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These qualities enable curvature to be imparted to the Flexible Sheet. When the Flexible Sheet assembly 15 circumference lifts at a given position, the Bottom Cords 24 attached to it in the vicinity of that position are pulled upon. The Bottom Cords 24 pulling force is transmitted via the Bottom Cord Sheave Blocks 25 to their respective Linear-To-Rotational Motion Conversion Mechanisms (117 on FIG. The effect is the same for the Top Cords 26. They operate opposite the cycle described above, so that when a Bottom Cords 24 is being pulled and unwinding from the Linear-To-Rotational Motion Conversion Mechanisms (117 on FIG.

Dolor De Muelas Mujer Joven Que Sufre De Dolor De Diente.. 34) of its respective Linear-To-Rotational Motion Conversion Mechanism. 36 is composed of a Passive Support Structure 17 a (in this case forming the lower section of the Arcing Support Structure 28. Attached to this structure is an enclosure containing a Servo Gearmotor 48 with an attached Winch 122 mechanism. The Passive support structures (17 a on FIG. This embodiment uses the Active Support/Control Structures described previously for FIG. 1, this embodiment operates in a horizontal plane, with an initial static position that includes a curvature built into the Flexible Sheet assembly 15. The shape is best described as an inverted parachute. For this embodiment, an arcing shape is created and oriented so that the plane of the arc is aligned with the direction of the wind. The designs however, work in only one wind direction (The oscillating wing structure), would not retain their intended airfoil shape while curving and buckling (at least not without internal structures that would prevent oscillation entirely.

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The Vane 7, is attached to two Support Structures 32, one at each end. A Pivot Energy Capture/Mount 9 is carried inside the vane 7 structure within a Gantry/Adjuster 11 at the downwind position from the Vane Support 8 a/8 b. Contained within the top Vane 7, are two Adjustable Pivot Mount assemblies 10 that are connected to the tops of the Pivot assemblies upwind and downwind.

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And finally, depending on the proximity to the ground, the invention can also minimize construction and maintenance costs and reduces the visual impact within the area it is located. In situations where maintenance needs to be performed or where energy capture is not desirable, the Flexible Sheet 41 can be reeled in to a state of tension that does not permit the oscillating pivot action. Oscillating Wing-Vortex Oscillation Technology, Inc. Instead, the oscillation of the Flexible Sheet assembly 15 as described previously in the FIG. 12), by utilizing two Flexible Sheet Axial Beams 40. Tratamiento dolor de espalda baja . Each beam consists of a piece of flexible and durable material that possesses a beam like quality along its length, but that has minimal lateral strength. 37 and 38. It is constructed of a flexible sheet of material 41, laid flat and then a Flexible Sheet Axial Beam 40 of the material previously described is attached at the sheet material circumference.

Pat. No. 6,652,232 may function, but their structure is impractical for scaling.

42-44, creating a low-pressure region on the concave side of the Flexible Sheet 1 as it goes. The concave curvature cascades down the Flexible Sheet 1 as demonstrated in FIGS. Current knowledge also suggests that a singular sheet of durable film-like material may satisfy both the beam and lateral bending requirements. Pat. No. 6,652,232 may function, but their structure is impractical for scaling. Current knowledge would suggest that a material such as Puck Board possesses the right qualities for all but the most frigid environments. In extreme winds, the spacing between the Pivot 2 assemblies can be further increased, effectively removing all camber from the Flexible Sheet 1. This results in no pivot action as no camber is presented to the wind flow, and the Vane 7 effectively functions as a passive wind vane, saving the embodiment from damage. The location of the Vane Support 8 a/8 b upwind from the center pivot pole allows the bulk of the aerodynamic force to be applied downwind, of this support, and hence will enable the Vane 7 to move automatically into the wind via an action similar to a standard wind vane.

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The operation of this embodiment is identical to that described for the preferred embodiment, with the addition of supplemental support for the Vane Support 8 a/8 b. Dolor de espalda al levantarse de la silla . Steel would be the standard material for the production of the Vane Supports 8 a/8 b, and due to the large stresses involved in carrying the weight and dynamic forces generated by the embodiment in FIG. 5) is replaced by two Fixed Vane Supports 37 that are aligned to the flow of the water body, and embedded into the bed of the flowing water body, thereby aligning the Vane 7 to the flow.

9 shows an embodiment that is designed to function in shallow flowing bodies of water. Mounted to the Adjustable Pivot Mount 10 is a Pivot 2 whose Pivot pivot arms 5 are designed to move in arc planes parallel to the plane of the Vane 7. This pivot utilizes a large-width Flexible Sheet Carrier as shown in FIG. For each Arcing Support Structure 28, one end of a Bottom Cord 24 is attached to the bottom surface of the Flexible Sheet assembly 15 via the same Cord Sheet Mount 21 a mentioned above.

11) pivoting direction (Clockwise or counter-clockwise), one of the two One-way Clutch Bearing and Gear assemblies 70 transmits motion and force directly to the gear attached to the top of the Single Direction Output Shaft 73. The gear on the Single Direction Output Shaft 73 rotates in its predefined rotation direction, in turn driving the Direction Reversing Gear 71 that it meshes with as well. Atop one of the Pivot assemblies 2, a Wind Sensor Package 13 is attached. 33 is composed of a Sheave Block Mounting Plate 99 to which is attached a Swivel 100, enabling a rotational capability. 32 two plates, the Top Mounting Plate 92 and Bottom Mounting Plate 93 that sandwich the Flexible Sheet Axial Beam (40 on FIG. At high wind speeds, the spacing between the Pivot 2 assemblies can be increased, reducing the curvature of the Flexible Sheet 1. This creates a reduced camber for high wind speeds, ensuring that the force of the wind does not overload the structure of the embodiment.

This pulling force in turn causes the Pivot arms 5 of the downwind Pivot 2 to pull in the same direction as the lift. 2, a wind flow strikes the circumference of the Flexible Sheet assembly 15, and is split into two separate flows above and below, in the same manner described for the preferred embodiment in FIG.

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The process for converting the pivoting motion from the Pivot Arms to electrical energy is the same as that mentioned in the preferred embodiment. Colon irritable sintomas dolor de espalda . 8 operates in a fashion identical that described in FIG. 7 operates in the same fashion as that described for the embodiment in FIG. A Pivot Pole 4 is attached to two Pivot Fixed Arms 126 as described above.