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UN PASEO POR LA GRANJA..: mayo 2012 Above-mentioned housing, along with standpipe generation double vibrations, provides restoring torque by torsionspring, make housing and the wing put between carry out reciprocal relative motion, coil is along with wing pendulum is around fixed axis cutting magnet (magnetic induction line) and then generation current. Standpipe has very important effect in whole resource exploitation processing, and the standpipe as oil-gas transportation lifeline ensure that the exploitation of whole platform and carrying out smoothly of producing to a great extent.Consider that marine riser is the flexible structure with large deformation, due to the impact of the complicated factor such as change in location and vortex-induced vibration of platform, standpipe underwater stressed, distortion and geometric shape all need to carry out monitoring and make damage forecast, in case there is serious leakage accident.Wherein on the larger large scale eddy excited vibration be perpendicular on flow path direction of standpipe impact, when vortex-induced vibration occurs, standpipe can double vibrations in the direction in which, and vibrating the fatigue rupture caused is the main cause that standpipe destroys.The monitoring method of current employing be some is installed on standpipe monitoring instrument to monitor the kinetic characteristic of standpipe, obtain the dynamic characteristics of submerged riser system, reliability, fail safe by analysis.But monitoring instrument needs the supply of electric power, monitoring the data result that obtains also needs to feed back, so for the monitoring of deep sea vertical pipe, with cable carry out electric power, the transmission of data becomes relatively loaded down with trivial details.

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As shown in Figure 8, charge-discharge system of the present invention is: the electric current that vibrating power-generation produces is stored in storage battery after over commutation, and then to flow through step-up transformer be that monitoring device is powered, and be also provided with control circuit between reorganizer and step-up transformer, because the data processors such as central processor CPU are discontinuous operation, control circuit can be powered according to the needs of the data processors such as CPU, when processor does not need work, is stored by electric power.When storage battery is filled with, CPU transfers continuous firing to.

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Described housing is hollow circuit cylinder body structure, and in housing, central axis is vertically provided with fixed axis, is also provided with some groups of permanent magnets and corresponding insulating support in housing, and housing axial surface is first-class is spacedly provided with several rows transverse rotation groove; Described wing pendulum comprises axle sleeve, sector (-shaped) coil box and some fins, the longitudinal direction of sector (-shaped) coil box is equidistantly provided with some groups of coils, the central angle place of sector (-shaped) coil box is vertically provided with axle sleeve, axle sleeve is hollow cylindrical and is sheathed on fixed axis by torsionspring, the rectangular shape of fin and wherein limit be vertically connected to the cambered surface of sector (-shaped) coil box, fin is provided with several rows perforate; Described pressure-resistant cabin is installed on the bottom in housing, and the junction of pressure-resistant cabin and housing is provided with and namely plugs data storage device under water, and pressure-resistant cabin stretches out outside housing by two line cylinders; Described is the junction that plug-in and pull-off device is installed on pressure-resistant cabin and outside under water, the plug-socket comprising data storage device, be installed on the SD card of data storage device and conductor, be connected to conductor ends, described plug-socket inserts interface corresponding on housing, electric power data from plug-socket by conductor propagation to SD card.

Because the speed of ocean current is different, also not necessarily permanent field, whole flow field, the amplitude of fluctuation that wing pendulum 2 produces also is an erratic value, frequency is also along with the time constantly changes simultaneously, the electric current produced also is the inconsistent electric current in a frequency, direction, therefore filtered by rectification circuit, then through transforming circuit, the voltage of different size is unified, storage battery is charged.Monitoring Data processor of the present invention (specifically referring to the processors such as CPU) and circuit are intermittent work, and when battery is full of, control circuit is powered directly to monitor. 9, and each fin equidistantly arranges the arc of formation 120 ° along sector (-shaped) coil box cambered surface. Along with the mankind are to the increase of energy demand, force the exploitation of people to resource to turn to ocean from land, the proportion that therefore ocean platform is shared in resource structures becomes large gradually.The acquisition technique of current seabed resources normally obtains oil, natural gas by drilling well from sea bed, is then transported to platform or FPSO, FLNG etc.

Further, be provided with sealing ring between described conductor and Blast Furnace Top Gas Recovery Turbine Unit (TRT), between depression bar and data storage device and between Blast Furnace Top Gas Recovery Turbine Unit (TRT) and data storage device, be equipped with sealing gasket, between wedge-type seal bar and data storage device, be provided with felt circle and sealing gasket. Further, described conductor is provided with boss and is fastened in data storage device, one end relative with plug-socket on data storage device is provided with shackle, Blast Furnace Top Gas Recovery Turbine Unit (TRT) is provided with wedge-type seal bar, be provided with compression spring between wedge-type seal bar and housing, wedge-type seal bar be provided with just to the depression bar of data storage device; The front end of described plug-socket is provided with chamfering. In prior art, relevant technology is not had to propose for riser vortex excited vibration generating, the up and down reciprocatingly vibration that the domestic existing vortex-induced vibration Blast Furnace Top Gas Recovery Turbine Unit (TRT) straight-bar be only limitted in common current is subject to water currents generation generates electricity, and can not meet the active demand of standpipe monitoring.

