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Síndrome de Dolor Inguinal Crónico (SDIC) Como mencionamos antes, todas las personas pueden llegar a padecerlo en algún momento. Son muy pocos los casos de esguince de tobillo que requieren una intervención quirúrgica como parte del tratamiento. Una caída que implica un movimiento brusco e inesperado del tobillo. Además, un 75% de todas las lesiones del tobillo corresponden a esguinces. Durante las primeras horas tras producirse un esguince de tobillo se recomienda mantener un reposo absoluto. Se trata de una lesión leve, con distensión o rotura parcial leve (micro-rotura) en las fibras de los ligamentos. Por el contrario, en los casos en los que el pie se tuerce hacia el otro lado, de forma que la planta mire hacia fuera, los ligamentos afectados serían los de la parte interna del tobillo, formándose el llamado esguince del ligamento medial. También puede ser necesaria si se requiere la reconstrucción del ligamento con un tejido o tendón cercano.

El Rincon De Celestecielo: Lesiones en la espalda, brazos.. No obstante, es necesario consultar al médico, pues será el responsable de determinar la gravedad del esguince y el tratamiento más adecuado para el mismo. El esguince de tobillo se puede clasificar en varios subtipos, en función de la gravedad de la lesión que han sufrido los ligamentos. Haber sufrido lesiones de tobillo previamente. Por lo general, un esguince de tobillo no supone un problema grave y suele curarse por completo cuando se sigue el tratamiento aconsejado por el médico. DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT The system comprises a bag structure 10 which is a large, cylindrically-shaped, water-filled bag shaped as an impulse turbine or impeller, centrally incorporating electric generator pods, and a support tower 1 for the bag mounted in deep sea water. Mounted vertically on each rail member 4 is a continuous rack 44 which meshes with the generator set pinion gear 29, causing the gear 29 to rotate as the bag 10 and the generator pod 22 move up and down with the wave action.

5 and 6, there is shown detail of a typical generator pod 22 and how it is supported by a rail member 4 and the bag 10. Colon irritable sintomas dolor de espalda . FIG. 1. In this configuration, there is a generator pod 22 associated with each rail member 4 around the periphery of the tower 1 forming a ring, and also a number of levels of rings of generator pods, depending on the overall height of the bag structure. There is a pressure valve 9 located at the top of the bag to be used for pressurization, possibly utilizing a compressor on a ship. This is a device consisting of three 33 foot long pipes, one inside the other, that hold a small turbine driven by the ocean swells. 28, 1991. One is a system by Robert A. Bueker, who calls his system a Seamill.

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A major difference here is the absence of potential pollution from the proposed system installation. 2, the DC output power of each of the generator/rectifier/chopper sets 24 is combined on a power bus 26 and transmitted by cable up to a 3-phase AC, 60 HZ inverter 17 located on a platform 13 at the top of the tower 1, from where it can be transmitted to the shore by cable 18. For a large number of generator/rectifier sets producing DC power, a multiple number of 60 HZ invertors would be required for practical system size consideration. This question would be settled by studies of the undersea non-linear waves to be conducted in the continental shelf area where the invention system is to be erected. The Delta Tower type construction is suited for the system support tower 1 function because it has straight, vertical legs and can be used for much greater sea depths than the standard familiar `fixed jacket` type of tower used in oil well drilling applications.

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Use of a “Delta Tower” type supporting construction permits installation of the system in depths of 500 meters or more, allowing the power generating system to be combined with a drilling rig if so desired. In order to extract the maximum power from powerful undersea waves which occur at all depths in coastal water, it is necessary to use a support tower that can stand in depths of 300 meters or more.

