7 to 11 may also be adjusted to vary the size of the gaps between adjacent aerofoil section members to achieve optimum output.of the prime mover located within the diffuser. In such a configuration, the side walls of the flow passage may be defined by a plurality of sets of linear aerofoil section members which in each set are angled to each other with the plurality of sets arranged one after the other between the inlet and outlet. I 1 is a cross section of the diffuser of Fig. In the drawings: Fig. Similarly the components of the turbine may be constructed of plastics, glass reinforced plastics or other materials or combinations of materials. Typically, the prime mover is in the form of a turbine which is rotatably mounted within the flow passage.