As shown in Figure 9, when the present invention is connected with standpipe, utilize bolt by tight to connector 5 and clamp bolt, at 0 ° of two groups of clamps and 90 ° of positions, a present invention is respectively installed, namely by two groups of clamps, the present invention is in place, and with being fixed on standpipe. The present invention is arranged at standpipe, by under water namely plug-in and pull-off device Monitoring Data processed and stores, and extract real-time data are monitored. The present invention can the quantity of power to coil and magnet needed for reality adjust, namely at the height increasing or reduce this device on the length direction of standpipe. Fig. 9 is the present invention and standpipe connection diagram in embodiment.

Housing 1 is fixedly connected with by clamp with between standpipe by connector 5, and connector 5 is fixed on the lateral wall of housing 1; Two bottom surfaces up and down of housing 1 are equipped with lid 15, and the center of circle of lid 15 goes out to be provided with groove 16, and the top of axle sleeve 21 and bottom stretch out groove 16 respectively, can ensure that the wing puts 2 stable rotations like this. The present invention relates to a kind of generating monitoring apparatus, be specifically related to a kind of wing pendulum-type vortex-induced vibration of marine riser self power generation monitoring device. Technical scheme: a kind of wing pendulum-type vortex-induced vibration of marine riser self power generation monitoring device of the present invention, comprises housing, wing pendulum, pressure-resistant cabin and i.e. Fig. Dolor en lado izquierdo de la espalda . 7 is the schematic diagram of i.e.

As shown in Figures 1 to 7, a kind of wing pendulum-type vortex-induced vibration of marine riser self power generation monitoring device of the present invention, comprises housing 1, wing pendulum 2, pressure-resistant cabin 3 and i.e. Goal of the invention: the object of the invention is to solve the deficiencies in the prior art, a kind of wing pendulum-type vortex-induced vibration of marine riser self power generation monitoring device is provided. Beneficial effect: the present invention is by wing pendulum and the relative motion of stationary housing, with the relative motion of moving winding and permanent magnet, relative motion and cutting magnetic induction line, thus can induced current be produced at coil, after carrying out rectification, transformation, storage battery is charged, then regulated by the data storage device position that fast and safely store power data also can be installed needed for the monitoring instrument such as foil gauge, inclinator accurately.

Data storage device in the present invention is provided with the front end that shackle adds plug-socket and is provided with chamfering, can be convenient to the plug of data storage device like this. Further, central processing unit, rectifier, step-up transformer and storage battery is also provided with in described pressure-resistant cabin. Further, described housing is by being fixedly connected with by clamp between connector with standpipe, and connector is fixed on the lateral wall of housing; Two bottom surfaces up and down of housing are equipped with lid, and the center of circle of lid goes out to be provided with groove, and top and the bottom of axle sleeve embed groove respectively.

The quantity of above-mentioned swivelling chute, insulating support and coil can according to actual power, electrical demand and determining. 10 groups, and insulating support passes each coil support of sector (-shaped) coil box successively in enclosure interior. En las malformaciones anorrectales, el área donde debe estar el ano puede estar recubierta de piel con varios centímetros de grosor o sólo una delgada membrana.

En las malformaciones anorrectales, la abertura del ano es estrecha, está cubierta de piel o está ausente. El recto es la bolsa del intestino grueso que contiene las heces antes de la defecación. El ano es la abertura que existe al final del tubo digestivo, por la cual las heces abandonan el organismo. La obstrucción intestinal es un bloqueo que impide completamente o altera de manera importante el tránsito del contenido intestinal. La mayoría de los bebés con atresia anal presentan algún tipo de conexión anómala (fístula) entre el ano y la uretra, la zona que se encuentra entre la uretra y el ano (el periné), la vagina o rara vez la vejiga. La atresia anal se produce habitualmente junto con otros defectos congénitos, como defectos de la columna vertebral, el corazón, los riñones y los miembros.

La atresia anal se produce cuando los intestinos no se desarrollan adecuadamente mientras el feto crece. Los bebés con atresia anal no pueden defecar normalmente después del nacimiento. Los bebés afectados también pueden tener fístula traqueoesofágica y atresia esofágica. Los bebés pueden desarrollar obstrucción intestinal. Los síntomas de la obstrucción intestinal en bebés suelen consistir en dolor, irritabilidad, vómito e hinchazón abdominal. Finalmente, si el defecto no se trata, se desarrolla una obstrucción intestinal.

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