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Typical of these approaches are the systems described by Arlyn H. Jackson in U.S. The incentive to produce the systems such as described above depends on the increasing public demand to use `clean` non-polluting power generation, as well as a projected lower cost per kilowatt-hour. Dolor de espalda arriba . Further, it is anticipated that the overall system cost per kilowatt-hour produced will be low compared with other projected sea wave electric generator systems. These bag movements cause gears in the generator pods to rotate, turning alternators and producing electric power. It is yet another object to provide a sea wave-motion power generating system which is capable of producing large quantities of electric power, cleanly and at low, cost relative to the presently available electrical power, cleanly and at low cost, relative to the presently available electrical power sources. The vertical motion generating equipment 20 is supported horizontally by the pod frame 22 near the clamp 33 end of the pod.

It is exactly the same as the horizontal motion generating equipment and comprises, in addition to a drive shaft, a pinion gear 29, a clutch/gear box 27, an AC alternator 20, and a regulator/rectifier/chopper. The pistons are moved up and down by the wave swells and compress air other fluid to drive turbine generators. To obtain the maximum power output from the system, it is expected that half the vertical motion generator sets would be rigged for upward motion, and the other half for downward motion, thus accommodating the full wave velocities. 3.6 cents a kilowatt-hour in 1990. There are, however, considerable political obstacles in the way of citing any significant shore-based system, such as described above, along the highly regulated shorelines of states, such as California.

However, in the unlikely event that this motion reverses momentarily, the clutch/gear box 41 will prevent reverse rotation of the AC alternator. The clutch/gear box 41 speeds up the rotation rate of the pinion gear 40 and applies the higher speed shaft to the alternator 19 which produces AC power for rectification by the rectifier/regulator. FIG. 3 shows the components of a generator/rectifier set 24 which are connected to an input shaft 30. These are a clutch/gear box 32, an AC generator 34, cabling 36, and a rectifier/regulator/chopper 38. The clutch/gear box 32 engages the shaft 30 and gears up the shaft speed by a desired ratio for output to drive the generator 34. The rectifier/regulator/chopper 38 rectifies the generator AC output to a high, regulated and chopped voltage for paralleling with others at the output bus. Dolor de espalda por gases intestinales . In addition to a shaft, it comprises a pinion gear 40, a clutch/gear box 41, an AC alternator 19 and a rectifier/regulator which is partially illustrated attached to the alternator.

Such a support tower is illustrated in FIG. These generators each produce AC electrical power which is then rectified to DC power in the pod, chopped, and combined on power buses for transmission by cables to a three-phase invertor located at the top of the tower. Supported around the inside tube or core of the bag are a multiplicity of generator pods 22. Depending on the selected size of the system, there may be as many as twelve generator pods in a row around the tower 1 circumference, matching twelve rail members. Power from generators 19, 20 is taken off by cables 54 through opening 6 to the top of bag 10 and then (see FIG.

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These recesses 35 or grooves provide a channel for the bag 10 to rotate about the generator pods 22, and a means of retaining them and applying pressure as the bag 10 moves up and down the tower. An off-shore system, using wave power, would reduce the political objections considerably. Events A, C and D are normal large vertical wave oscillations, with event B being exceptionally large. Further objects of the invention will become apparent from the study of the following portion of the specification, the claims and the attached drawings. Attached to the tower frame and running for more than the distance of the bags projected vertical movements, are located rigid, vertical rails. For proper rigidity, these rails 4 are also attached to the tower frame 5 at intervals along their length. The leakage is pumped back up opening 6 by pump 46 (see FIG.

Thomas L. Howell and Wendell S. Brown of the University of New Hampshire have studied and reported on nonlinear internal (undersea) waves in a paper entitled “Nonlinear Internal Waves on the California Continental Shelf”, published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, 1985. FIG. From the plot, it is seen that the waves exist from about 40 meters depth down to below 100 meters depth. 1) up and down the rail members 4 will not encounter interferences from the tower axial tubes 3 of a Delta Tower. Rotation of the gear 29 is transmitted through the clutch/gear box 27 to the alternator 20, generating AC power for rectification and chopping. The motion of the surface waves moves the buoy up and down, operating the pump to create a void in the submerged tank, thus creating a hydrostatic head.